Psalm 144:7,8

” Stretch out your hand from above, Rescue me and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of foreigners. Whose mouth speak lies, and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.”

With all that’s going on the country today, it is hard to understand how so many innocent lives have been affected by a group of lying leaders. These leaders spill over into every area of leadership from politics to religious leaders. Some would say it’s not happening in the church, but I would have to disagree. So many well meaning Christians have been a victim of this horrible injustice. Everywhere from spirit filled worship leaders being stuck on the sidelines to Pastors being called into court for bogus claims. It’s hard to even know these days who may be innocent and who is truly guilty. The same goes for politics.

My question is how can the church have so many starts and stops? I mean if you look throughout history, major moves have taken place, people have received their healing and it has looked like we were making real progress and then out of the blue for no reason we have major setbacks. From my perspective it seems there’s something the church has missed. I believe it has to do with allowing the IRS to have access to our churches through the 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status option.  With much careful consideration and research I believe this is a contract that sets the church up to function as a civil organization rather than the spiritual entity it is supposed to be, and by doing this we limit Gods ability to move in HIS power because quite honestly Caesar\Baal has now become the head of the church, instead of Jesus. Now, before you write this idea off and make an instant judgement I would like you to consider a few things.

1. Bylaws are an agreement we make in order to incorporate.
2. Once we are incorporated, we become an entity that must operate within those bylaws.
3. Being incorporated was never something the Lord asked us to do.
4. Incorporation makes a church, a business.
5. Tax exemption under the 501(c)(3) code gives the government complete ability to examine your functioning as a church body, however, we the people may have very good intentions for running our churches and ministries, we may really want to honor God and do everything above board but all along we have taken the power away by signing our churches into a civil system which, because of sin has become a world order or maybe even the new world order.

2 Corinthians 12:14, is Paul talking to the churches explaining he will come to them again but he will not be a burden on them, for he does not desire their possessions but rather only desires them. Do we realize that God never needed our money to perform the duties he has called us to do? Do we realize that each of us have been uniquely gifted and talented and that each of us have the ability to walk out ministry, using those gifts? Many well meaning people do not understand that God never asked us to tie our ministries up in a civil union rather than operating with Christ as the head of the church. He owns it all!! When you remove him from the equation of ministry, we have a civil system willing to take a bribe. That civil system will now do anything for money, including but not limited to abortion and human sacrifice, civil type same sex weddings, and extortion, blackmail, fraud, etc. To me, that civil system is an agreement to Baal and the abortion in our country is the continual sacrifices being made to ensure this power stays on top.  Now, the church has become watered down Christianity with leaders preaching, in fear that their sermons can’t truly speak the truth, based on God’s word. Well they are right. If we continue to let the IRS dictate the direction of the church, the moral compass of the United States will not be able to steer us away from total destruction. When we sign on that dotted line, we are giving Satan a legal right to allow us to gain ground but never hold it, much like when we are buying a house. When we purchase a home on payments, we are agreeing that if things don’t go as planned, the lender has a right to foreclose, the same happens in the church. Inevitably those contracts give Satan a right to deceive us into thinking we are doing a righteous thing, and, after we have worked so hard to build our ministries, it gives Satan the right to foreclose on it, even if God-fearing Christians sowed in faith in order to build it.

America has to take back the church. These leaders in our government and our churches have “lied under Oath”, forsaking their Creators laws and have made promises on the Bible. Remember the scripture that talks about how many will come in my name saying there is Christ? Remember the warnings given telling us that many false prophets have gone out into the world? These are men and women who have sworn to us they are Christians. We have shook their hands and made agreements with those never intending on living up to that standard. What’s the consequences of allowing a wolf in sheep’s clothing to give us advice? Spiritual wolves offering advice to those thinking of living in sin, aborting a baby, etc? That’s not going to happen in my life. Not everyone needs to speak in to our lives, least of all false apostles or prophets. In some cases there’s rarely consequences for them doing this.

The bible tells us we will know them by their fruit. The scripture I listed at the top of this article speaks of the right hand of falsehood. Through revelation of the Holy Spirit, I believe this is a sign showing us there are those who are willing to swear on the Bible, if they can exploit us Christians and take advantage of us and get what they want. When we operate in hyper Grace, we are giving them the right to do this. It needs to stop NOW! We need to open our eyes and know God’s word for ourselves and quit getting ourselves into “bad deals”.

When we incorporate, we are saying that we, along with our other board members, intend on operating together, in agreement, to see to it that our organized ministry goes off as written in our bylaws. My question to you is, what if those very board members we have linked up with, come in the name of the Lord but do not function as someone in God’s kingdom should? What if they don’t share the same convictions you do about running a business or having integrity? How many corporations have failed because board members ripped them off or wound up in a scandal? How many Pastors have ran away with secretaries? How many Elders have kept quiet about it? How many true prophets have suddenly left your church without explanation? Did those prophetic voices sense something was up? Did they pay a heavy price for trying to speak truth? In my case, I’ve witnessed this scenario many times, and most of those times it happened, typical church goers never saw it coming. Could it be that because of these civil agreements made like the c3, gives Satan the right to deceive us?

This system is under judgement. God’s word tells us that judgement starts in the house of the Lord. It’s not a question of if it will happen to your church, it is a question of when. It is time to stand up and stop agreeing with those who come in the name of the Lord, but have proven themselves false. When Christ is the head of the ministries we link up with, we will be around trustworthy individuals and we will be safer than we currently are linked up with a system directly connected to the New World Order.

Don’t be shocked and surprised when God’s judgement comes to your churches. Don’t be surprised when leaders are exposed for the horrible secrets they have kept from you. It was the enemies plan all along. What we need to do is 1. Come out of that system now, 2. Repent for that sin and deception, 3. Divorce Baal and find where we fit in the Body of Christ now. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that 501(c)(3) status was even a thing. It was put in place by Lynden B. Johnson because he was tired of churches being involved in political battles. The church back then was a force to be reckoned with and boy did the enemy set the church up. This new tax exemption became enticing to some ministries and soon became the normal thing to do when founding a church. The problem is the church no longer has the right to their voice. It’s basically a gag order that says as long as we don’t rock the boat, we can have a number that guarantees tax exemption. In my research the church has automatically been given a tax exemption. Originally the IRS had no rights to interfere with the function of the church. Wow what a deception. We can’t afford to do this anymore. God never needed tax exempt status, he doesn’t need paid salaries for pastors that takes away churches ability to help members, and he doesn’t need us begging on our websites for more donations. His annointing and healing is free to all and to put a dollar amount on that blessing totally limits what God can and will do in that ministry. It’s become a den of thieves now in many ways and I believe God’s hand will be lifted on ministries operating this way. We need to be completely yielded to the Holy Spirit for all provision. Remember, God never needed our money, or the money of the congregation to fund what He has ordained. If God has truly called you, HE alone will provide for you.

For those reading this, who have been sent away out of the church quit feeling shame or guilt for not going to church. The system is flawed. I apologize to you if you have been a victim. Followers of the true Lord Jesus don’t operate as frauds. Please forgive us for hurting you and for not understanding things sooner. We all need our eyes opened to see the way the Lord really wants us to function.

There will be an end time transfer of wealth, but I truly believe only those willing to give Jesus his seat, as the head of the church will partake in that transfer. Keep your heads up and be alert. God’s about to establish His justice. Don’t be shocked when you see that false kingdom fall. Realize it’s our redemption.

I am asking the Lord to help us come up with a prayer of renunciations for this topic. I will post it on this site when it’s available.

Many blessings to you.


©️ copyright,  2016, Melissa Leggett