Jezebel and her minions

Jezebel and her minions are on the loose. She’s the one with the money in her hand seeking the one who can be bribed. She will mask herself as male or female to suit her passions. She weasels her way in close to the headship and works her magic. If the elite can be fooled, they will be. In the days ahead just realize that many people have been mesmerized by the leaders in high places but the leaders have been mesmerized by jezebel. She will use manipulation and control to get them to do her will. This is an agenda absolutely opposed to God’s. He will expose her and unmask her and I believe through careful prayer, he will take her financing away from her. She boasts in her position as if she believes she can never be removed or kicked out of her position but she’s seriously underestimating God and His Chosen generation.

The prayer warriors are the ones that change this. Remember Judas, his price was just 30 pieces of silver. He sold out our king for pennies. We need to focus on our heart in the days ahead. Ask the Lord to show us what’s in there. What’s our motivation for doing everything we do? No amount of silver is worth our souls. Don’t tolerate jezebel in your own life. It’s time for her to be put out into the street. There’s no hiding place for the wicked in the body of Christ. Buckle up. Be tough, have thick skin and refuse to be offended. Let’s just hold our ground here while the Lord works His plan.

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3 thoughts on “Jezebel and her minions

  1. Hey Melissa! Great work you are doing for the Lord!! I have been on your prayer calls for a while and really blessed to be a part of prayer with you and so many believers in Jesus Christ !!! have a few questions I have personally. What is the best to get ahold of you?


  2. Amen.. thank you.🙏


  3. AMEN!!! Thanks for this. Millie


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