Read or follow along in Daniel 2

In recent weeks I have been thoroughly disgusted with the things that have been released in America through wiki leaks and other news sources. It was brought to my attention through much searching that we have made a horrible mistake within the church body. The biggest thing the Lord showed me is that we have operated with an individual’s mind instead of operating as God’s Holy people, a royal priesthood, the remnant of God’s children in America. When we operate as a whole, we win. Just take a look at our elections and the outcome. The only way we won this fight was by having so many secret voters who heard the word of the Lord and voted for life. Many of you won’t catch this right away but I tell you we have witnessed the biggest miracle probably of our time. A documentary I recently watched talked about of Daniel 2, which is story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniels interpretation of it, and the commentator used the original Aramaic translation for verse 43. That verse is saying that when certain people from nations that don’t serve God try and mingle their seed in a different nation that does worship God, it will not adhere to it. What I believe the Lord said was that he has already declared that it cannot happen. Outside nations who refuse God, cannot adhere to the soul of a Nation who does serve God. It won’t happen. This is why there is such an uproar about Donald Trump, because the great and powerful GOD has spoken here after the cries of the nation’s people. The church has got to get this. If a nations soul is to serve God, then those others trying to infiltrate will never be allowed to have our country, they may try but in order to come here and live they will have to adhere to the guidelines our nation has set up, and our foundations in this country are on Jesus Christ, therefore it must have to honor the right for christians to continue in their beliefs, freely. It’s a covenant God has established and that covenant TRUMPS all others.  I believe our government opened the door but the church backed it up in this past season by tolerating jezebel, tolerating sin and doing things against the heart of this nation. When we claim God, he watches! He backs up and it’s a legal right! That is why churches have lost people. The church belief system that it’s operating in goes against the heart this nation was founded on, and the discerning, wise, outcasted believer knows this, so they have stepped out of rhe mainstream church. Ironically it reminds me of the whore of Babylon spoken of in Revelation 18. She will be destroyed because she was drunk with the blood of the saints. Could that be why wiki leaks exposed the spirit cooking dinner? I mean I know it’s a disgusting topic but think about this. God exposed communion with demons when he brought that out. It’s obvious now some of our high level leaders have participated in deep dark evil and yet our churches said nothing. This should be an outrage in the body of Christ. We cannot tolerate blood sacrifices of any kind in this country. If we do, God’s judgement will be on us. Instead it is time to rise up more now than ever. We have to be thankful for what’s been done but we must now overturn roe vs. wade. It’s one other way that our country try has become paganistic. It must end now with the Trump candidacy. We must not give up until it is gone. I believe if we go forward like this, we will see America become a nation, unshakable, established forever like Daniel chapter 2 speaks of and not only that we will be the light by which other nations are modeled by just as Mark Taylor’s word spoke of.

The church must not enable anyone anymore. The nation we live in is founded on God, if the church doesn’t line up with the soul of the nation’s, it will be taken down. If we don’t set our minds on kingdom purposes instead of religious pharisseacal campaigns, then they will be removed. God is done with the pharisees, he’s done with hyper grace. Choose you this, day whom you will serve and for God’s sake read your Bible and pray to discern what the spirit is saying. We have to discern these things and then expose them. Sure it’s uncomfortable and as we can see it’s scary when God puts a righteous ruler in place. These protesters and young people crying have good reason to cry. God as a father has stepped in and said “no more, it’s time to get yourselves in check and I’m not tolerating these leaders letting you do anything you want. It’s over!”

What some people are left with is the fear of nor being able to carry on the way they were and there’s fear and trembling in them. That’s good. The harvest is plentiful. God tells us to workout our own salvation with fear and trembling and that’s where these people are. There’s your prayer targets intercessors, go get them. Pull them in. This is where we are now.

I believe America must repent for turning a blind eye to the occult and for maybe even being a peasant in that kingdom. We have to get this right and it has to happen now. No more occulric activity, nor only in government but in families and churches as well. Stop tolerating sin! Put your foot down church. As many of you have seen in pàst few months, we are unstoppable when we intercede. God made it so easy for some to see Hillary, bad, Donald, good. The sad thing is some believers could t see that. What’s the church going to do about it? How do we help these so called believers open their eyes to truth?  We have to make changes now. We start by repenting. That’s where I will focus my prayer time, and my research. I’m going to close doors period. It’s wise for all of us to start closing doors, to take a stand against rebellion. God will hold all of us accountable whether deceived or not. Eve had consequences even though she was deceived. Remember that!

God bless you all. I hope you take the prayer and make it a part of your heart.


©️ copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett