Word on October 31st regarding evil platforms!!

Setting the stage: I walked outide after a intercessory call. Turned on some worship music to dedicate my land to the Lord now. Huge angelic presence asked the Lord he said GABRIEL has a message. I can see him all in white enveloping my whole entry way circle driveway.. the word comes during the song “Only Jesus” by casting crowns plays. look up the song and really listen. Generations of blessings are opening up for each of us. Only God could have orchestrated the way he gave this word!!

The desert (Israel and America is the bride he speaks of here) is now marked for a greater miracle., Not as anyone has ever witnessed before. The rushing waters of the occult have been stopped up. You have done well. The flow of the occult has stopped so you may now dig in the deep land of your inheritance. The great depths of my love for you now bubble up as a father hearing the first cries of his son. Lift your eyes towards the heavens to gaze on my majesty for this has always been my plan. You needn’t worry with the words of your enemies for their platforms have already fallen. My heavens have already seen them fall. The Angels I send to establish it now in the earth. No more delay, no more delay, a well springs forth now, a never ending display of resources saved and stored for now. Your families righteousness created your stockpile. The wickedness that haunted them is now a set up for blessings. They come one one after the other for in three days I took the power of sin and death and in three days I will raise my bride. She will be elevated among the nation’s with beaming light now in her eyes for the eyes of the earth have now been cleansed, the earth is now my bride, she will bask in the glow of her husband, her rivers will flow with living waters the creatures will crawl the earth in peace. Wait and watch for oil is just the beginning. There is new stones, new sounds new colors, I release them now. Look close for the clouds will reveal these colors and sounds. Look up and watch Aurora borealis for new things will come of that beauty. It’s no longer the waiting room, you will be ushered into the gates of my sanctuary, where all needs are met and all evil is gone and sacrifices are no more. In time I’ll show you more hidden things for now enter into my rest for this will be a season of much joy unknown until now. The election is mine and now it’s time to sit back and watch what I will do. It will be a short season of rest for you will be launched Into new places just as you have seen but I will give you a rest first. It will come quickly, the demise of the wicked but do not be moved by what you see for my angels have this, they’ve waited a long time to see this happen, a very long time. Ancient of days is very pleased. I didn’t need perfection, I needed loyalty. A generation of loyal children to take their authority. They’ve done well and I have heard the cries in the wilderness and I move now.

Misandry versus Mysogyny

You know the more one digs out these roots which I always try to do, the more I run into things that flabbergast me. One thing that’s come up this week is some satanic clothing lines where men buy t-shirts that have the word misandry written on them. Men do this, it’s a man hating spirit towards themselves and they openly wear it on their shirts. At the same time men are accusing women of being Jezebel’s all over the land. Mysogny is a woman hating spirit. It’s everywhere too. Women get blamed for the jezebel spirit all the time but in some cases it’s just full on dishonor of women. God created us to be co-creators with him. He put unique gifts and talents in each one of us. It’s not to be taken lightly when one throws out words they know nothing about or label people anything other than what God put them here to do. Shepherds should be blessing people to walk in divine destiny. We should not be running around focused on the negative in people all the time. Somewhere, someone’s got to start standing up to bring restoration to the men and women who hate themselves. Right now is not that season however. God will bring this restoration when men and women everywhere catch on to the fact that Satan’s had rulership so long and he’s driven a wedge between men and women deliberately. If someone’s throwing out accusations, gossip, slander and their walking any other way than uprightly we should be cautious as to follow them. God’s done with this dishonor but I believe he will he to deal with it first. Many times in scripture the Lord addressed the shepherds that scattered. Remember that just because we have been taught something or shown something through Revelation, we’re not always seeing the big picture. The slander that has gone on because feeble minded people feel threatened by some stronger person or more vocal person, doesn’t further God’s plan. The Bible says that all of creation awaits for the redeemed sons of God to be revealed. What part of the plan of redemption are we a part of? Are we so desiring to be right that we run people off? Are we so empty because we’ve filled our lives with worldly manna instead of turning to Christ alone to be filled? Men can and are Jezebel’s too, especially when they can’t recognize the gift God put in a woman or they become jealous of it. It’s time to be restored. Our next generation needs to witness men and women getting over the pictures Satan painted and walking in forgiveness. Lord let this start in our homes today.


Forgive us Lord for our shortcomings and weaknesses. For walking in the futility of our minds and thinking we we’re righteous. When all along we feel that we are above someone else. Forgive us for acting as if we are above you. For not valuing humanity and for missing the jewels you placed in men and women. More than this, forgive us for adopting a satanic view of ourselves and for never discerning it. Forgive us for advertising hate and disdain for others by speaking in the natural about worldly things and views without never going to the Lord and being quick to listen and slow to speak. Forgive us Lord for missing the boat when we believe we have authority to come against spirits when clearly Jude chapter one warns against these things. We need only to check our hearts and discern our own motivation. Forgive us for thinking too highly of ourselves. Forgive us for empowering Jezebel in a male or female by walking in a manipulative or controlling way towards those you have clearly chosen to be placed in places of leadership, forgive us for not rightly discerning the difference between a person God has chosen and a man or woman that placed themselves in leadership. Forgive us for tolerating Jezebel and taking part in her sins when we call good, evil and evil, good. Lord forgive us for slandering the office of prophet and for using slander to raise an army set out against the ones sent to preach the truth. Forgive us Lord for being jealous of the opposite sex and their successes rather than encouraging them, building them up and pushing them to keep going. Lord please bring your bride out of co-dependency and wickedness into the family of God. Train your men and women to unite in the common goal of raising healthy families and leading healthy congregations. Help is Lord to get back to family values. In Jesus name,


Swamp drainers!! Use your senses to provide laser point accuracy in Target focused repentance and prayers!!

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Renunciations for deep state rituals and sacrifices Deuteronomy 27:25 “Cursed is he who takes a bribe to slay an innocent person!”

We the people of the United States of America do come before our sovereign Lord and Savior and ask for forgiveness for allowing this deep state to take root in our nation. We ask your forgiveness and petition the highest courts and council of the one true God. We bring before the grievances that some of these issues have been out of our control. We are grieved with the blood sacrifices and human trafficking and slavery that’s gone on here. We recognize idol worship now Lord in all their corporate businesses and churches. Father forgive us for allowing the brick and mortar of this fallen world to cap off your Holy Spirit. Forgive us for being in competition for status or wealth when all along this is a system you’re NOT blessing right now. Lord, we confess that we are not perfect and we have made mistakes but Lord we are no longer willing to partner with this unholy branch of the tree of knowledge. We have sold ourselves short by focusing too much on a building instead of cleaning out our bodies and making them holy temples. Forgive us Lord. Acts 17:24 and acts 7:48, tells us you do not dwell in temples made with human hands. Please forgive us for siding with the deep state that’s operating within your church. Help us Lord to take a look around and seek your face in the days to come as to how we must reformat your bride.

Through much discernment it has been made known the owls that we see in courtyards and street corners may represent the ungodly watchers that have been seeking to devour the next sacrifice. Lord in California, we repent specifically for the secret rituals performed at Bohemian Grove. We renounce the secrets, the owl, the sacrifices, and all the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati. Forgive us for not using discernment and wisdom when voting. Lord Jesus, the seven eyes of the Lord are what you have given us as a standard for living and our discernment. Your word tells us the “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!” Our local state government is not operating in the fear of the Lord. Lord, we declare this is a trespass against us, oh God. We are petitioning your courts to end human sacrifice and trafficking once and for all . We have had enough of this evil. We are asking that you specifically remove Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and others who are pushing for ungodly rules and are unwilling to follow your laws. Lord they have also used false witness to slander good men in our nation. They have paid off people and offered bribes to get their way. Forgive us Lord for tolerating this process. We renounce all bribes, and the selling out of innocent people for a bribe. Father end it now. We ask you to bring vindication to those innocent that have been slandered on the front line. Forgive us oh God for not rising up sooner. We ask you to release your warrior angels to bring this spiritual trespass and war to an end. Remove them, if they’re guilty of treason give President Trump ability to make them accountable. We choose this day to walk in unity and wait for you to move. We ask you to declare these things in your courts and to render these heretics, guilty of their crimes. We ask you to remove the branches completely, from our nation and give us the opportunity to become the spotless bride you always wanted.

In Yeshua’s name,


Get right or be “left”!

How many of you have had words from the Lord and promises that you haven’t seen fulfilled? Do you ever feel as though they’ll never be fulfilled? How many of you have been judged harshly because you still believe God has promised you things and you have a right to see them manifest in your life? I’m here to tell you to keep believing. The Bible tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. Many may misrepresent you, they may misunderstand you and withhold their love from you because of your faith in God and his promises, they may leave you because they can’t manipulate you. Keep believing anyway. Keep positioning yourself for greatness. We have to understand there’s been so many structures built up in our minds, so many traumas to others that leave them unable to believe God can do things for his children. Many feel as if God is a respector of people, he’s not. In fact he’s more upset with the hypocrites in his word, it seems, than the commoners or average people. He knows his personal relationship he has with each of us and he knows what motivates our hearts far better than man thinking he knows us.

Man judges based on one thing, their own experiences and the way they handle things or think. Man judges by what it looks like on the outward appearance without ever giving grace to the other person and try to understand them. We will be persecuted and we will be misunderstood. We have to let the Lord vindicate us. Many times people don’t have all the facts, theres missing links and kinks in the armour. Bible warns us there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. Having a religious spirit and thinking you’re always right is just plain wrong. We are all open to misunderstanding God’s original meaning. We can always take things out of context. God has warned us the elite could be fooled if it is possible. This is true in these situations. Satan has taught us, programmed us to go through the motions and benefit from God’s spiritual laws, but our faithfulness means nothing if we aren’t right in the heart. You can give away everything you own in hopes for a bigger blessing and God will see why you did that, I believe he makes a judgement based on the heart, not the action. We have to keep our faith in Him and his promises but we need to check our own hearts daily. Repenting in a prayer does nothing if our hearts not been changed. The world wants to be right, when God wants it to be righteous! “Come out of her my people”! So you will not share in her sins”, he doesn’t want us to suffer any longer but changes have to be made. True belief in God requires us to take inventory of our own heart first, before we ever get to influence another human being. We need to make ourselves righteous, not self righteous but truly sold out to doing what’s right if we will ever share in God’s promises. A righteous generation is starting to take its place on our planet right now. They are speaking up, and making decisions for themselves. We have to partner with them not on in prayer and fasting but in wisdom and understanding. You can be highly skilled and still miss your mark, the prideful leaders never acknowledge this, they just keep hearing and never grasping, seeing but never understanding. Stay in your integrity, protect your heart against u godly rulers. Don’t give anyone too much authority over you without first seeking God. The ones that misunderstand you, let God deal with them.

Christian witchcraft and ungodly Intercession

I pray for all of us to learn what our words mean. Before a single thing was created by God he spoke it into being. Our words are powerful. We have the ability to speak life or death over someone. We need to be aware of this.

I’ll start with this.

Even while praying for people with the best intentions, we can actually be using witchcraft. When we pray controlling, manipulative prayers, when we play God in our prayers and try to usurp his authority over another human being, we are in error. When we spread gossip, or stir up dissension by speaking things out with an intention to do or bring harm, we are in error. When we speak against the prophets, we are charting a dangerous path. I bring to you the scriptures in Revelation 17 and 18. The whore of Babylon. She is drunk with the blood of the saints and prophets, she’s murdered them, and she truly believes that she’s enthroned and will never mourn, her heart will never break, she’s become accustomed to her luxuries and her fortress she’s built for herself. But God….. Says in one hour she will be brought to ruin. Her sins are piled to heaven and the merchants will no longer purchase her cargoes, the writer goes on to list the cargoes they won’t purchase anymore and the very last line says it all…and humans sold as slaves. Do we realize that all of humanity has been enslaved? Every walk of life, every religion. These principalities in high places on platforms around earth don’t care who you are. They look at us as having no real value, other than what they put on us. They will manipulate even the elitist of the elite and control them and fool them. It is Tom foolery in the church, which I’ve already discussed in a previous blog. This Tom foolery would do anything in its power to get you to side with throwing humanity under the bus. They don’t care why you do it, they just care if we will do it. Christian witchcraft is on the rise right now. People speaking on their platforms that God never helped them build. Just remember there’s a great price to be paid to stand on a platform that God didn’t build. This can be the small church in your neighborhood, the mega church in the big city, or even a group of leaders in a conference. The ability for these leaders to deceive themselves has been heightened because of the many sacrifices of innocent people they’ve been taking part in. Let me give a few examples how Christian witchcraft can be performed. Some are obvious and others not so much.

1. Gossip and slander,

2. Controlling witchcraft prayers,

3. Ungodly intercession,

4. Jealousy to the point of character assassination,

5. Withholding information from innocent people and not releasing the whole truth to a person or situation.

6. Self preservation at all costs, no matter who might suffer at your hand.

7. Pointing fingers and discrediting others so their never taken seriously, or puffing yourself up and taking credit for others revelation or successes.

The list goes on and on. One thing that is important to realize is that these people are having an appearance of godliness, they come in the name of the Lord, but they deny God’s power so they may rise. We have to recognize them as the right hand of falsehood mentioned in Psalms. Most of the time they have their hands in the candy jar so to speak. Their lives are muddied with rebellion towards God and they have to juggle the people around them in order to surround themselves with the ones that will tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear. If you’re one to speak truth then they will make up all sorts of reasons to slander you or destroy your character or worse, in fact the worse they could do, delete you off of Facebook. Yes, trying to silence the voices of truth in their lives, it is a travesty. This is so heartbreaking for me. People I will call plastic people. They want a mold and they want it perfect and you can’t speak out of turn. This is so sad. How can we possibly be in unity with someone who’s so far off into deception?? We can’t. They’ve done us a favor, they’ve walked away and were able to continue on the path to righteousness. Just remember to as Ephesians tells us “have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”! It’s important to pray God’s will! We dont have the right to play God in our prayers. There’s really no other way to say this. Trying to manipulate God so we can have our way, is witchcraft. Silencing the apostles and prophets, well that’s cause for destruction. Spoken of in Revelation 18. Our God says that vengeance is his and according to his word those drunk on the murder and innocent bloodshed of his Saints and prophets will share in the sins of the whore of Babylon. Don’t do it. Always check yourself to be sure you’re blessing your enemies. Know your circle and disconnect from those caught up in Christian witchcraft. It’s an evil that many like to ignore, but it is what it is and we shouldn’t be taking part in that!!

Repenting starts here:


forgive those in my family who have prayed ungodly prayers. Who have interceded for others from their fleshly desires instead of from humility. Forgive us for back biting our friends and wishing or praying backlash on them. Forgive us for not taking prayer seriously and for seeming as though we could manipulate you into doing our will. Forgive us for seeking formulas through words to magically unlock our will. For spell casting whether knowing or unknowing. Forgive us for coming in the name of the Lord, learning about a brother and sister in an intimate close way only to use it against them later. Forgive us for thinking so highly of ourselves that we speak words of death over others. Lord, when we have been deceived by dreams or visions or the sensing of what we thought was evil, forgive us for not getting to the truth. For misusing our discernment and speaking curses out of our mouths instead of blessings. We know it is not your will to see any of humanity perish. That is not your character. Forgive us for siding with the enemy and for not searching matters out. Forgive us for walking in witchcraft rooted in Christianity and elitism. Thinking highly of ourselves that we have a right to demand things from you that suit us and our sometimes plastic perfect lifestyles. Forgive us for seeing and never perceiving, for hearing and never understanding those things your showing us. I confess that even though Eve was deceived, she still had consequences. You don’t allow us to get away with that as an excuse. Forgive us Lord. Please disconnect us now from all witchcraft assignments and curses and please bless anyone that I may have knowingly or unknowingly cursed and done so in the name of the Lord. Forgive us for swearing on Jesus and the Bible but using that only to gain access to the platform where we could build a tower for ourselves. Lord, disconnect me and my bloodline from the tower of Babel, and the whore of Babylon. Disconnect us from all ungodly prayers and please restore and release a blessing. In Jesus name.


Priestly? Or BEASTLY?

I’ve had an amazing morning of prayer time today. So many things have clicked for me into AHA! moments.

God is putting so many things together into one huge message. I don’t even have it all yet and I hope I do it justice. This post may be kind of lengthy but I almost can’t contain myself with the download. I know it will go into a book eventually.

I’ll start with this, picture a New York skyline for a moment, imagine the food carts, the traffic lights, the horns honking, the high heels and business suits, the coffee houses, and sandwich shops. Imagine the pushing of the crowd to go forward and imagine the opposition when someone’s headed the wrong way. The uphill battle of trying to flow in a crowd going the other way. Now imagine this in every neighborhood in every town, in every state. Now imagine the corporate world and how it’s infiltrated our homes and our schools and churches. This same business mind. The continual desire to go in the same direction everyday, or every week in the pulpit, work or school, the push to hang out in the hippest of places, shop in the most expensive stores and attend the fanciest mega church on the corner. Now stop!!! Take a look around you. The widow, the orphan, the homeless man, the Porsche flying right past them, the man picking up his $500. Suit from the cleaners, the holy spirit fluttering around him. He’s oblivious. Why is he oblivious to the Holy Spirit? Because the system has shut him ( the Holy Spirit) down. Once you step into this corporate brain that operates our world it’s go ,go,go. No time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late I’m late I’m late! We need to know that the masonic hold is based in the God of the world who I believe is man! Masons theory is they can always, always build a gateway to God without his son. Wanna know why Mark Taylor has cautioned us about the 501(c)(3)? Because this is the beast! The god of this world has to make sacrifices to get to the top. You’re expected to climb the ladder at the expense of other humans. Maybe it’s your children, maybe your spouse. Maybe you get so addicted that you don’t even realize you’ve tapped out your finances and before long you’re embezzling, commiting adultery, you’re miserable, yet you don’t get a coffee break in this corporate world. You must earn your way to the top and you’re probably walking right past the person in need and ignoring them. I mean after all we know by Hollywood’s scripts how many have the tendency in the corporate world to have their phone in one hand and their coffee in the other. We don’t get to stop because when we stop, the production stops, the contracts stop, jobs are stalled.

Now here’s the eye opener me, imagine this corporate skyline is an outside source that moved into the mainland in order to infiltrate it. God’s word says he’s pretty much always given the land to the people. The land is their inheritance. In Bible times, the land gave fruit. We lived off our land. Fruits and vegetables and abundance. You can go visit a farmers market and feel the atmosphere and caring there. It’s so different than you going to the mall. So many at the farmers market care about people. They grow their own food not only to eat but to care for health and welfare. If you’re blessed, as I have been, you will always see a smile. The people are sitting in camp chairs, under a canopy, sipping iced tea, with their dog on a leash at their feet, their bartering, trading, and investing, but nowhere are they sacrificing their families. In the summer they may even bring their children to work. Their teaching the next generation how to be a good stewards of the land, their investing in their families. Based on these two picture’s, the Lord has identified for me the beast system versus his priestly order in the earth. We are all priests, all suppose to spread the gospel but how does one navigate this when the system holds all the cards so to speak? How do we fit in when we’ve been ran off? Many outcasts because they didn’t fit into the system, many sacrifices.

Well the beastly system is mentioned in Revelation 18. I’ll let you search that out but it’s clear the system survives on the slaves investment into it. When too many are members, they simply remove through murder and character assassination. We have all been there. We know rejection. Our loved ones have rejected us in many cases. So what’s the strategy Lord? I already asked him and this is what he said.

Give Caesar what is Caesars and give me what’s mine. Invest in humanity, be obedient. Invest in the widow and the orphan. Do what we all can do to break slavery off of them. Don’t dig for the pennies in your purse, you know the ones I speak of, they have gum stuck to them and hair balls. Give them what their worth. Show them love through our actions, not our words. Talk is cheap.

I’m still studying Revelation 18. It comes to me regularly but what hits me is when he’s telling us to come out of the whore of Babylon. Come out of her he says so we will not partake in her sins for she is guilty of being drunk on the blood of the saints and prophets. That’s us people. That’s every human, from every walk of life. Stop investing in that system. Instead consider the law of sowing and reaping. Each of you have seeds, those, are your resources, their not monetary always, their what you know to be true, their the extra rake in your yard, the extra can of organic top of the line beans or fruit. Their your best. Take that, start with just that, locate those resources, find the neighbor without a rake. Maybe their struggling with sickness, most sickness is due to poor nutrition. Take them organic vegetables. Do your best. Your very, very best. Start there. Remnant we have already repented, we’re now waiting on our Lord to do something. Gather your resources, we will call them seeds from now on. Take your handful of seeds and scatter them into your sphere of influence. No respector of persons, no judgement, no lectures, no religious chatter, and please, no manipulation or control. Just give, just scatter your seeds. Then get up and go into work (aka the system) and gather more resources. Give Caesar what is Caesars and God what’s God’s. When we invest in others we are trusting our God to come through for us completely. Spread hope right now as we wait for our Savior to destroy the system completely!! Don’t sow another penny, not even the one with gum stuck to it. Don’t let the system sacrifice another human being with your money. Invest in people. The Lord told me years ago that he put the ing in KING, he put the ing in everything, investing, trading, farming, bartering. Of course I didn’t get my aha until today but I hear him now. We own the stock market. We invest in what God is doing and in his people, NOT in the beast. That’s how we move from Beast to Priest. The man or woman of God knows that to our God, MAN is his whole world. We value humanity and work towards that goal, to set others free.

Blessings to you all.

Jezebel and her minions

Jezebel and her minions are on the loose. She’s the one with the money in her hand seeking the one who can be bribed. She will mask herself as male or female to suit her passions. She weasels her way in close to the headship and works her magic. If the elite can be fooled, they will be. In the days ahead just realize that many people have been mesmerized by the leaders in high places but the leaders have been mesmerized by jezebel. She will use manipulation and control to get them to do her will. This is an agenda absolutely opposed to God’s. He will expose her and unmask her and I believe through careful prayer, he will take her financing away from her. She boasts in her position as if she believes she can never be removed or kicked out of her position but she’s seriously underestimating God and His Chosen generation.

The prayer warriors are the ones that change this. Remember Judas, his price was just 30 pieces of silver. He sold out our king for pennies. We need to focus on our heart in the days ahead. Ask the Lord to show us what’s in there. What’s our motivation for doing everything we do? No amount of silver is worth our souls. Don’t tolerate jezebel in your own life. It’s time for her to be put out into the street. There’s no hiding place for the wicked in the body of Christ. Buckle up. Be tough, have thick skin and refuse to be offended. Let’s just hold our ground here while the Lord works His plan.

The prayer to repent for the corrupt monetary system and enslavement of humanity.


forgive us for siding with an evil agenda and for accepting bribes at all costs, even the cost of another human being. Forgive us for turning a blind eye while your creation has been murdered, mutilated, and destroyed. Forgive us for any involvement we have had in treating humanity with contempt, for not honoring the laws in your word, regarding the following and much more:

1. Honoring father and mother,

2. Respecting our elders,

3. Sticking up for the poor, the widows, and the orphans,

4. Doing the prophet no harm,

5. Letting the little children come to you

and countless other principles outlined in your word.

Forgive us for allowing leaders in high places who practice pedophilia and human sacrifice, forgive us for supporting wicked organizations and corporations that do not support or value life, forgive us for allowing abortion to be performed in our country, forgive us for not recognizing that you care about ” every tribe and every nation” and you have always known there was a deep evil in the earth with an agenda to destroy us. Forgive us for giving them legal right to do it through our sinful practices, Forgive us for being deceived by this nephillims agenda and for not giving credit where credit is due, good or bad! We have not gotten to roots or maybe the digging has been too deep or over our heads that we gave up, forgive us. What we have allowed to be or stay hidden has almost destroyed us. These issues need to be investigated and searched out. In some ways we have been trespassed against by the angels that kept not their first estate. Please forgive us for our deception. Even Eve had consequences for her deception Lord. You hold all of us accountable. Help us search the matter out.

Please remove religious pride that gives us false humility. Lord, while man looks on the outward appearance you are checking our hearts. Forgive us for being self serving and self preserving when clearly you love the cheerful giver. We are lacking understanding. Please release your revelation to me and my family line in this matter.

Lord Jesus, forgive us for thinking more highly of ourselves than others and using our political, social, or entertainment platforms to spread our own opinions to discredit other people and dishonor their reputations because we think more highly of ourselves. Forgive us for being willing to succumb to the evil forces if the price is high enough. Lord please forgive us for sacrificing our own loved ones, and covenant partners and friends in order to somehow make ourselves look better. We are sinful Lord and need to be shown or reminded of how this is operating in our own life. We have locked others in a pyramid scheme by using them in some form or fashion to make ourselves look good and come out on top but never recognizing that you Almighty God sent people to assist us, we have enslaved these people by discrediting them and dishonoring them and not showing loyalty to you in “being our brothers keeper”. We have asked for help and in some cases thrown the help under the bus. Lord, please help us not be so quick to sacrifice our brothers and sisters, forgive us for wanting and seeking wealth “at the expense of others” and for turning a blind eye to the sacrificing going on. Lord, you sent your son Jesus into the world as the ultimate sacrifice, you did this so we all could be free. Forgive us for deciding and playing God as to who deserves freedom, forgive us for allowing wicked leaders to destroy your creation and the jewels of our spirit. Lord I confess that you look at each human being as your wealth, and we should come into agreement with your agenda to set the captives free, we should choose life daily and quit trying to build a gateway to God by using other people. Forgive us for allowing or being involved in, whether knowing or unknowing, with any illuminati, new world order, Freemasonry, Babylonian or nephillims agenda. Forgive us for trading humanity for 30 pieces of silver and for playing God, deciding who makes the cut and who doesn’t, deciding who is worthy and who isn’t, and for siding with the depopulation of the world by not being “our brothers keeper!”

We know you have a great and awesome plan for America, we know that your word says the wealth of the wicked is layed up for the righteous. We need to check ourselves and we need to ask your forgiveness first, for not recognizing where our treasure should be, not in things of this world but in things of you, in being good stewards of humanity and your creation first and foremost. Forgive us for thinking we’ve repented enough, Forgive us Lord and turn this around. Release me and my family line from any hold Babylon has had on us, release us from any mesmerization we’ve had over material possessions and things.

Lord, we confess that all we have and all we are, belongs to you. It is the Lord who gives and takes away. Please teach us oh God to value humanity, please help us choose to be life giving, life speaking and to stand up for the unborn and the elderly, the poor and the widow. Father, help us to be faithful in little, so that we may be faithful in much and help us oh God to be good stewards of the provision you given us. Remove the slavery mentality from our hearts, help us destroy the pyramid scheme and break others out, and help us all move forward into our birthright. In Jesus name,