Repentance for cursing the five-fold ministry

Father, on behalf of myself and the other Christians in my family line, I would like to apologize for the pride and disrespect we find in the church today. I would like to repent for cursing apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers simply because we may be jealous of the gifts they posess. I repent for all jealousy of those in churches other than the one my family was worshipping in and for forming clicks in the Body of Christ designed to keep certain people out. We repent for being jealous of others giftings and for walking in a ” fear of being left out”. We repent for those who ran off prophetic or pastoral voices that were sent by God to expose ungodliness and bring warnings and to encourage repentance. We repent for being quick to judge those voices and make judgements against them without being willing to hear them out. I repent for not granting grace to those obviously in a training time with you, exploring and learning how to operate in their gifts. We repent for never being able to see or hear correctly and for not being doers of the word. We repent for allowing witchcraft in the form of rebellion to wound innocent followers of Christ. We repent and renounce allowing leaders to dispose of those walking in wisdom and discernment. Father we confess that we have wounded very well meaning prophets, pastors, and others in your five fold ministry and have gone against your word stating to do the prophet no harm. We confess these sins have happened because of a root and a stronghold in self-preservation.

Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line I would like you to forgive us for not wanting or spending more time checking ourselves for error and for not being willing to show a person their faults in private, but rather conspiring against them with church leaders, members, and even others in our local communities. We repent for the arrogance that caused many of us to ignore the need to hold others accountable, especially if its leaderships own family members were the ones participating in the sin.

Forgive us for praying against other Christians, believing we are entitled to do that. We confess this behavior is done with wrong motivation and a lack of understanding. We repent for painting pictures of those we don’t care for, that have destroyed reputations and caused heartache to innocent people sent by God. Lord,  this should not be in the Body of Christ. We also repent for defiling the true bride by not being willing to walk in love and for showing no restraint when it comes to protecting ourselves from being found out.

We  repent for refusing to walk in obedience yet expecting the rewards connected to affiliation with a certain church or ministry. Things like positions in worship team, youth group, children’s ministries etc. We repent for worshipping God half -heartedly and for being willing to worship him in spirit but not in truth, for wanting to experience the power but could care less about the sin in our lives.  Father I confess this was never your plan for church. I repent for those willing to lie about where Christ may be, and for trying to recruit new members but denying the power of God which is an anti-christ spirit according to your word.  We repent for for coming in the name of the Lord but only to deceive others. Father please remove this ungodliness from the body which is a temple to the Holy Spirit. We repent for bringing defilement to the bride and for grieving he Holy Spirit. Lord we may have been wounded to a point of acting in a Jezebel spirit trying to manipulate and control others. Please forgive us.

We ask you to forgive us from operating from a position of pride and elitism, feeling we are better than others or our ministries are more important or more highly valued than others. We repent for calling down fire from heaven on our enemies without first pulling the plank out of our own eyes or first blessing our enemies. We repent for using discernment to get what we want instead of bringing people into more freedom.  We repent for calling good, evil and evil,good. We repent for using and abusing our positions in order to enthrone ourselves and lower others to a place of shame and slavery. I do not agree with this evil and ask you to break it off in Jesus name.

We also repent for mocking those called and gifted because we do not understand or for making fun of those sensing evil and being tormented by darkness. We repent for thinking we should all be happy all the time and never have a bad day when your word clearly states that we should mourn with those who mourn.  I confess that it is not weakness to show compassion and grant Grace when some are in total, utter torment by the enemy. We repent for escorting emotional people out of your presence in order to stay on track during service and to promote our own agendas instead of taking time to provide for their immediate need of comfort.  We repent for making church out to be a place of entertainment rather than a gathering of good news and the gospel. Forgive us for wandering too far away from your guidelines for churches.

On behalf of myself and my family line please forgive us for becoming non-profit organizations for the sole purpose of being able to accept donations and for not being willing to pay the gifted people in our churches  a decent wage for their time. We repent for using the excuse that we are a church and must do things for free when clearly some people cannot afford to just donate time. We do repent for the love of money in all areas including manipulating workers in the church to donate their time, sometimes for days at a time with no compensation. Lord, we know that is not your plan for your children to continuously struggle and we confess that it is a poverty spirit to withhold resources and pay from your children when they are in need.  We know your word says we are Kings and Priests and Royalty in your eyes. Please help us start valuing other workers and please restore respect to those workers who have put their heart and souls into supporting ministries and at times have had huge out of pocket expenses but we have ignored their need for any reimbursement. Lord your word says to bring the tithe into the storehouse which in hebrew actually means barn. Father in Levitical priesthood times they made a storehouse where those who brought things in could later return to make a withdraw if the needs arose. Father I confess we have lost this concept and are using items brought into the storehouse for things other than caring for your flock. We have driven many to seek assistance from other sources and have helped send some into poverty by withholding cash from some in need. Please break off this poverty spirit where we are only willing to give items but not to bless with cash when its needed. Please forgive us and bring new strategies and help from heaven to restore our giving and storing to honor your true meaning of the word. Help us to create a barn within the church where supplies and resources are made available to those in true need. Help us to not value worthless things but rather to provide for your children. Lord forgive us for being unwilling to stand and do the mature thing and forgive us for forgetting that every human should have freedom to come and go and be treated with respect and honor. Lord we also confess that at times we have gone the opposite way and honored what is dishonorable. We have turned our heads and pretended not to see the dishonorable thing being done to the church or its members, and it has brought on huge consequences. Forgive us Lord. Although we need to confess our sins sometimes we’ve not done it and we have opened a door to Satan and have deceived many in your flock by our secretive behavior. Father, your Holy Spirit does nothing in secret. Please forgive us for siding with sin and iniquity all the while maintaining positions of leadership where we should have been above reproach. We repent for screaming unity and for preaching unity always but really what we wanted was for all to agree with us and never challenge our authority, or position and to never test the spirits when it’s very much biblical to do so. Please break off our need for continual self-preservation to the point of being hurtful and selfish and for setting up a plot against those unwilling to follow the status quo held onto by ungodly leaders. Please forgive us for tolerating Jezebel or the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Give us our backbone as a church and help us to obey your commands in regards to confrontation with those in sin. Help us not be afraid to test spirits and hold those in question, accountable. Lord, please bring back to your flock, the innocent, rejected, wounded, chosen, and loved people that have turned away from your church because of this rejection. Please make a place for these people who have a calling on their lives but have never had an opportunity to be used by you because of man and their own selfish desires. These remnant of people rejected by mainstream churches need to have a safe place, within a fellowship of like-minded believers. Lord, we also ask you to forgive us for making judgements we know nothing about when we have misjudged those who have left because of this hurt. Please put us all in our proper places and teach us what the church really should look like, free of ungodly thrones and principalities working in dark places.

Please forgive our holier than thou attitudes towards sin in the church and for being involved in cursing your saints and children. Father we pray that you would restore the church to its glorious position and you would help each individual flock heal from these wounds that have been placed on them and that they would be able to move forward into the calling you have chosen for them. I choose to bless the five fold ministry and not to mock it, wound it, or invite it to leave. Please release the maturity needed for these flocks to walk in true solid service capable of receiving solid food. Helps us to grow up, out of these childish behaviors into the full bride you want us to be. In Jesus Name, Amen!


(C) Copyright, Melissa Leggett, All rights reserved

Abundant Thinking

The Lords been teaching me about the storehouse of our mind. The actual definition of storehouse in Hebrew is barn. He has been showing me the many of us who operate from a position of lack and poverty. In fact, it has become so comfortable for us that it becomes difficult to even see God’s  provision at times.

I recently, in the last year ran across a secular book that is used in the educational system to help educators bridge the gap between poverty students and middle class educators. It is designed to give insight and help to educators who cannot speak the language of their students because their students are in poverty and they can’t understand their students who have lack in their lives. The book has everyone grouped into three categories, poverty, middle class, and wealthy. It explains how possessions are viewed in each class. In poverty, possessions are people because no other resources are available. This can result in some  loving relationships as well as all sorts of co- dependent ones. In middle class possessions are the things you own and in wealthy families possession are name brands and pedigrees, sort of an upgrade from generic to the name brand.

The other thing that caught my eye is their definition of poverty. Its put quite simply, poverty=a lack of resources..boom! A lightbulb went off in my head. If poverty is a lack of resources than to counter act this we must engage in activities that enhance our awareness. If poverty is a lack of resources, then it must be a lack of resources in our thinking! It’s that simple. To end poverty we must put resources at our disposal. Fill our minds with answers instead of more problems, follow through with the task at hand until it’s finished and if we do not know how, we educate ourselves until we can finish the task at hand.

Many families have this operating as  as a generational curse. As a generational prayer minister this is the first area I examine. I ask the Lord to show me what empowered it first and then I repent, but once again after your aware of the behavior it can be work to change it. Repenting isn’t  just a prayer. Sometimes we have to work hard to change the behavior especially if we learned it from family.

From my perspective, we  may see this operating in our life in a way where we dont finish what we start. We may start school but never finish, type our resume but never turn it in or maybe we get hung up on making a final decision, or  we think we have faith but never act on it or put feet to it, maybe we want to start a business but never go about finding out the first step. This should not be. It’s pure sabotage if you ask me.

As a believer in God, I am one to search things out. I dont just take what people tell me as being truth. I seek God, and I seek wise council. For me, that’s what I must do before a decision can be made. In reading this book I speak of my world opened up to how satan steals, kills, and destroys. Now just for a moment lets add a few words to this scenario. If satan comes to steal resources, kill resources and destroy resources than that’s a clue. It can help our strategy, as Christians, to annihilate poverty! We give those in poverty more resources. Not just food for a day resources either. We as a church need to equip them after we first equip ourselves. If its poverty in our self-esteem we fix it, if it is poverty in our finances we need money management  (aka the budget class i have) not just a better job. We break off the generational curse through repentance and then we teach ourselves how to avoid it happening again and if no one is helping us do this, we must take responsibility and search it out. We start by thinking for ourselves, “there has to be a better way!” Or “there has to more to life than this!”

I’ve taken what God has given me and I’ve made a decision to some that might seem out there, but to me, it’s resourceful. I call it abundant thinking and it’s really a simple concept. When satan tries to convince me bad things will come, I counteract it by being prepared. If he’s lying to me and I recognize it, I educate myself. Example: for years I was plagued with a fear of death and anxiety and panic attacks. Mostly because my father died suddenly at a very young age. The only way I could overcome it was to get educated. I had to search things out to ease my mind, but once I had searched it out I had to act on it. When my anxiety came on I had to use the tools I had been given to counteract it. In my case it was medication to calm my heart palpitations. In the early days that was all the resources I had. Through searching and seeking I now know my heart palpitations are related to deficiencies and exercise. I’ve learned more along the way of searching it out. Now I know to much is given, much is required. As I have sought my healing and gained knowledge I must then look at it as a promotion and activate the new tools in my belt. In this case I joined the gym and ordered a name brand magnesium instead of cheap store bought one.   I prepare just as the Proverbs 31 woman did. Just as the five virgins with oil in their lamps did and just like countless others in the bible did. None of them seemed caught off-guard. Why do you suppose that is? Because they listened to the warnings brought to them through others, but it didnt stop there. They weren’t just hearers of the word they were DOERS!! They trusted those words and wisdom that came from the Lord and they acted on it. They didn’t do it out of fear, instead they did it out of love and trust for God. God’s people are given discernment to know the times and seasons too, not just the difference between good and evil. It’s  not to be caught up in fear but to truly recognize the coming storms of life. Think of Joseph’s  coat of many colors story in the bible. What would have happened if no one had stored up because they didnt want to be accused of being fearful. They had stored up for the famine and just as it is in real life, family did not see the value of Josephs discernment. If you truly hear the voice of the Lord and you want to please Him, you must act on what he has given you.

Many people do not search things out because they feel it is better that way. Some feel if I don’t  know then I am not responsible but that is not true. God’s  word tells us it is for a lack of knowledge that my people perish. We need to think for ourselves and search for the truth. Maybe it is too scary to seek out a doctor or have that test but seriously we fear what we do not know. Once we know, that fear subsides. God is responsible for the outcome of every prayer, situation, or request. It is just our job to position ourselves right with him.

I tire easily these days of hearing some Christians say God will take care of us when those moments come. Yes, but who do you think he will use when your cupboards are bare in a famine or your water is dried up in a drought? He will use those who heard his voice and stored up for those moments. If you’re blessed enough to know someone like that in those moments they may or may not share with you. There’s been a thing happening in our world where people go from one extreme of being totally prepped out in fear to being totally unprepared and winging it. Christians should be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We are wise because of the Holy Spirit.  See for me I won’t  be that person who didn’t listen to the voice of the Lord. I will be the person running into the disaster with water bottles and Jesus. I will have the extra blankets, food, and first-aid when that disaster strikes. Why? Because Satan wants humanity in poverty, stripped of the resources so he may control them, their desires, and their futures. I am wise and resourceful. I am not fearful. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I operate from a position of abundance. If I don’t have something that may be needed for the future, whether it be for me or my brothers or sisters, now is the time to think about it and to act on it. Not out of fear but out of the richness of the Spirit of God to go forward in the day of disaster and be the light. Not to be scrounging, stealing, or fighting or depending on man for survival in that moment. No Christian has time for that in the days that are ahead.

I am not a doomsday prepper at all. Instead, I am a Proverbs 31 woman who has prepared her home and family for anything. I have worked with my hands and worked with the merchants to prepare for the days ahead. Whether it be winter or spring my cupboards are full, as are my fields. I am working towards rainy day gas funds or rations, earthquakes or salmonella. I am resourceful! I am rich in Abundance and I do not operate from a position of lack depending on others to meet my need. I am the one prepared and doing it.

It is a way of life  to walk in Abundance. It takes work. It all starts in your mind. It has nothing to do with your bank account. It has to do with whats inside your storehouse. The storehouse of your thinking and your mind. That storehouse is within you. Its the resources you have for the days ahead. Satan wants to destroy your storehouse. Don’t let him do that. Be the one who thought of everything!!  Make a choice today to educate yourself, exercise, work on your core both physically and spiritually. A rock hard core for the days ahead!!!  Think from a place of having everything you need instead of from a place of everything you don’t have. God is our provider and our protector. Ask him today what your first step should be in preparing for Abundance in the midst of the darkness.

Cleaning up and preparing for the days ahead

The Lord has brought to my attention a spiritual threat for the days ahead. It’s  been heavy on my mind that what is coming will be very hard to discern. Many will  be coming in the Lord’s name and quite possibly may deceive many.

I believe it is time to rise up and clean up our discernment, clean out the skeletons in our closet and pray for rain. It’s a time to put away offenses and get back to the reality of the battle at hand. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood so let’s get this thing cleaned up.

Imagine for a moment even your worst enemy about to be demolished, abolished, or obliterated. Imagine how you would feel if even in your worst offense your opponent met a sad, and tragic ending. This actually could be the case if people don’t find the true Jesus.

Its come to my attention very recently that there is a false love out there right now that is condoning behaviors other Christians are walking in. The Lord even showed me that we, as believers, stop reading the love scripture after the first few lines. Love is patient, love is kind. Although that is absolutely true we fail to read on to the part that says love always protects. So my question is what is protection?? Knowing there is a threat? Warning of impending evil or doom? Calling someone on sin in their lives?? God wants us all to have an opportunity to repent but I feel too many are shying away from truth, maybe our of fear of losing people or have them rebel against that truth and turn away from us. What’s  the worse of the two evils here? Losing someone caught in sin because we warned them or losing someone in eternity because they never felt a need to repent?

If the body of Christ is to have something others want than I would say it has to be radical, life-changing love, not the fluffy kind of feel good all over love. Jesus wouldn’t want His children to back down from anything due to fear. He isn’t the one who’s given that spirit of fear but of power, love,  and a sound mind.  To me, some of whats going on out there is crazy, and not of a sound mind at all.

The days ahead are going to be mixed with the appearance of Godliness but watered down or twisted just enough that it will make it hard to discern the difference.

The bible warns of the wheat and the tares growing together and how they look like one in the same until the day of harvest, when the truth is known. The bible says to let them grow together until that day. I believe we are there now. Some of us growing in the Lord’s kingdom will experience these tares and if we have honored what is dishonorable we will have opened ourselves up to deception. There is no room for compromise in the days ahead. That compromise may well be the determining factor of how we survive in these last days.

I encourage all of us in the Body of Christ to evaluate the compromise in our lives and take care of it. We need to speak the truth in love and stand up for righteousness now more than ever.

We need to take an inventory and repent to our Lord for these compromises and make a conscious effort to clean up and prepare our gift to walk in purity, not using discernment for personal gain or personal gratification but using it in furthering the Lord’s  kingdom of truth. It’s  a fine line between divination and discernment and manipulating situations or people for our own benefit is a sign of error, deception, and witchcraft.

Preparing tor the days ahead we must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We must put away the childish things and walk in mature love, unafraid to speak truth in love and stand for righteousness. We don’t have the luxury of bending the rules anymore in the Body of Christ. Know the rules of God’s word and start walking it out. The time is now and shortly, i believe we will experience the biggest separating of the sheep and goats we have probably ever seen.

I encourage you to pray daily for wisdom and discernment. Not everything is as it seems to the human eye. We need to know the difference between good and evil, and we need to have eyes to see and ears to hear, and we need it asap! Clean up your gift, clean up your heart towards offenses and those who have offended you and prepare for rain.

God wants us to be able to recognize that any type of rejection at this point in our life is not worth us getting caught up in revenge, or depression, or hatred. These rejections are sometimes retalliation for loving God and following him. We have to grow thicker skin and throw away our offenses and move on.

I truly believe if some of us ever saw the suffering that some of our enemies were headed for we would be heartbroken for them. The reality is it’s a fight for their soul and satan would love to destroy them. We all know the enemy searches out who he can devour, be it you or me he’s looking at, let’s refuse to let him devour us. Wisdom and discernment are our only tool to fight that battle. Clean your closets and let’s prepare to fight on to see the harvest of souls that God longs to save.

My thoughts on the Storehouse

2 Timothy 3:1-9 warns us there will be tough times ahead.

Never dreamed in my lifetime I would see the things happening in the news that I see now. I mean I heard about terrible things growing up but threats for Americans on 4th of July and throwing the 10 commandments out of a state capital? These things must happen! Yes I know. The more crazy question is how do people have no conscience anymore? How is it that walking in love has become more of a chore now when people keep provoking the opposite? and how do people manage to keep twisting the Bible to justify their actions? How is it a terrorist group like Isis just keeps getting bigger and a President like Obama keeps getting more power? I dont understand the world of opposites we live in but trying to remove God from everything is getting out of hand. We need fighters! That will fight back. “Eyes to see and ears to hear!”

Instead I see scary things happening and compromise at every door, even the doors of  the most elite and knowledgeable Christians.  We gossip, slander, hate, steal, lie and the list goes on and on. We are headed for dark times and  I see Christians compromising truth in exchange for instant gratification or a pat on the back, which will be worth nothing when our country endures great hardship. It seems to me thats what it will take to wake people up from their slumber.

In the midst of this warning I am preparing. Preparing my soul, body and spirit to the best of my abilities to be able to reach out to people in time of need. I am storing water, practicing some gardening and purchasing a few nifty tools that dont need electricity, some as simple as a hand held can opener. I  am not focusing  on doomsday but rather focusing on what I can do to prepare my household to survive if modern conveniences are taken away. I am trying to position myself to be used by God in those tough times, should they come. I want to have more knowledge. Knowledge of the truth, how to survive in a world gone mad and really any new knowledge i can gain will be in my best interest. After all the Bible does tell us his people perish for a lack of knowledge. The knowledge of God and his character is more important than the knowledge from books at this point.

I shiver at the thought of not being allowed to purchase gasoline or food, I shiver at the thought of not being able to access cash like in Greece or Venezuela, or worse our dollar having no value anymore. I shiver at the thought of people who are unable to think for themselves in a dark moment and placing themselves in harms way or worse panicking and following the masses when they should have thought for themselves and gone in a different direction. I shiver more at the thought of being lost in these moments without the Lord. He declared in his word we are to be the head and not the tail, the last will be first and the first shall be last. We are to be overcomers and we are to overcome evil with good. That may take work and resources in the coming days but if we live a life prepared, nothing will catch us off guard.

There is nothing wrong with knowing more and adding to the arsenal of tools we will be able to draw from should the need arise. For instance, How do we light or heat our homes when disaster strikes? How do you shut off the gas? How do you boil water and make it safe if its been contaminated? An earthquake,  a flood, or any natural disaster can put us in this position. How knowledgeable are we? And yes our God is so big and he will take care of us no doubt but me, well I believe he’s taking care of me now by having wisdom so I will have answers and a plan in that time should it ever come.

One thing that greatly bothers me is other religions such as Mormons being more prepared then Christians for a major disaster. They prepare their storehouse to feed their families for up to seven years. We may be lucky enough to have food to last seven weeks.

The Hebrew definition of storehouse actually means  “barn”. So,  if we understand we are to take tithe into the storehouse maybe God never meant that to be so commercialized as church has become and maybe scripture that reads that “we are to feed his sheep” was really a literal call to feed them. Maybe your storehouse should start at home first!? It’s  just a thought, but I hear all the time how your ministry starts at home so maybe the church has missed it in some cases. Even a Proverbs 31 woman seemed prepared. She was prepared for anything. She sold to merchants to care for her family.

It’s not a good thing to have so many areas of our life dependent on others or specifically the government. The government pays for schools and seems to make the rules. The government pays for food for so many in this country and seem to add chemicals and genetically modify it. The government has us pay taxes and eventhough were paying them to be there, can’t be trusted.

It caught my eye a while back and it comes up often. A definition I read in a secular book about poverty. Their definition was that poverty is an absence of resources. I will refer to it often in this blog, mostly because it’s so true. How can we be the head and not the tail when we have nothing to give, no resources, no abundance?? This is not God’s plan. I encourage you all to start a resource center in your home, a storehouse. A place in which you’re saving for a rainy day, a place where provision is made if not for your neighbors too, then at the very least your own family. Make a list of a provision you may need in case of an emergency and then start purchasing one or two of those items, weekly or as the Lord allows. Even our grand farmers had stored up, course they came from the depression and knew the importance of it. It’s biblical to be prepared in season and out of season. We are wise and free, we should be prepared.

Prayer to release one from the curse of indentured servitude

The prayer to release one from the curse of Indentured Servitude and to be separated from the Sins of the Forefathers and Ungodly Spiritual Headship

Lord, we are sorry for marrying the Egyptians and becoming “One” with their gods, and goddesses. We are sorry for allowing your sons and daughters to be “dethroned” in order to protect ourselves and the lifestyles we have worshipped. We repent for the sin of any of our ancestors that willing chose indentured servitude instead of ruling and reigning with you as the judge and most high God. We repent for satanic ritual sacrifices in which our family line agreed with an Ungodly powers’ decision to sacrifice your Sons and Daughters for their personal gain. Forgive us Lord for shedding innocent blood and for coming into agreement with the Fallen Sons of God and entering into hatred, unforgiveness, selfishness and Greed. We repent for agreeing with fallen sons of God that have been trying to dethrone the “Revealed sons of God” from day one. Forgive us for being Mesmerized by this hatred and ungodly agenda to suck the life out of your children. Forgive us for calling Good, Evil and Evil, Good. Lord, if it isn’t too late we ask you to heal our land. Bring healing to our bodies, cures for sickness and disease and give your children a chance to rise up and become the Son or Daughter you created them to be.
Please forgive our family for rejecting you as their King and for choosing man to be King. Lord, we want you to be our King. Please break the consequences of this Evil and dethrone all Ungodly headship that has been empowered because of our sin. We do not want to be in agreement with any Anti-Christ agenda because we have been deceived. Please restore your Kingdom on Earth and help us to partner with you to see your plans and purposes accomplished within your church. May you have mercy upon us and help us to return to you as the Spiritual Head of the Church and the Home.
Father, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for the sins of our forefathers and those men in spiritual headship that did not release us into our full identity in Christ, but instead gave us away into a life of indentured servitude.

Please disconnect us now from all enslavement, personal or generational and do not allow the enemy to come any farther with enslavement, physical or spiritual abuse. We ask this in Jesus name . Amen!


@ Copyright, Melissa Leggett, 2015

“Exist Organically” Ministry information

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I am primarily a generational deliverance prayer minister. Which explains why these prayers are posted. I use this website to send my clients to find prayers they can use as tools for more deliverance. Many wonder why the prayers need to be so long. Of course we agree that God hears our every word and we don’t have to beg, however when there is a need for inner healing and truth to be brought into a person’s situation it’s important for them to understand what their asking the Lord to do. Many of the generational sins that our families have been plagued with are hidden. It takes some digging to pull up these roots. These prayers are tools to trigger insight from the holy Spirit to provide direction for prayer, we may or may not even finish the whole thing. We do everything here, Spirit led. This is not your typical prayer ministry, this is digging into many piles of much hidden to find the root of why we may be suffering. It takes time to do this and the roots come off in layers and when God is ready to deliver, he will, all we can do is position ourselves with pure hearts to have a bigger blessing. Unfortunately we can’t always get to the roots right away. It’s still worth it to start breaking legal rights, every right you break off positions you for more freedom.