2 Timothy 3:1-9 warns us there will be tough times ahead.

Never dreamed in my lifetime I would see the things happening in the news that I see now. I mean I heard about terrible things growing up but threats for Americans on 4th of July and throwing the 10 commandments out of a state capital? These things must happen! Yes I know. The more crazy question is how do people have no conscience anymore? How is it that walking in love has become more of a chore now when people keep provoking the opposite? and how do people manage to keep twisting the Bible to justify their actions? How is it a terrorist group like Isis just keeps getting bigger and a President like Obama keeps getting more power? I dont understand the world of opposites we live in but trying to remove God from everything is getting out of hand. We need fighters! That will fight back. “Eyes to see and ears to hear!”

Instead I see scary things happening and compromise at every door, even the doors of  the most elite and knowledgeable Christians.  We gossip, slander, hate, steal, lie and the list goes on and on. We are headed for dark times and  I see Christians compromising truth in exchange for instant gratification or a pat on the back, which will be worth nothing when our country endures great hardship. It seems to me thats what it will take to wake people up from their slumber.

In the midst of this warning I am preparing. Preparing my soul, body and spirit to the best of my abilities to be able to reach out to people in time of need. I am storing water, practicing some gardening and purchasing a few nifty tools that dont need electricity, some as simple as a hand held can opener. I  am not focusing  on doomsday but rather focusing on what I can do to prepare my household to survive if modern conveniences are taken away. I am trying to position myself to be used by God in those tough times, should they come. I want to have more knowledge. Knowledge of the truth, how to survive in a world gone mad and really any new knowledge i can gain will be in my best interest. After all the Bible does tell us his people perish for a lack of knowledge. The knowledge of God and his character is more important than the knowledge from books at this point.

I shiver at the thought of not being allowed to purchase gasoline or food, I shiver at the thought of not being able to access cash like in Greece or Venezuela, or worse our dollar having no value anymore. I shiver at the thought of people who are unable to think for themselves in a dark moment and placing themselves in harms way or worse panicking and following the masses when they should have thought for themselves and gone in a different direction. I shiver more at the thought of being lost in these moments without the Lord. He declared in his word we are to be the head and not the tail, the last will be first and the first shall be last. We are to be overcomers and we are to overcome evil with good. That may take work and resources in the coming days but if we live a life prepared, nothing will catch us off guard.

There is nothing wrong with knowing more and adding to the arsenal of tools we will be able to draw from should the need arise. For instance, How do we light or heat our homes when disaster strikes? How do you shut off the gas? How do you boil water and make it safe if its been contaminated? An earthquake,  a flood, or any natural disaster can put us in this position. How knowledgeable are we? And yes our God is so big and he will take care of us no doubt but me, well I believe he’s taking care of me now by having wisdom so I will have answers and a plan in that time should it ever come.

One thing that greatly bothers me is other religions such as Mormons being more prepared then Christians for a major disaster. They prepare their storehouse to feed their families for up to seven years. We may be lucky enough to have food to last seven weeks.

The Hebrew definition of storehouse actually means  “barn”. So,  if we understand we are to take tithe into the storehouse maybe God never meant that to be so commercialized as church has become and maybe scripture that reads that “we are to feed his sheep” was really a literal call to feed them. Maybe your storehouse should start at home first!? It’s  just a thought, but I hear all the time how your ministry starts at home so maybe the church has missed it in some cases. Even a Proverbs 31 woman seemed prepared. She was prepared for anything. She sold to merchants to care for her family.

It’s not a good thing to have so many areas of our life dependent on others or specifically the government. The government pays for schools and seems to make the rules. The government pays for food for so many in this country and seem to add chemicals and genetically modify it. The government has us pay taxes and eventhough were paying them to be there, can’t be trusted.

It caught my eye a while back and it comes up often. A definition I read in a secular book about poverty. Their definition was that poverty is an absence of resources. I will refer to it often in this blog, mostly because it’s so true. How can we be the head and not the tail when we have nothing to give, no resources, no abundance?? This is not God’s plan. I encourage you all to start a resource center in your home, a storehouse. A place in which you’re saving for a rainy day, a place where provision is made if not for your neighbors too, then at the very least your own family. Make a list of a provision you may need in case of an emergency and then start purchasing one or two of those items, weekly or as the Lord allows. Even our grand farmers had stored up, course they came from the depression and knew the importance of it. It’s biblical to be prepared in season and out of season. We are wise and free, we should be prepared.