The legal rights that Satan has to attack each one of us has to do with sin. Sin is the open door giving him access to cause us trouble. This sin may be individual sin or sins committed by past generations. The Bible clearly states that “the sins of the fathers are visited to the third and fourth generations”.
You may be aware that great grandpa was a mason, a drinker, a womanizer or maybe great grandma bore an illigitimate son, maybe incest ran in the family  or a life of crime, or you may not have any insight whatsoever into your family history, that doesn’t matter really because we have the Holy Spirit who has gifted us with discernment. Through our discernment we can ask  to be notified of any generational  issues that need to be dealt with. It’s a good idea to cover our bloodlines in repentance. Repentance takes these legal rights away from Satan and it closes the door to his access within our bloodlines. The breakthrough you may have by doing this model of prayer, I cannot guarantee, but the Lord is faithful and his word in Chronicles about repentance and healing our land does not get overlooked when we are sorry for what we’ve done. By using this model as a prayer strategy we break off the enemies access points. We stop agreeing with his sounds words and doctrines.  That alone can be deliverance.

Shifting the atmosphere around us (and this means our states and neighborhoods) isn’t hard when we slam the door in the enemies face. Satan’s legalities are  dismissed in the courts of heaven. Although he may continue until the Lord’s return, accusing the brethren, we don’t have to be guilty of those crimes in God’s eyes. Take time to write down a few issues that continually plague your life. It may be something like betrayal or financial ruin, things that repeat themselves in your life, it could be w recurring dream. Identify the issue and there you go, those areas may be the first wound to address and repent for. Being a first responder were taught to treat most life threatening wounds first. In generational prayer that’s been my strategy as well. Go after things that are causing the most havoc in people’s lives, identify what it is and how it got empowered and then, in a sneak attack go after it and take it out through target focused repentance.

This is the best way to see real freedom, once you have come to salvation.


©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett