I get the sense that we’ve been set up!!

It’s always upset me to see so many, these days, using the people around them. I’ve witnessed, and been involved, many times when Christians, have gone after the innocent, and the way I’m wired I’ve  never been able to keep my mouth shut. As a seer, we are naturally wired differently, we see things others don’t see, we pick up on little details noone else gets and it can be a problem. When we are sensing an indiscretion towards an innocent human being we are called to expose those acts. Prophets and seers cannot ignore these things even if they wanted to. It’s not a glamorous road at all. In fact you can see this in the public by watching the media these days. When someone’s exposed something horrible they become  the target of slander, gossip, conspiracies, and worse, death. I’ve learned it’s because God considers each human being very valuable in his heart but man had placed a price tag on man, and I’m wired, we’re wired in the body of Christ, to stick up for them.

Let me explain a little. We have become so deceived, we think it’s a righteous thing to make people pay their dues. I say we because “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. I’ve worked in the non- profit sector for years, even operated  a thrift store and a home for unwed mother’s and I have seen a trend of not giving to others unless they work for it. Some have to work  for meals and work for any help  they receive, but Jesus did not do that. To be honest I’ve never felt right about doing that and in my experience the supernatural flows ever more freely when I would just give to people asking nothing in return, and in my thrift store I always had an over abundance of items to give. I must  say though, my christian board members we’re at times not so generous. In fact many of the Christians I have worked around have had agendas that did not line up with mine. I wanted people  to know their value no matter what they have done. When I have been positioned to do that, inevitably someone has become jealous or spiteful towards me. Has this ever happened to you? I’ve seen countless Christians even put people to work for them paying less than they should be paid. Now I am not speaking about employment where a decent wage is being paid for a job we agree to, nor am I speaking about many who don’t feel the need to work and are always looking for handouts. Finding our way as church members to teach the man to fish no matter what walk of life their in, not looking at them as an opportunity to trade he or she off to take advantage. Some lazy members of society need to learn this too, we are not here to do everything for you so stop taking advantage of systems made available.  I am speaking about many volunteers and people donating their time, believing it’s to the Lord and then being taken advantage of. Ths is a form of human trafficking  and it needs to stop. Our job as the body of Christ should not be to use volunteers and never expect to pay them or compensate them for their time and effort to the point they can’t even pay their own bills at home, you know the ones I’m talking about, the ones who give of themselves, hours upon hours to helping the church, the ministry or  organization and never ask for a penny even when we can afford to compensate them. To know a person’s hardships and take advantage of them is divination. God didn’t share with us insight to a person’s poverty or lack so we could gain from it too. He gave us insight to heal that poverty and lack, to put a stop to the great depression, so to speak, in their lives. We don’t end it these days in fact we don’t seem to have any problem taking advantage of their generous offers of free labor or if we do pay them, we under compensate them. They never seem to complain but rarely does the man in charge know those people go home with little to no gas in their vehicles or food on their tables. In fact in times past God has put me their to witness both sides of the story. It’s always broken my heart to see someone willing to go farther, in some cases than the pastors and shepherd’s go,yet they are never compensated for their efforts. I’ve sometimes never seen a pastor scrub the toilet, but the family man is willing so let them do it. It’s not right church.  It goes both ways and we should not be expecting volunteers to care for us forever either, we should not be taking advantage of freebies, food banks and handouts as a common everyday practice. This is human trafficking. It’s also when they are getting paid to do one job and then being talked down to and not valued as a human, unleashing our wrath on an employee, or worse a volunteer, because we’re not getting to the top fast enough, come on catch this, it happens everywhere and in all walks of life. It’s a devaluing of a person because they aren’t fulfilling our wishes or performing fast or efficient enough. People were not put here to beg for compensation. Each human being has basic needs for survival, such as , food, shelter, and clothing, and the body of Christ is not making sure those needs are met to the level we should be. I am not bashing anyone here but we need to take a look at bank accounts of churches and the amount of needs not being met in the congregations. We have got to repent and be ready to move when God is, to end poverty for the little guy. We have to make changes if we are to share in this next move of God. It’s really hard to watch someone being taken advantage of and it’s always been a problem for me. In fact I’ve never been one to keep quiet when I see someone being taken advantage of. I’ve always stuck up for the little guy even if it meant I was risking my own comfort and in some cases my livelihood. I get the sense that this is a generational curse being carried down to the churches. We don’t have to settle for this curse, but we can’t ignore it and expect it to go away. We have to repent for allowing this to go on. In this season nothing is impossible with God, but his word says we have to humble ourselves. We can’t be humble when we aren’t willing to pay the elderly man a days wage for working around our churches. That man will be honored by God and God’s always cared for him, however those days are gone now. I believe God wants the last to be first and the first to be last. He cares that that elderly man had all his needs met, he’s called the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to meet those needs. We need to start looking at humanity as being worthy of saving. God already did, but somehow we have missed it.

In pondering all this new revelation about the ways human trafficking is being done are made here on Earth it hit me. Melchizedek represents Godly order but we have missed what his Godly order is. His Godly order was to keep the merchants on the right path, trading goods and services, not people. The only monetary trades and sacrifices that should be made are for goods and services. Taking advantage of people, knowing their weaknesses is divination.

The Lord gave me this vision of the land before Babylon I guess I’ll call it. The land before Babylon was fruitful, it was given to each of us to provide for us. We have everything we need provided for us here in this land, but throughout time big corporations have infiltrated the land to commercialize it.  The powers that be have put price tags on everything and it was happening even before Jesus. The problem is that Babylon started putting price tags on people. The vision went on to show me farmland infiltrated by big shopping centers, big buildings, etc. He said to me that “Babylon has come to sit atop the land”. It’s a system that’s been designed to steal our freedoms and put price tags on it. This was not Gods original plan for us and yet we have fallen deep into this trap. Now I don’t believe it’s wrong to pay for the things we need and to work for a pay check and a living but what God seems to be showing me is how he never intended his sheep to be bought and sold. He sent Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice but the powers that be are not recognizing this at all as being paid in full. They are continually coaxing us into participating in human trafficking. It’s in many different walks of life. We entertain thoughts that bring jealousy and strife or doubt and unbelief about another person. Maybe it’s a family member or a significant other and their sin, but we bail on them when they needed us most or vice versa. We set out to manipulate and control others and bring them into submission to our ideas and standards, when they refuse, it moves some to slander and gossip stories that are full of deceit and lies. Maybe we withhold food or shelter from them, maybe the person’s gifted in the prophetic and out of pure fear we act unreasonably. We believe he or she may have the ability to expose our sins and skeletons. In this case the status quo spirits must eliminate this person from the equation quickly otherwise face stiff consequences of being exposed and forced into change.  We abort our commitment to these people and leave them to fend for themselves. So many homeless, so many unwed mother’s and their children, orphaned because we have our own agendas. With of these scenarios mentioned and many many more not mentioned, Christians still believe they are awaiting the sonship and daughtership of the most high God, they are looking for more revelation on Melchizedek and the order he brought, they are searching for the end time transfer of wealth, ha they are looking for the coming days when the church will rule and reign, they keep writing books and articles sharing portions of the revelation but all the while they are operating in self preservation and may be hiding human trafficking in their own closets. I haven’t heard much talk about this issue I’m about to say but I know that I know it’s true. People of the body wake up! Until we learn to stop enslaving people and rewarding them only when they meet our expectations, or only tossing them crumbs when they are the ones making us successful, until we learn that no human being, saved yet or not deserves to be used and abused, then Godly order will not come. Each human being deserves to be celebrated, not condemned. We have no right to place our own value on other human beings based on our comfort, our beliefs or our expectations.

Melchizedek represents discernment but he also represents the “I Am”. I believe He stands in the marketplace as the high priest pulling people out of slavery, he had already traded the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus in order to remove people from the equation of trading. He is the one giving us clues for more freedom and the ability to gain wealth, he’s the one downloading creativity to those future, and already existing millionaires. Yes,  he wants us to rule and reign with Christ but he isn’t concerned or impressed with enslaving others on the way to the throne. He has come to help us understand how to walk in sonship without being jealous of a brother or sister, we have to take the time to get to know his characteristics. His sole reason for establishing Godly order was to set people free, in fact, the whole purpose of discernment is to set people free. To honor them, to see their true value as a human being, never a value placed on them by man. We have got to catch on to this.  Scripture tells us Melchizedek makes us priest and king forever in his order. To be in that order means saying no to price tags on people, saying no to human trafficking in any way shape or form and coming into agreement with God’s plan to take people off the trading floor. In the days ahead may we learn how to bring down kingdom strategies for removing people from the trade agreements made for instant gratification or status. We have work to do remnant! We don’t have the right to hold others responsible for our livelihoods, our comfort, our futures, our addictions. This is poverty at its finest. Stripping people of resources aka withholding food or shelter to prove a point or drive someone back to repentance. Man is not a possession to be owned and operated. Let us grasp this quickly and right these wrongs and may it start here in America with an end to abortions and pedophilia and may it continue across the world with a Reformation like we have never known before. People are worthy of being saved or Jesus never would have come here. If we’re not in the business of saving people then we are not worthy of being saved. Speaking out that America is under judgement and should burn, or declaring that it will burn, is not believing that humanity is worthy of being saved. God’s concerned that we would all be saved, from what? The trading floor!
The jester, I like to call him, is a mocking spirit, making and negotiating these trades. I believe he is sort of a counterfeit priest. He mimicks and shapeshifts into things and people that look godly, he’s understood the calling for God’s children to sonship and he’s mocking it by leading us astray. He is the counterfeit Melchizedek, promising you a position in his kingdom if you dance properly, prophesy lies, or advance and evangelize his systems. He wants the five fold ministry to step to the dark side or be silenced. He wants to mock you and use your past sins against you. I believe the jester is a sort of ” fallen” priestly order that comes in the name of the Lord to recruit the talented and the gifted, well that about includes all of humanity. We all have gifts and talents and the Bible says the gifts are without repentance. The jester doesn’t care if you’re a believer or not because you’re God’s creation and he is dead set against God’s creation. The jester wants all of humanity to look like fools or sell out to him and be used by him for his purposes. He’s mocking Godly order in this earth. He’s mocking God’s priests and kings, his sons and daughters. He is definitely cursing the nurturing heart of God in the earth.

Break the cycle now in your own families and then ask the Lord to break it in our churches and businesses and nation. Search the matter out. I’ve posted prayers dealing with slavery and the jester, pray through them. Say “NO” to human trafficking at any level. Sometimes we are trafficking people without even realizing it. We want Godly order in our lives but slavery and Godly order do not go together. In this day and age we need to unite to set people free. In Jesus name.



©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett