2 Corinthians 6:14 says

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

If the unbeliever departs let him depart says the Bible in reference to marriages. What if it was in reference to God? The unbeliever who departs from God’s ways. Isn’t that sort of why so many people get in trouble, because they’ve abandoned God’s principles? When we let doubt creep in is it because there’s a void somewhere in our belief system? We claim Christ as many do, but are we truly his believers when we stand up for wrong things? When we don’t continually stand for ending abortion or we expect the worse in a situation? We may keep Jesus close to get into all the great churches and coffee houses but if there’s ever a time we’re being held accountable for actions and choices he’s the friend we deny because it isn’t cool. I see so many right now claiming Christ, so many taking advantage of the overall blessings that come with following him but they start with tiny little compromises and then it may expand to bigger compromises.

It’s hard to watch, honestly, as someone who found the Lord young I’ve been watching. I didn’t start off watching but with my photographic memory the Lord allows things to come back to me. I’ve watched countless leaders I’ve admired at one time or the next, show their hypocritical side. I’ve been the victim of the hypocrite many times and although I agree none of us are perfect the scary thing I’ve picked up on is the lack of remorse for showing that side, for leading another astray. Whether it’s the Christian friend coming in close to take advantage or the ministry leaders padding their pockets I’ve seen it all, (on top of that I’ve observed other Christians willing to stay close to them because they get something out of it, in fact their almost mesmerized by the person, so much so they can’t see their faults). I mean after all, in their eyes, I’m a peasant and their so much more worthy. The betrayal in Christianity is the same as government these days. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the difference between un unsaved person and a person claiming Christianity.  I’m fed up with it. I didn’t embark on this salvation journey so I could betray Jesus, I embarked on this journey so I could close ugly doors open in my family and truly walk out my beliefs. I don’t think God’s pleased with they hypocrites in fact he called them a brood of vipers, so I’m not upset that each one has been identified in my life. My heart for them is that at some point we could all come into unity, they would recognize the void in their life and fill it with Jesus and go forward towards Christ, but if it’s a life full of betrayal and hypocrisy they live,  I’m rejecting it plain and simple. I have, for years struggled with standing up for myself in situations I’ve struggled with leaving now quietly only to be slandered later. I’ve had enough of it. If I’ve left a setting, even if I loved those around me, it’s been for good reason. If those around me don’t take the time to search the matter out themselves it’s not my job to convince you there’s a problem, but this one thing I know. I don’t let hypocrites dictate to me my future. I don’t care what they can bring me, success, wealth, power? None of that is worth traveling amongst the hypocrites. I wouldn’t want to be caught in that group of people when the Lord returns. I’m looking for the remnants. I’m looking for the outcast, the others that have paid a dear price for following God at his word and for desperately trying to be obedient, and for those who have no problem repenting for their shortcomings. The remnant that God’s raising up is going to walk in obedience not compromise. I get excited thinking about how different this country will look when the remnant takes their places. This season will be a season of rewards. It’s not going to be monetary, it’s going to be vindication and abundance. The unbeliever is the one who doesn’t believe God holds people accountable, he or she is the one directly speaking against God’s plan and wanting to see it fail, he or she is the one throwing themselves down on the steps in tears over God spanking a country and telling them to knock it off. God has spanked our country, he’s giving us a chance to repent, he didn’t destroy it as he could have,  and look at the amazing numbers of people still crying over it and throwing a fit. How long did our parents put up with that? Before there were worse consequences? God is patient with us, more patient than I am. I must admit that when I’ve had enough of something I’ve had enough and everyone knows it. I’m not always kind and gentle when I’ve been pushed to a limit. I think enough is enough and we must call these people for what they are. Unbelievers! It they profess Christianity but flash Jesus at the door to get into the trendiest church or coffeehouse but they are compromising the rest of the time, then their unbelievers, and quite honestly operating in an anti Christ spirit. We can’t do much to treat these rebellious, in fact I believe we should not cast our pearls before swine and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. We can continue loving them but they don’t get to or shouldn’t be allowed to speak into our lives. I’m a faith person trying desperately at times to continue my walk by faith and not by sight. It’s important to be around those same like minded believers that can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got bigger fish to win for Christ than to get bogged down by negativity and the naysayers. I believe you hang in there with your faith to the bitter end no matter what it looks like, no matter what the media says, no matter what pastor so and so says or sister whatchamacallit says. It’s time to believe God at his word, and not just to believe him but to allow our beliefs to show others we believe him. Our actions show people we believe him. We fear him reverently and know without a doubt at any moment he could end our lives. We respect him and have him where he belongs. He loves us so much but what I’m tired of is people not loving him back. His word tells us that if we love him we will keep his commands. That should be how we find our friendships, our partnerships our partners. If they love Jesus they will keep his commands, period. All others are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In all of this one thing I still don’t quite understand is how there is no remorse for their behavior, no asknowlrdgement for their actions or lack of action. I ponder the knowledge and revelation of the nephillim and their agenda and it seems that the more ignorant a Christian is and the more they look to man for guidance and ignore discernment the happier they are. Their point is to change and alter the very DNA and free will God gave us. Through manipulation even in the environment, they have succeeded. All people who are sick don’t want to be but their health is being manipulated to do the opposite. The more we walk in disobedience the more we are giving those powers that be,  permission to manipulate our DNA. This is a bigger issue than the heart or a misunderstanding, this is a complete destruction of God’s creation and it all started because we choose to be hypocrites.  What’s the worst thing is the fact that so many don’t see it and can’t repent. They do it in the name of the Lord yet have no convictions. Where is your discernment oh church? Please ask that question and start el. Our imperfections the Lord can deal with but hypocrisy he rebukes. Let’s try to get this right before we go too far and can’t come back! Mark my words Satan wants your DNA and any way shape or form. Your doubt and unbelief is giving him room to take it! Close the doors now and repent.


©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett