11:37 pm November 10, 2010

Do not be afraid, do not be swayed, what’s coming next is roe vs. wade, temple cleansing, feeding frenzy is coming to an end, this next move will come in waves and glory will be the light, you wake up and do your part and stay on in and fight, the gloves are off and people ready to restore my great Whitehouse, but pray it in, you’ll have to now if success will be your friend.

I’ve heard the cries I’ve heard the tears of mamas wanting babies for years and years, don’t wait too long, come in and ask, and I’ll be sure to fill your glass with blessings overflowing!! Onward Christian soldier now matching off to war, to see the land align with it and let the eagles soar!! The war is over isIs gone in short time you will see, the man in suit won’t work to hard and the enemy will flee, so keep it up and usher in the greatness once again, for evils gone and soon you’ll see even their heads will spin. Now time to dream and dream real big for in this next scenario your  violins and cellos will play and worship will begin. An orchestra of orchestras and talents to begin, new fads will rise but u will see nobody really cares for what they want this time and say is truth in every way!! Now off the fence and plant your heels and pray abortion ends for once it does, healing will come and those set to die will live!! Healing coming in the wings of righteousness I have said now discern it discern it and pray it in and healing will begin.i love my church, I love my people and they shall know it now, the works just starting so just get going don’t question where you’ve been. Just wait it out and keep it up, I’m pleased today with you, I hope you keep on serving me and help your neighbors too for love is the only way the harvest will pile in.

Your loving father, God!!

©️ copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett