Word from May 20, 2019

You Intercessors are my bride, you’ve been in the valley of shadows. Take heart I’m removing the shadows. I’m removing the shadow government, I’m removing red tape and you will have my blood, blood is thicker than water. Those water spirits are being removed, the cannibals are being removed. The insides of the earth are being cleansed. Prepare for reign, for it’s almost time. New platforms are rising and being prepared for you to sit on. Not only will you sit, but you will reign with me. Deborah and the righteous judges are being positioned watch the Supreme Court for I’ve promised you both (client and I on the phone) a miracle you will see in your lifetime. The Deborah’s will take down abortion. Watch the Deborah’s for some of them being sent into your path, you will need to help them find their freedom. Women will take the Supreme Court this time around. It will be the womb of my children that will cleanse the womb of the earth.  No more killing no more sacrificing. The men don’t like this but I am speaking and it will be sure. Supreme Court of the Most High God has stated already there will be no more babies murdered, wait for the sign and stay undercover. I will fund you to stay under cover but watch for the sign. Don’t move till I tell you but dont be weary either. A sign will be given and I spoke it already, my women will be elevated for they will be the judge as time goes on more and more women will come forward, stay the course. I’ve got your family and will protect them as you move forward in obedience. Men will feel compelled to open the door for you, let them. Jezebel gave my daughters a bad wrap and I’m going to deal with it, dont be surprised if they feel compelled to meet your needs. This needs to be completed. It will come fast so be ready, suitcases and gas. Be ready in season and out. Get ready to walk the halls, you might even want to take the tour. Get ready and move forward in obedience. 

Prayer call tips

A few tips in starting prayer calls or following prayer calls.

  1. Keep in mind everyone is at a different place spiritually. Some have not grown up in the church or if they have, they’ve received all kinds of variations of theology. We dont have to agree on theology to participate in intercession for our nation.
  2. Have thick skin. Getting offended easily is the enemies tactic of keeping you away from the battle. There more than likely will be people who are working against these calls on purpose. Ignore their words and if its bothered you, ask the Lord to disconnect you from ungodly words spoken on calls. God can release you from that person.
  3. Encourage respect of other people on the calls. It’s time we mature within the body of Christ
  4. Watch out for controlling, manipulative prayers and prophetic utterances. The prophetic has a great deal of immaturity within it. Don’t allow witchcraft to go on. Your spirit will know when somethings up. If leaders don’t respond to your complaints, find another call. There are plenty of them. Leaders! Pay attention! Don’t ignore warnings that may harm someone spiritually. We need to be Godly elders and leaders rather than ungodly ones.
  5. Log into your conference call and cover the call with the blood of Jesus. No need for formulas here just pray according to guidelines Mark Taylor has put out, pray over frequencies etc. None of the written prayers you see on this website or across the net should be used as a formula. They are launching pads for your own discussion and personal intimacy with the Lord.
  6. Don’t be concerned with numbers. God hears the hearts of those who are crying out. What matters is the motivation in which we’re taking this on. It is always wise before entering an environment like this that we check our own hearts and repent for any sin we may have and ask for a cleansing before we move into this type of prayer.
  7. Don’t engage in warfare that wears you out. God is all powerful. He has never needed us to tell him how to run heaven or earth. Stay humble in prayers, and know the authority God has given you. Engaging in improper warfare opens you up for spiritual hits. Binding and loosing, casting out, commanding, all good when repentance has already been addressed. God didn’t say to bind or loose to cleanse the land. He said to humble yourselves and turn or…repent. Backlash is not necessary, when one is engaging correctly. When you know who you are in Christ you can exercise great restraint and choose your words wisely. Remember God does things in order and decently. Things can get crazy when people are praying out of their authority.
  8. Silence your phones when you have background noise out of courtesy for the Lord. Don’t be a distraction, don’t worry about speaking out everytime. Agree with others silently if no ones giving you chance. We don’t need to have eyes on us when our hearts are right. Keep that in mind. Some people over talk as a sign or immaturity, give Grace.
  9. If you’re on my call, keep in mind I’m here, on every call ready and looking to mute people who are out of line. I don’t have a problem disconnecting someone from our call. Don’t distract by telling people to mute their phones. Have patience. A good leader will take care of it.
  10. These calls should never be a platform for self exaltation or self-promotion. Given the right context we may allow some words of encouragement and open discussion but only before or after the call. Many login to pray and need to get on with their day. Gods all powerful, he doesn’t need these prayers to drag on for hours. Our prayers are heard. We don’t have to beg God for anything guys. Just have a pure heart before him.
  11. I am not responsible for the lack of integrity happening in any other prayer call. If you’ve addressed something with a leader and they don’t correct the problem or address your complaint, be mature. Understand the leaders will be leaders, good or bad. You may need to disconnect from that call. The Lord has told people in His word to dust off your feet. Don’t idolize the calls or leaders. Their human beings at different places in spiritual understanding. The same as you and me. Find another call. Don’t give up, but don’t slander the leaders either. Gossip and slander is witchcraft! Don’t do it!
  12. Trying to enforce your beliefs on another person should not be tolerated. God has given every person free will. He wants them to come to a knowing in their spirit on their own, revelation won’t be for everyone. Some are not there. It is not our job to be an enforcer of anything in regards to beliefs. If you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs, determine what’s right for you. We’re too focused on being right sometimes. Disconnect if you must but please don’t slander. God’s holding us to excellence in this hour. Let’s be excellent!

God has called many people to this fight. Were all at different levels in our spiritual walk. Give Grace where it’s due and accountability when necessary. Don’t get comfortable or complacent. The enemy can creep into these calls. Have thick skin and stay united in prayers. Email me if you wish to have more information on starting a call in your own state!

Blessings on you all!

Prayer to restore the innocence of childhood!

Disclaimer: these prayers are not perfect, they are not formulas, they are launching pads of discussion each one of us should be having with our father in heaven. I confess there may be errors. The Lord is aware of this. If my mistakes offend you please talk to God about this. I do the best I can.


on behalf of the many many children in this world, the born and the unborn, the survivors and the lost, please forgive us for not taking a stand sooner. Please forgive us for turning a blind eye and honoring those in leadership who had corrupted character, never realizing that we were enabling them to go after our kids. Forgive us for caring more about friendships, business deals, or ourselves more than protecting our kids. Forgive us for abortion, human sacrifice, kidnapping, pedophilia, necromancy, satanism, pagan worship, idolatry, following, worshipping and marrying the baal system where there must always be a human sacrifice. Forgive us for explaining these sins away and labeling them obsolete or a conspiracy theory. Forgive us for not acting on our discernment and wisdom and for being so logical and stuck in our hypocrisy, that we closed our eyes to what we called “minor indiscretions” in those with access to our children. Forgive us for leading selfish lifestyles in which children are the pawns, the sacrifice, or the slave. Forgive us Lord for putting dollar signs on the innocent precious children in this world. We have done a great disservice to humanity by allowing the children to fall by the wayside, we have been blinded for too long to human sex trafficking, pedophilia and child abuse in the church, the schools or our homes. In some cases we’ve chosen our spouses over our children by allowing our spouses to do horrible things to our kids while we have pretended we didnt know. We have not exercised wisdom to keep our children safe and we have even put our kids above you when we didn’t train them properly. We have ignored the deeper problems within our families because we have deceived ourselves. Lord break off this deception. We ask you to declare “enough is enough” over our kids.

Forgive us for walking in denial, as a church body, denying that people in our very congregations could be pedophiles, rapists, child molesters, handlers, secret society leaders, satanists, witches and more. Forgive us for being so accepting of those who have come in the name of the Lord that we never questioned them. We’ve left our children with others but have never asked you if that was wise, we have allowed priests and pastors to be elevated to a place of no accountability and we have continued to sow support into these wicked places. We never thought to search behind the curtain, we never thought to tighten the reigns on our families and stay home and build solid family foundations. We’ve gone into churches and made excuses as to why we stay even when the character of the leadership is shady, ungodly, and lacking morality. We’ve been a part of the anti christ system, where we come in the name of the Lord but we deny any fear of the Lord at all, we have had no reverence for God, but instead we’ve drunken ourselves with the high we get from being in these places and feeling importance, acceptance, status, friendship, and sometimes even love. All the while never realizing we were trading the truth for a lie when we tolerated pastoral indiscretions, false teachings, false signs and wonders, false love and more. Also never taking into account that huge character flaws like these are signs of compromise. We’ve signed our children into the nursery, into the children’s church and youth groups without ever asking a question. We’ve allowed teaching of our children to be done by people who would love to give our children over to satan. Forgive us Lord for being naive and for finding comfort in being part of something no matter the cost. Forgive us for leaving our children unattended in these places where wolves in sheeps clothing could sneak in. Forgive us for being distracted by counterfeit worship, false signs and wonders and the coffeehouse mentality that some churches have created and a theater where we pile in believing every word, while our eyes are not on our homes and families and we were not being a good steward of our homes and families. Lord, your word says judgement starts at the house of the Lord. Forgive us Lord for not being wise as serpents and gentle as doves for not being watchers over the children and reporting suspicious acts to the right authorities. Forgive us for allowing others to exercise influence over our kids instead of us being responsible for our own children. Forgive us for pawning them off on other families when we should ‘ve been “training them up in the way they should go”. Forgive us for tolerating sharia law and Muslim leadership in a nation that swears they are one nation under God. For allowing little girls to be married off and for watching it happen in America. Lord forgive us for trying to be so nice to everyone and be politically correct that we put innocent blood in the hands of perpetrators. Lord please raise up an army that will push this out. We decree and declare that children have a right to be protected, loved,cared for, and given a safe place to be nurtured and trained up according to your word. We declare they have a right to life, a right to an education and a right to choose their mate, their career, their religion, where they will live, where they will worship, they have a right to have a roof over their heads as they grow and mature under the care of righteous parents who will now take back what the enemy had stolen from our kids by leaving environments where shady stuff is going on, we declare it is better to be at home with family than out in a compromising position. Forgive us for putting children in harm’s way. Forgive us is an understatement for the atrocities done to children in this nation Lord but we turn to you now and ask you to break off the access the enemy has had to our kids. We don’t deserve your mercy Lord, but we’re asking for it. Bring our children home and help us, as bible believers create that safe space for them, where we will teach them how to be on guard from Satan who is out to steal, kill and destroy, we will teach them the sanctity of life, and the sanctity of marriage and how it is to be between one man and one woman, we will guard and warn and teach them ourselves. Push this agenda out of America and give us the ability to take back the areas where our kids dwell. Give us all wisdom and discernment on how to make our kids “world” a better place rather than seeking to find a bigger place in this world for ourselves. We now command every demonic entity with eyes on our kids to leave and go to the feet of Jesus. We ask you Lord to rebuke the devourer that’s devouring our children and families, we ask you Lord to let them experience the worse failure and destruction they’ve ever known and we ask you to remove his evil empire that’s used kids to feed his blood. We command this evil to leave our homes, churches, public spaces, nature, entertainment, and land. We will no longer tolerate this evil and we declare that we will no longer offer safe spaces to the devouring spirit over our homes, and children. Release your warrior angels Lord to fight for the childhood and restore it to purity. Our focus has been way off Lord. Help us fix this. In Jesus name, Amen!

March 8th prayer call follow up

Thanks for all who participate in our calls. You all are such a blessing!

Yesterdays call was very insightful and powerful. We spoke about the things coming out in the Q movement and the alternative media platforms, about how manipulated the world has been. I spoke about the 4 star general, Brendan Dilley recently had on periscope where he reveals how the deep state has targeted individuals who are prone to act out in rebellion and how those people have been manipulated and used. I encourage you to check out the interview on “the dilley show” on Twitter. (I also encourage you to seek some deliverance if you have unhealed wounds. Doubt and unbelief will be hard to fight in these days if you’re unhealed in some area. There are many good deliverance ministers out there.) This is all so fascinating to me given revelation received over the past few years about the encoding the deep states used through gematria,numerology, ,and other means. There is nothing new under the sun guys. This stuff is just now getting exposed on a worldwide stage, but those operating in deliverance have been aware for years and years about the demonic attacks people feel and experience, where they came from and how real they can be. Most of the time the Holy Spirit will show us the root and it usually leads back to idolatry and some wicked doors opened in the family or the persons life. Acknowledging these sins, repenting and seeking the truth about a situation is powerful for delivering a person. One must be willing to disconnect from that realm after they seek deliverance and some have found comfort in their demons. In some cases the lie we have believed in a trauma or abuse is the very thing keeping it in place. Some would think this should be easy to deal with, but I would caution you to understand that many satanically ritually abused people have been programmed to know a false Jesus. The satanist have been strategic in setting up a lie that keeps the true fathers heart from people. Deliverance comes off in layers most of the time. Be patient if you’re on that journey.

It hit me yesterday that what God is doing now is taking deliverance to a global stage. Just as repenting is your choice so will “knowing the truth” as Q suggests. Not all will embrace their “knower” in these days. They will look for reasons, as they do in deliverance to deny the truth in front of them, they may remain in union with their demons as many do in deliverance, they don’t want to give up the thing that’s opened the door or the pleasure they’ve experienced or, as in deliverance, they will find more comfort in remaining a victim. This can be disheartening for the families involved but we must remember the truth will set you free, however the Lord has given us our free will. He will never push himself on people. We have to find those of like minds and stick together, and above all, pray for the eyes of the masses to be opened.

I got a little revelation at the close of the call when a lady brought up the septuagint and the verse about the Angel’s being messengers from God. It hit my spirit that maybe the fallen Angel’s are messengers also. Maybe those who’s eyes are darkened still sense things in the supernatural but because of unhealed wounds and secrets they allow the enemy to tap into trauma and manipulate them, as the General spoke about in the interview. The fallen Angel’s or fallen sons of God whichever you prefer to call them, did not have their whole influence removed from the earth at the flood. In Genesis 6 it says the spirit of the nephillim remained in the land after the flood, God’s word also tells us it shall be as in the days of Noah at the end of times. I think it’s possible they’re the ones breeding the negative frequencies and they’re playing on discernment to do it. God created all of us to hear him for ourselves, we are human beings with the ability to discern the supernatural. The problem is when intellectualism gets in the way combined with inconsolabilty and a denial of Jesus in a situation we won’t be able to hear God and instead we may hear the frequencies of the 2nd heaven, so to speak. We may act on things in ways that are influenced by satans plan to steal, kill and destroy.

What’s the remedy to this? We must repent for seeing dimly, for having our senses dulled because we denied the truth. If anyone in our family willingly chose to believe a lie instead of the truth, they have denied Jesus. The bible says “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one gets to the father without going through the son!” See any deep state agenda here? Boy, if a nation or a state denies Jesus there can be no life, maybe no sanctity of life? There’s just no end to the thoughts this concept gives me. I just know that we must restore truth, we must seek truth, and not be afraid to face whatever lie the enemy has sold America. As the days go on many lies will be exposed. America is standing and demanding truth right now at a level we’ve never seen before. Trust me, this will be the most glorious display of God’s love for us, for him to RIP the deep states secrets limb from limb shows me He is done. Of course satan will fight it, the deep state will fight it, masons and illuminati will fight it, they’ve all made millions on creating, orchestrating, adminstering, coercing, and colluding the greatest scandal ever known to the world! Their influence has come from the dimensions of Satan. The only thing they never counted on was the higher dimensions where Jesus and his saints dwell. Someone, somewhere started the Q movement and the “great awakening” and mark my words it could have only been through divine revelation! Strategy from heaven. Trump and those assisting him never do what makes sense. Have you noticed? It’s because satan is the one that does that. He is legalist, a methodical being, a mathematician looking for the logical answers , an intellectual being that’s denied God, and more importantly underestimated the power of the discernment God gave us and child like faith! Let’s partner with God in the days ahead! let’s not immediately do “what makes sense” but rather let’s act on “what we are sensing”! God gave us our senses let’s ask him to wake them up to his spirit. Satan isn’t allowed in that place where we sense God. He can’t read our minds, where God dwells. He doesnt have access to our knower, when we truly know God, when we have allowed God to heal our wounds and our hearts are right with him. We will write up a prayer shortly to deal with the generational root and the consequences of this sin. Just know you guys are so important to the Lord and you were created for such a time as this.

God bless you all!

Ugly hearts exposed

It’s been mind boggling to see the things going on in mainstream media recently. So many things are being spoken from the pulpit and the platforms. We’ve got pastors and evangelists, movie stars and government leaders, radio hosts and television celebrities all speaking words. On the surface we want to take their words seriously and believe them but some of us have a check in our spirit that something’s just not right. I’ve been getting emails proving this point. Let me first just say “you’re absolutely right!”. When someone’s words aren’t lining up with our spirit or we’re not having that aha moment so many in the Christian realms depend on, we need to go with it. Dont discredit them, but be willing to test the spirits and search the matter out. Liars, cheats, wolves in sheeps clothing have all been called. The sounds been released that says “all hands on deck!” The enemies spoken to all of them through their open doors has positioned them to show up and infiltrate God’s camp, the Country he is moving in right now.

It’s their motivation for doing these things that some of you are discerning. We have to check ourselves all the time to make sure we’re in Gods will and that our hearts aren’t being manipulated to do a thing. I so respect John and Lisa Bevere and their teaching on “Good, or God?” John explains that when Eve saw the tree was good for food she ate of it. He explains that Eve wasn’t attracted to the evil side of the tree. She was attracted to the good side. Illumination wasn’t good for the garden obviously. The Lord warned us, but why? Because, I believe it is the heart motivation that leads the people astray. When we are drawn to the sort of euphoria that comes in some spiritual atmospheres, our motivation for such things is wrong. We need to be constantly looking at our Creator in worship, not looking for a drunk experience at an altar, or some kind of acknowledgement or elevated position by pursuing ministry. We need to ask the Lord if he’s ok with us pursuing these things.

In the prayer calls, I am painfully aware sometimes that there are spies in the camp, when I am out and about I am aware at times people are befriending only to betray. It’s a fact of life. Whenever God’s moving you can bet there will always be a counterfeit rising up, or someone willing to compete with you. I’ve learned not to be concerned with competition however, because you can’t compete with the annointing, in fact when you try to compete with an annointing, you open yourself up for failure. God had special laws outlined in His word about not touching his annointed. Your better off to find out what your niche is instead of trying to create a counterfeit. Spirit lead ministry exploits is best. Reinventing the wheel to hopefully provide something better than your competition is immature and shows a lack of discernment. God will always give you a niche if you ask for it. We are unique individuals called by God to do things that are very unique. We can’t expect a huge blessing if we run ahead of God cursing and competing with others out of jealousy or strife or fear. Your ministry will always be watered down and minute compared to those walking in the anointing of God. We dont have to be experts in every area and step on those in the same field out of fear we won’t get our part. Trust me God has enough to go around. Unfortunately when God reveals the evil,ugly, dark hearts, I’m unusually not able to return to those places. Once God shows me and exposes the heart of a man or woman, I can’t let them speak in to my life anymore. When the light comes to give you insight, you’re then accountable to God for your actions. Don’t question it, just get out. Don’t let dark hearts have the opportunity to dim your light. Discerning spirits is a controversial gifting. Once you’ve discerned a dark heart you needn’t worry about having friends because anyone in darkness will now feel uncomfortable around the likes of you. In most cases the minute you confront them they manifest ugly all over you. That’s ok. Dust off your feet as the word says and Trust God, lean not unto your own understanding, just take the rejection and move on. It’s for your own protection the Lord reveals things. Don’t discredit the Holy Spirit by ignoring the check in your spirit. If it walks like a duck it’s a duck, if it sounds like a false teacher, it probably is. If a person doesn’t acknowledge a need for repentance, that’s a huge red flag, if a person can’t reveal something right now because the lord wont allow it, well I’d be testing that spirit too. The true Holy spirit does nothing in secret. If a person doesn’t acknowledge their own faults, red flag. Dont wait till the red flag becomes bloodshed and emotional destruction. Get out, separate yourselves from ugly hearts, so that no deception will be found in you. If you actually are the ugly heart, then I encourage you to repent, repent for being manipulated into doing things that Gods not doing. Above all else in these days, beware the wolves in sheeps clothing. Bless you all!.

Special guest with insight for the nation Wednesday November 28, 2018 @2 pm pst.

Sheila Holm will be on a special call for us on Wednesday at 2pm Pacific time. Same number.

If you’re a researcher,

Sheila suggests we watch the Kirk Cameron film “Monumental” and God’s Outlaw. We may be able to find these on the streaming channels.

Come join us for some boots in the ground insight that God’s given Sheila Holm. Her testimony is awesome.

Blessings prayer warriors!!