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We will be adding Friday’s for now to our prayer schedule. We will meet at 8am on the conference line Monday, Wednesday and Fridays now.

Consider voter fraud this year when voting. Ask for paper ballots. Spread the word!

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Prayer calls Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays 8am Pacific standard time

Dial in and join us. 319.527.2740

Access code 161680

Our mission is to repent, that’s it. We find the open door or gate where the enemy got in and we close it. Whether it be sin in our own life or sin in the bloodline we aren’t settling for familiarity anymore. Complacency no more, status quo no more, business as usual, no more. Satan’s used all those things against us for far too long. The sounds of the enemy are sometimes easier to hear when we’ve been found weak but cheer up. We are fully equipped for the days ahead. Our bloodlines are being cleansed, history is being prayed over, intercessors are gathering together regularly to pray for our nation and for other believers and for the non believer. God hears those prayers and he is pushing back the darkness everyday. Get on a prayer call with us, if you’re feeling defeated send me an email. You’re not defeated. Good things are coming!