Rockin’ the West Coast prayer calls

Repentance is the clue to heal the land! West coast prayer call 339.207.7817 No access code needed! Monday and Wednesdays 8:am pst. 1. Pray we are off the enemies radar and our prayers are being hidden 2. Pray the corruption and lies are exposed at every corporate level 3. Pray protection on our God appointedContinue reading “Rockin’ the West Coast prayer calls”

The Marketplace, Melchizedek, and the jester

I get the sense that we’ve been set up!! It’s always upset me to see so many, these days, using the people around them. I’ve witnessed, and been involved, many times when Christians, have gone after the innocent, and the way I’m wired I’ve  never been able to keep my mouth shut. As a seer,Continue reading “The Marketplace, Melchizedek, and the jester”

The world trade network

It’s “tom-foolery!” Designed to make humanity look like fools!I must write down my thoughts on the court jester and where he sits. The court jester is seated on the trading floor and he’s just waiting and itching to make trades with you. Isn’t that exciting? However I must warn you that I don’t believe theContinue reading “The world trade network”

Manipulated beyond belief

2 Corinthians 6:14 says “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” If the unbeliever departs let him depart says the Bible in reference to marriages. What if it was in reference to God? The unbeliever who departs fromContinue reading “Manipulated beyond belief”

Falling out of frequency with our Creator

This all started with a revelation from the Lord. I don’t take it lightly. When the Lord shares something I am very careful to make sure He is speaking and it’s not just me. I know it’s hard for some to understand all this generational stuff but for me the proof is in the freedomContinue reading “Falling out of frequency with our Creator”