New call in number 339.207.7817 no access code needed

Effective Friday, March 27, 2020 I had a lot of problems in the past few weeks with our previous number. Kept receiving a server is down error. Put a call into free conference call and they never returned it. Decided to try a new number and for now we have success. God bless you all.Continue reading “New call in number 339.207.7817 no access code needed”

Put a call into free conference call to fix issues

and have had no call back. I guess we try again Friday. Everything is so touch and go right now. We need to understand we may have these issues for awhile. Just know that we have all been praying for alot of this for the past 2 years now. Just stay home, focus on family,Continue reading “Put a call into free conference call to fix issues”

“Enough is enough” 32 hour fasting call. has had enough of the witchcraft. Its time to take the fight to the enemy. We will call a fast on tomorrows call at 8 am pst. And will get together on the line at 4pm on Tuesday to break the fast together. Ask the Lord for his direction and do not feel obligatedContinue reading ““Enough is enough” 32 hour fasting call.”

Dogs of war prayer by Caleb Peterson

Jezebel is after those who are called to lead. She will humiliate you, mock you, drag you down and release her dogs in a relentless pursuit to convince you to succumb to her desires. She will trap many through addiction, homelessness, PTSD, and other hindrances so that she may release the substance of oblivion uponContinue reading “Dogs of war prayer by Caleb Peterson”