Psalms 1:1 “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers”.


Revelation keeps coming about this mocking spirit I call the jester. He trades God’s children and those with a five fold ministry call on their lives and he does this with ease. Partially because he has found a way to manipulate people into operating in gifts that were not bestowed upon them by the almighty Creator. He searches for those whom he can devour and like it or not it’s usually the remnant because we’ve been programmed to walk in mercy. The problem here is in my belief that truth is more important than mercy. We don’t have to keep putting up with people who are in our lives to betray, to steal, or to destroy. You have heard it said that if we lack wisdom we should pray for it. Why? Because wisdom brings discernment. God didn’t send us here on Earth to be fooled. Many are searching for some high calling they decide they want. Many don’t take the time to search out how their gifted and perfect that. Instead they ride on the coat tails of those who are doing it, and then they snatch it up and put their own names on it. It’s ungodly, and very sneaky and underhanded yet you see it happening everywhere. The enemy tries to paint a picture for you that you’re better than his pawn in some way and maybe you have more expertise than they do. You end up listening to the doctrine of his demons and voila you trade with him to get what you want and you sacrifice the gifted. You never see this coming and you never realize until it’s too late that there was no annointing on it and you have now become the counterfeit. You have come into someone else’s fame or glory and have put your own name on it. The jester likes this. Satan can’t create but through the jester’s hall of mirrors he can confuse you and get you to change your own identity or he can manipulate you into taking on a new identity not your own, so that you become the counterfeit. Repent now! My advice to the body of Christ is that we learn his wicked ways quickly and we find strategies from heaven to restore those the enemy has stolen from. Jesus said it on the cross before he died “father, forgive them for they know not what they do” we need to search the matters out. Give credit where credit  is due, have respect  for those working out their gifts and walking in them. Satan is out for blood, he’s continually looking for the sacrifice or his next pawn because, without that person he can’t create his own version of the kings and queens on the chessboard. He’s stealing our positions as sons and daughters. He is raising these poor people up to take a nasty fall and the more  wealth they lay up, well the  more that will be transferred away from them. Jesus paid the price already, many years ago for everyone’s sin. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous so legally these poor counterfeits won’t be able or allowed to keep their wealth. It’s a very sad thing when they go down but the church had missed this and needs to teach about this trading.  Everyone listen up, when we ignore our own gifts and callings or we bend the rules to climb the ladder to success or we throw a friend under the bus to save ourselves or to make us look good we have become the counterfeit. Being on this side of the mirrors and struggling myself to find the way out and knowing what I know through the leading of the holy spirit I’m pretty sure I can say that I will always hope that I can spot the counterfeit coming. I am courageous and resourceful, I am the head and not the tail and though you may be curious about how I do it remember that you and I are both fearfully and wonderfully made. You can learn for yourself. You can discern for yourself and you can hear from the Lord  yourself. God took the time to make us individuals.  It would do you well to search the matter out and perfect your skill. It’s desperately needed within the body of Christ and we all need each other. The five fold ministry was created by a God who knew what we needed long before we were born. He placed in us a unique style that had something priceless to contribute to the world. The jester tries to manipulate people into giving up that uniqueness because he likes the status quo, he likes uniformity, and he likes  structure and control. Holy Spirit likes to mess up the status quo, business as usual beliefs and he likes to bring Spirit led knowledge to kick the devil’s butt. Don’t allow the jester to make you a pawn or the person you’re striving to be like. Be the person God created you to be.

Walk a life of repentance and expose the lies so nothing’s in disquise. God’s doing a new thing, let him do it in your life. You won’t regret being authentic and searching out your place within the body of Christ.


©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett