Repentance for cursing the five-fold ministry

Father, on behalf of myself and the other Christians in my family line, I would like to apologize for the pride and disrespect we find in the church today. I would like to repent for cursing apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers simply because we may be jealous of the gifts they posess. I repentContinue reading “Repentance for cursing the five-fold ministry”

Cleaning up and preparing for the days ahead

The Lord has brought to my attention a spiritual threat for the days ahead. It’s  been heavy on my mind that what is coming will be very hard to discern. Many will  be coming in the Lord’s name and quite possibly may deceive many. I believe it is time to rise up and clean upContinue reading “Cleaning up and preparing for the days ahead”

Prayer to release one from the curse of indentured servitude

The prayer to release one from the curse of Indentured Servitude and to be separated from the Sins of the Forefathers and Ungodly Spiritual Headship Lord, we are sorry for marrying the Egyptians and becoming “One” with their gods, and goddesses. We are sorry for allowing your sons and daughters to be “dethroned” in orderContinue reading “Prayer to release one from the curse of indentured servitude”

“Exist Organically” Ministry information

 Leggett can be reached by email at I am primarily a generational deliverance prayer minister. Which explains why these prayers are posted. I use this website to send my clients to find prayers they can use as tools for more deliverance. Many wonder why the prayers need to be so long. Of course weContinue reading ““Exist Organically” Ministry information”