So in some recent intercession as early as this morning the Lord brought me a vision of the court jester holding the Bible in one hand and laughing hysterically. He brought back to my memory the original discernment I had about how he operates and scatters people into a hall of mirrors. It bred insanity in family lines by having this root in your bloodline. He came to mock the five fold ministry but this revelation today was much much different.
My good friend and fellow intercessor had some revelation years back about mirrors also and he felt that the mirrors were there to distort our identity or who we are in Christ, which makes alot of sense given the situation most of us find ourselves in at some point. This jester is up to no good once again. He’s rared his ugly face in prayer ministry and he’s raring his ugly face in politics and religion but what’s his point? What is he trying to do? These are the questions I’ve asked today and this is basically what I am getting. Back to the revelation I had at the deliverance ministry many years ago, the jester was using manipulation and trading to get what he wanted, he was using people as his pawns and his bartering items. Today it became clear what the mirrors are really being used for. When the jester spoke in the previous vision to six women from a family line his words were mesmerizing. They hung on to every word the man spoke and we’re sickeningly in love with what he spoke. When the message was over each woman turned to leave and was scattered in their own hall of mirrors. It became increasingly hard to them to find their way out. The Lord highlighted it to me then and he’s bringing it back today how confusing it was for the women to find their way but what was jester truly hiding from them? Was it their identity? Was it just to bring insanity? No. The Lord spoke to me and said their trying to hide Jesus. Mason’s jobs, the jester job is not only to trade your inheritance but it is to confuse us about who Jesus is, because if we can’t find the true Jesus we don’t have access to the father!! John 14:6 says, ” Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” 

If it is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of KING’S to search it out. You wanna know what I think? I think in God’s glory he concealed Jesus, he has concealed the truth, and the remnant has searched it all out.

Lance Wallnau spoke yesterday about some revelation the Lord gave him and he says America’s not under judgement that America is about to be delivered!! That’s amazing. This revelation ties into that message in that if Satan’s job has been to mask himself or shaoeshift so to speak into anything he can use to get us to deny truth in our own lives and our country, then the Lord’s exposing this for great purpose. Secrecy and lies tie us to the jester but those are just two things I’ve identified. When we’ve bought the lie in the garden she gave away her free will. She was manipulated to do it. This is huge. God’s not impressed by people who influence another’s free will. He didn’t say we were slaves in fact he the son sets free is free indeed but did you catch that, he the son sets free? Come on people let’s start getting down to business and identify then lies and secrecy were holding onto. We need a breakthrough and a touch from the father but clearly we can’t get to him without Jesus.

Make sure you break the curse of secrecy over your life. Any shred of secrecy in your family line is a direct rejection of the truth and a trade made with the jester!! Get him out now and uncover him in your bloodline!!


©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett