I’ve been pondering this morning the state of our churches and it’s ministry leaders. I have come to understand the state of arrested decay. It’s sort of like freezing a building in time and preserving it as a memorial, much like Bodie ghost town. The state of California has coined that phrase “arrested decay” and it’s a good one to describe the enemies plans. He’s been hoping for a long time that the church would go on and build without Jesus. Just keep building and building. New ministry centers, new schools, new programs, but I sense that all along he’s also been hoping that not one of them will hear the voice of the prophet, not one will hear the warnings or the words of knowledge, that not one will break out of it’s “business as usual” plan. I also sense that he’s launched attacks on those leaders who will try to mess with the status quo. He wants them gone. Any pastoral leader trying to be Holy Spirit lead at this hour has been targeted for silencing. It’s a form of character assassination. He’s trying to destroy the character responsible for leading you away from the status quo. It’s time to break off this ungodliness and quit siding with the enemy. Status quo is the direct enemy of holy spirit, business as usual, logic, intellect, and fear comes to defeat the Holy Spirit. Satan is not just a legalist people, he’s an intellectual. He only does what makes sense to him. 1+1 is always two and if it’s mathematics and you’re in rythym with it, he knows where you are. He doesn’t have to be concerned with you, he absolutely knows you will do what’s logical and what makes sense.
One weapon Jesus sent us when he died on the cross was the Holy Spirit. He is the comforter but He is also creative. He brings creative strategies to get us out of trouble. He can download some silly thought to help us in a situation, if we have faith the grain of a mustard seed, and we act on it we can be launched into some of the greatest breakthrough we have ever seen. One added benefit is when we are walking by faith, Satan can’t find us. We are completely off his radar because Satan is confined to this realm. He can only go by what he sees in the natural. If we’re on cloud 9 with Jesus he won’t know it. Walking by Faith and not by sight is more than just a scripture. It is a tool, a strategy from heaven to keep us in abundant living. Prophets and those with words of knowledge are an  important part of the heavenly strategy and when we, the body of Christ, allow them to be murdered or silenced we have just grieved the Holy Spirit. These words of knowledge are our cheat sheets sent by heaven to cheat the enemy from his plans, his schemes, and ultimately lead to his defeat.

I believe one of Satan’s great plans is to stop the church dead in it’s tracks to assassinate ministries and bring total destruction to the leadership in this hour. He will do it subtly and he will put a spin of good in there to deceive those leaders but, with the wisdom from heaven to heed the warnings one must know that God has sent them ahead of you. Mark my words God doesn’t want believers to fail any test given to them in this earth. Without proper discernment and the ability to be a “doer” and not just a “hearer” of the word, the failure is imminent. It’s heart breaking to be a.   watchman on the wall and yet have no access to these leaders because you’re seen as less than or not welcomed in their arenas. It’s heart breaking to watch those around you when you speak, roll their eyes in disgust and sometimes even snub you in public. I am not quite sure if they even know they are snubbing the Holy spirit or not, sometimes I don’t think they care. The great rebellion has so many trying to juggle their secrets to keep the status quo, they can’t be bothered by peasants, even when they’ve been sent to save you from folly.
Many of those I pray with have experienced this. Many have been tortured, scandalized, and almost killed by slander and gossip. You have taken the chance to warn whether you have been accepted or not. God’s justice is coming. We have to hold out that the brood of vipers will repent and if they don’t the Lord will deal with them. We need to keep being motivated by love to try. We never know when someone might be on the verge of waking up and heeding the warnings. As the Lord releases more of you to speak out, be sure to arm yourselves against divination. The Lord showed me Christian divination is when someone knows your gifting and tries to take advantage of it. Arm yourselves with a backbone and a declaration to the Lord that this gifting belongs to him and only comes out at the sign of the annointing. Those with the gift of Mercy, don’t allow someone to steal your backbone. Rise up, stand up tall. Don’t feel sorry for people, be Holy spirit lead, period. You’re not a pawn in the enemies camp if you refuse to be coerced, controlled, manipulated, or talked into enabling someone caught in sin or who may have the wrong motivation. It’s time we understand our gifts and recognize our own areas of expertise. Stay in your own “hallways of influence” and only do what you see your father doing.

I won’t be caught up in “arrested decay” because I have no intentions of being quiet when I’m told to speak, I don’t care what man’s approval rating of me is. I feel for the people in trouble, that the Lord shows me, I pray they don’t fall into traps, I pray they wake up before it’s too late. I’m not recognized maybe as a friend of man but this I know..I am a friend of God. Don’t get caught in arrested decay church. Do something different, break out and for God’s sake listen to his prophets, sent to warn.


©️ copyright,  2017, Melissa Leggett