Dear child,I created you to be successful. Before you were born, I ordered and every moment of your life and I planned for it financially you will have no need to worry, if you will trust in me. The family you were born into was the vehicle that I used to get you here they do not dictate to you your future unless you let them they will make mistakes but I will correct them if you let me if you will wait for me and ask me to show up I will. I wanted you to shine I placed in you a gift. This gift is your only unique abilities how to interpret my words you need not to worry about getting lost because I do not let you get lost I sent you on missions but I brought you back you have lost loved ones along the way and I have no you’re hurt but rest assured you will be comforted if you choose to be. I do not force myself on anyone you have the right to choose your ancestors chose death they chose to speak death over others and they came into ungodly agreements they traded you but I am your Redeemer. It is my heart to redeem you to take you out of the pit but you must agree with my plan you are not on worthy my heart is for the orphan the widow the outcast and they continually sacrifice those of you in that category I am NOT happy about this this was not my plan for you I wanted you! I put a lot of thought into you before you were created the enemy wants you to feel unwanted I want this to stop no more should there be this curse of being unwanted. I will hold back the blessing if they are cursing you you will see my hand move on your behalf you will see your Redeemer I will raise up those that will nurture and nurse you back to health. Then blame this evil on God but that is not me. The god they serve is against Christ is against Jesus and is against the debt being paid in full. They curse the debt being paid in full this is because they thrive for money they lust for money. When I give a gift I do not take it back. They give a gift they make you sign for it this is not my plan. Your country and your churches have been founded on contracts that remove Jesus from the equation do you know my word? Do not deny Jesus paying the debt in full do not deny Jesus and his resurrection do not deny Jesus and his miracles because he does not deny you. My child Jesus was your sacrifice you will be vindicated and you will be set free no more weeping for the souls that have been lost for nothing has been lost when I am your God rise up and live beautiful child of mine I love you I want you and I am going to prove it!!!

 With all my love THE FATHER.


©️ copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett