This year seems to be waking people up and making them painfully aware of the warfare centered around Halloween. More than ever, people are writing me expressing a desire to skip it and pray. I am with them and completely agree. We are seeing such a huge increase in spiritual warfare over this nation and particularly in hot spots where the Ekklesia of Christ has not risen up to legislate against it.  In many territories they have been able to take ground and hold it because the church hasn’t identified them or come against them effectively.

God’s word tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue, so it always shocks me when I hear Christians ignore the word curse and respond in a way where they say ” oh God is so much bigger” I dont “listen to that”..etc. All the while terrible things start happening right under their noses. Truth be told, most are oblivious. Another issue that shocks me is the lack of discernment. We go along thinking that suffering is just a feather in a Christians cap. It’s a normal part of Christian life, we sometimes think to ourselves. God came to give life and to give it more abundantly. We can’t be in warfare mode everyday but we may need to be there some days. Sure, warfare will come and spiritual attacks but God’s given us tools to take down the enemy and we need to do it. In many cases the witches just run a muck, unopposed because Christians ways of thinking lead us to believe that God or someone else will take care of it. Guys the Ekklesia IS the ruling council of God in the earth. When there’s powerful intercessors in a region and they’re seeking God to identify strongholds and gain strategy for pushing back, well something happens. The witches get opposed, they get challenged, their hands become tied and God’s children gain the victory.  The remnants got to push back in intercession, for that becomes us, exercising free will to forbid the witches in our territory. Silence is agreement with them.

The powers that be infiltrated religion to influence us in a way where we never realize who we are in Christ or what authority we have. Ekklesia in its full function is not just a home church, a place where fellowship happens or friends enjoy a meal. It is not just a hub of household churches still being monitored, managed, and paying their tithes to Mega churches and mega pastors. Its a place where the ruling council of God becomes the shining beacon, and City on the hill. We become the council of God in our neighborhood city gate that binds and forbids, casts down strongholds, and watch our cities be cleaned up. We become the City counsel in the towns in which we live. Its more than a church we were supposed to be. We were supposed to be the council of God that continually challenges those in witchcraft and we stand at the City gate ready to bind the enemies plans. Probably too many cities to list have not had that council in place. Many single intercessors have prayed back what they can, but the power of agreement with 2 or more gathering is so much more powerful. It’s the way God ordained.

This halloween let us consider coming into agreement with 2 or more in our own neighborhoods, to bind and forbid the darkness to succeed. Let’s create prayer councils in our neighborhoods, whether it be on the phone, zoom or in person. Let’s legislate this halloween and bring fear and the dread of the Lord to the enemies camp. We could start with a prayer something like this..

Halloween Legislative prayer and decree!

Father God,

in the name of Jesus we first of all invite you into our city on October 31st. We ask you to forgive us for not being seated correctly as your ruling council of God. Forgive us for not understanding our true call as your Ekklesia. Forgive us for allowing the high holy day for the witches and warlocks and for not exercising challenges against them in our cities.

We ask you now to infiltrate the enemies high places and bind and block all of their curses being thrown into the atmosphere by word curse, spells, incantations and rituals and blood sacrifice. We ask you to forbid their plans of kidnapping and spooking children, we ask you to forbid their disguises they have used in years past to fool innocent people. We ask you to block any and all plans to move in to my city and the surrounding areas to take ground and hold it for evil. Send the angels up to completely surround the gates of my City and run the enemy off, we ask you to release the dread of the Lord and the fear of God into the groves and fields and secret places the witches dwell. Surround them with a haunting from God himself that will make them wish they’d never set up in our City. We ask you father to block any and all spells going up to conjure up demonic help. Neutralize the earth energies they’ve called on. Forgive us for being excited about the dress up and never feeling convicted about participating in events exalting satan on his holy day. Break off all of our dependence on this tradition. In my city God I ask you to raise up powerful believers who will cast this celebration down while at the same time help us to raise up alternatives to bless our children where they won’t even miss Halloween. Release your creativity over our cities and release witty inventions, powerful creative alternatives so as to change the atmosphere around October 31st. Take back your moon cycles in October. Forbid the witches and warlocks to mess with the harvest and alter times and seasons. Lord we are here now in our position as powerful legislators for the kingdom of God and we ask you to release your army of soldiers both angelic and human to take back our cities and remove the strongholds of witches. Forgive us for thinking it was someone else’s job. We dedicate our City and all celebrations happening there, to you the Most High God and we now exercise our God given rights to command chaos and confusion into the enemies camp and to command all evil directed at those living within the city limits to go to the feet of Jesus and we put you on notice you might not want to return because the Ekklesia of Christ is awake now and have assumed their positions. We command you take with you all demonic devices, disguises and delusions with you. You must uproot yourselves and be dismantled by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Lord, please sweep clean, all the high places where satan exalted himself above you.. We thank you Lord and dedicate our City boundaries to you. Please heal our land and let us go free.

In Jesus name,


©️ copyright, 2020, Melissa Leggett