Rockin’ the West Coast prayer calls

Repentance is the clue to heal the land!

West coast prayer call 339.207.7817

No access code needed!

Monday and Wednesdays 8:am pst.
1. Pray we are off the enemies radar and our prayers are being hidden

2. Pray the corruption and lies are exposed at every corporate level

3. Pray protection on our God appointed leaders and their families

4. Pray intercessors take their places

5. Pray against voter fraud and ask the Lord to restore integrity to the voting system

6. Pray jezebel and her minions are exposed and removed from all public places and domains. Pray against jealousy and the walls of separation between church bodies, keeping hem from joining the fight because they want their own in house glory.

We repent for those who believe it’s ok to deny everything to push their own agendas, who lie in public places,  who puff themselves up and set themselves up to be worshipped. We renounce the anti Christ and all his minions. We renounce these puffed up leaders running for position of pastors, specifically Hillary Clinton, please expose her and put her in her place.  Please restore respect for those in authority, please bring balance and separation  between honoring what’s dishonorable and honoring  the chosen. Help us discern the difference lord. Please disconnect your children from the mesmerization and deception brought on by worshipping men rather than you or for the tendency to go to the extreme out of fear, Lord we need to give honor where honor is due, help us do this. Forgive us for sacrificing to Baal regularly through abortions and human sacrifices. Father please remove the threat of violence in and on our nation. Deal with our enemies Lord, we ask you to break off the spirit of death in our nation and the threat of assassination. We pray protection from heaven would be on our nation. We bind our minds to the mind of Christ and we ask you to remove all evil forbodings coming in as thoughts and worry  about your goodness and “your plans to prosper us and not to harm, to give us a future and a hope”. Lord jealousy and hatred is among the different denominations and congregations right now and it’s causing them to be too prideful and deceived to join in the fight. Raise up those who are willing to partner with your agenda instead of their own. In Jesus name!! Amen!!

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21 thoughts on “Rockin’ the West Coast prayer calls

  1. I too heard about you from Mark Taylor. I left California in 2016 for Idaho. My Mom, my Son and Grandchildren are still in California. My Son is a firefighter in California, He just took a position with PG&Es new Wildfire division. My personal prayer is for California to be once again the Great State it once was.


  2. I enjoy how Mark pushes a message of hope instead of fear it truly is inspiring hearing is taking place. On another note if anyone is in the Granada hills ca area I’m wanting to start a home bible study


  3. GABRIEL R TORRES October 3, 2018 — 8:22 am

    I tried prayer call today.8:15 AM…no prayer host available.Is this prayer call still active?


    1. We had so many glitches today when we started at 8am that we ended abruptly at 8:15. We are very alive and active. Please feel free to try again. Blessings


  4. I want to join your group. I heard about you from a Mark Taylor interview.


  5. I am looking for a church home group south San Diego. Can anyone tell me of a good church or home church I can attend. I haven’t attended church since last October, got fed up with them degrading me due to my race. I’m so tired of all churches not accepting you, or never calling as they say. Then again, I guess that was a good thing they didn’t, after everything I have been hearing. Thanks, Lilli


    1. or .org should have some insight if there’s anything in your area. Hope you find one. Blessings


  6. Is this for CA or other states? Would like to join in if CA, we need all the prayer we can get 🙏🙏🙏 I still don’t understand why our churches still do church as usua, with every thing going on in CA & our Nation!! Why doesn’t more churches come together on this? Want to have like minded people to pray with so want to join.


    1. Because as Mark Taylor says. The govt $$$ pays off the churches pulpits more or less.


  7. Sharen Phillips May 24, 2018 — 5:25 pm

    I live in central CA praying FOR election CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR of TRAVIS ALLEN


  8. Hi’I am currently in NYC just back from extended stay in Shanghai. Want to joina prayer group and am organizing new christian friends here, to pray.


    1. Josie Madrigal May 29, 2018 — 6:09 pm

      Hello I live in California and I want to vote in the most Godly candidate do you have any suggestions of where I might go to get myself informed .I follow along in agreement with your prayers thank you so!!


  9. I would like to join your prayer group. I think that Mark Taylor is totally awesome and share his videos on my social media. I thank GOD in Heaven for Mark and his prophecies from GOD and believe them 100%. I wonder though, why their are no prayers against obama bin satan? He is just as corrupt as killary and he wasn’t even a legal president being born in Kenya.


    1. We have to be cautious coming against territorial spirits so our prayer approach has been repentance. Bible clearly states that repentance is the key to healing on the land. Were asking for healing on the land, and all corrupt leaders be brought to justice. Our prayers are being heard 😉 We would love to have you on the call.

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      1. God bless you for the truth….absolutely correct….repentance is covered in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations….


  10. I would like to join!


  11. Thank you


    1. I would like to join a prayer group


      1. Hi John, you’re welcome to join us on Monday at 8am. Also has one on Thursdays both of us are Pacific standard time.


  12. I want to join.


    1. This morning at 8 am pst. We would love to have you.


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