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 Leggett can be reached by email at melissaleggett215@gmail.com

I am primarily a generational deliverance prayer minister. Which explains why these prayers are posted. I use this website to send my clients to find prayers they can use as tools for more deliverance. Many wonder why the prayers need to be so long. Of course we agree that God hears our every word and we don’t have to beg, however when there is a need for inner healing and truth to be brought into a person’s situation it’s important for them to understand what their asking the Lord to do. Many of the generational sins that our families have been plagued with are hidden. It takes some digging to pull up these roots. These prayers are tools to trigger insight from the holy Spirit to provide direction for prayer, we may or may not even finish the whole thing. We do everything here, Spirit led. This is not your typical prayer ministry, this is digging into many piles of much hidden to find the root of why we may be suffering. It takes time to do this and the roots come off in layers and when God is ready to deliver, he will, all we can do is position ourselves with pure hearts to have a bigger blessing. Unfortunately we can’t always get to the roots right away. It’s still worth it to start breaking legal rights, every right you break off positions you for more freedom.