It’s “tom-foolery!” Designed to make humanity look like fools!I must write down my thoughts on the court jester and where he sits. The court jester is seated on the trading floor and he’s just waiting and itching to make trades with you. Isn’t that exciting? However I must warn you that I don’t believe the righteous make trades with him. In fact, I don’t think the remnant has anything to do with the jester trades.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a multi dimensional chess board with pawns and kings and queens and a hint of the jester in the background. We can think about being a pawn and it makes sense to us. Being used as a sacrifice right? Well get a load of this. The Lord said to me their all pawns even the kings and queens are pawns on this chessboard trading floor. He’s used the humans to do all of Satans dirty work. All he’s ever had to do was activate his mocking spirits to place in us a shred of doubt which then causes us to self preserve. When we go into self preservation we do horrible horrible things to those who love us and those who barely know us. We trade them, we fight for position because we feel threatened. I say we because I’ve been on that floor for many years not realizing that I didn’t belong there and neither does any human. This isn’t about a trade of Christians it’s an all out war against humanity, and humanity falls for it when they don’t know who they are in Christ.

The jester is there, he shapeshifts into anything familiar that he can use to get you to doubt yourself or others around you, he talks you into believing the lie and after that he steps back in the shadows and watches us throw our loved ones or our neighbors under the bus, steal from them, lie to them or worse destroy or kill them. He plays on our insecurities and it all stems from our need to be have a mediator besides Jesus in our life. We can’t find out who we are or what we were created to be so sometimes we covet other people’s positions. The other side of that is that we don’t respect and are not willing to pay the dues that person did to hold that place. To much is given, much is required people.

You may say you have nothing to do with this and it may not make sense to you but consider the church setting where so much betrayal and adultery takes place sometimes it’s hard to see Christ at all. Christians do this and they are so prideful they deny it. Ever wonder why so many are leaving the church and become frustrated to the point of squealing on the parishioners or the leaders? Yes, wake up!it’s because these are the righteous. We have been told in Ephesians ” to have nothing to do with fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them”. Yet people like myself who have grown tired of the compromise and honestly I’ve grown tired of being drug along while the leader commits a crime or embezzles. Why does one think it’s ok to drag an innocent into their criminal activity? It’s happened more than once to me and I’ve lost respect quickly for that leader. Some really are bold thinking that we will miss what their doing or we will overlook or worse we will go along with their crooked schemes. No. I say no I mean no and I also say stop it. Don’t stand there and swear on the Bible and then embezzle money from the ministry you’re in charge of. It’s immature and dishonest. Yet the whistleblowers become the bad ones because we didn’t repect authority. Really? Sound familiar? Cuz it is happening people, in church. I’ve been shunned by many ministries and left scratching my head as to how that could happen to me. Now I’m realizing that I don’t have to keep trying to break into church. God called us to righteous holy living and though church people like to claim it, their lifestyles and livelihoods say different. They’re continually trading off the ones like me who believe God’s word and have the fear of the Lord. They try to get what they can and then they throw that person away never thinking twice or walking in conviction. This is the World Trade Network. Satan wants you and I to do his dirty work and he’s so sneaky and kniving he dresses up in costumes to complete the transaction. It isn’t hard for him at all because you and I let our guards down and ignore our discernment, we explain things away because we’re getting our feathers brushed our ears tickled and maybe were even getting personal recogniuon or status out of it. We’ve traded our Jesus who gave us full disclosure on how to fight the enemy for an instant fix and an immature stroke on the head or Pat on the back. The real righteous people have quit playing the game all together. They stepped out of the trading floor and stepped into the pathway to righteousness. They have learned they are better than that and that Jesus paid the price already. They’re enjoying being fruitful and multiplying, they are not swayed by the fancy neighborhood or big house or the trendiest church setting. They don’t care anymore what people think about them and they don’t need to be stroked by the man in a high place. We need to all get off this floor. We don’t belong there. We don’t have to be crowned a king, a queen, or a ruler by man!!! Those crowns are temporary people and any wealth you accumulated on that floor will be given back when God comes to deal with the jester. He loses everything in the end. Think about that. Your supplier will lose everything! therefore so will we if we’ve looked to man for our significance. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous so we might as well lay it all down now and walk away from that trade.

Ask the Lord to show you who you are in Him, and what unique gift he placed in you and for God’s sake stop coveting other people’s places. Take up your cross and follow God. Walk away from bad trade agreements. Even our country is doing this right now. Maybe it’s a sign God’s dealing with bad trades. Who cares what man thinks. What does God think? If he created you to be great and you’re settling for mediocre that’s a disservice to yourself and the body of Christ. It’s ok to be alone and pursuing who God called you to be. If your continually glamorizing pastors, leaders and others and are seeking to be like them, but God gifted you an exhorter, you’re never going to be fulfilled and you may never be truly effective because you’re not gifted to shepherd. Your gift will come naturally and I believe when you develop it, it will be powerful, much more than trying to force a gift into your own Cinderella shoe that doesn’t fit. Be who God created you to be. Be authentic.


©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett