Deliverance coaching sessions and prayer ministry

Around here we ask the Lord alot of questions. We believe it is ok to ask him why? Things have happened or why things are happening. Through the power of only the Holy Spirit, he can answer us and provide clues to break these cycles we sometimes find ourselves in. We explore alot in these sessions. Walking in maturity is the key we need to get where God wants us to go. In Hebrews, He teaches us that it is through constant practice that we train our senses to know good from evil, not through perfection. We have to walk on child likeness, I believe, to get the root of issues. We do this by using our give spiritual senses combined with our physical senses to find out what God is saying over us in a particular situation. When we get to these roots, deliverance happens. I can’t offer any guarantees or promises other than we will explore and look for the root causes of bondage on our families. This exploration can then lead us to repent for those actions and ask the Lord to break the consequences off of us. He’s looking for more of us to come to the understanding of root issues plaguing our lives and he is ready to give us more freedom. In this setting we are partnering with the Lord in repentance so He can heal our land.

Sessions typically start out with a 3-hour personal ministry session. They will be revelatory and productive through prayer.  We make no guarantees of outcome in this but many testimonies of freedom have come out. If you’re interested and think this might be a clue then email Melissa @ melissaleggett215@gmail.com 3 hour personal ministry coaching sessions have a suggested donation amount. Email for more more information.

Also coming soon group coaching sessions where we can gather together and explore our gifts and find new revelation together. 
Remember the word of God says “He will pour out his spirit on all flesh in the last days.” You may be already operating in a high level of discernment and you may not even know what to do with it. These coaching sessions can help you.