Discerning the court jester

It all started about 2010 for me when I first started prayer ministry. It was a very busy week taking prayer appointments and there happened to be a common complaint among them. I remember it so clearly. These women were having such a hard time with moving forward in their lives. Some had no freedom to discipline children, no freedom to go forward in ministry, in this case it was beyond typical woman hating. As I was praying the Lord showed me a vision of a court jester. He was standing behind the woman and controlling the reigns of her life. He would make a mess and then put the woman there to take the fall. I saw him wreaking havoc and especially mocking the person. As the week went on the Lord told me to go to the computer and look up freemasons and court jester, now the benefit here to discernment is you learn to hear  God and when you act on it amazing things happen. Searching this out I ran across the royal order of the jesters. Their motto is “mirth is king”. The Lord showed me it’s a mocking degree of Freemasonry where they believe they should be allowed to frollick around and do whatever they think might be fun and at others expense. Now in Revelation the holy spirit showed me, this same type of spirit connects to people and especially those in the five fold ministry and when it happens look out. People will make fun of you, discredit you, sabotage you and other things. When the Bible tells us we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood he’s right! This is a spirit and once it’s exposed, we can deal with it. 
I asked the Lord how do we deal with it and he showed me a father figure trading his future sons and daughters for instant gratification, wealth or power. The Lord said to pay attention to the vision of this father listening to a demon. The demon told the man to give him the children and he whispered in his ear, a bribe. I then saw the Father caught off guard. He thought he was just making an innocent trade with the demon and he went on and demanded the father seal the trade with a much darker deed. The Lord showed me it was through the darkness of inappropriate physical touch, and inappropriate nurturing relationships that it opened the door for the future generations to be traded. Asking the Lord what the enemy wanted with women he said their womb. That prompted me to ask him if a man could be traded this same way, he said yes, I asked what the enemy wanted and he said inheritance. If the enemy could gain access to a family lines womb and inheritance it could control where that bloodline goes. The Lord told us to repent for listening to the seducing spirits and the doctrine of demons. He walked us thru a prayer of repentance to break all these curses and much to my surprise many of my clients started gaining freedom in their lives, not to mention my own breakthrough after praying it off of my own family. Through our five spiritual senses, the Lord allows us to get to the root of these problems. Praise God. We had to walk through a prayer related to trading to truly break it off. He will even try to re-empower it later after you’ve prayed. We must stand out ground in regards to ungodly trading.

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2 thoughts on “Discerning the court jester

  1. Can you please tell me what kind of prayer you said for this? I just gave my heart to Christ and I’m trying to ask the Lord to take care of it, but it’s feeding on my energy and getting fatter. It’s ugly has sharp teeth and a long tongue. I seriously don’t know what to do. Thank you


  2. Willie Mabine May 9, 2018 — 4:42 pm

    My ex wife have seen that spirit and my whole family have fallen apart i do want that spirit destoryed and my family restored we have five children together but it takes for God to change her heart.


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