Lord Jesus, 

Our desert has been abused by those not serving you. It has been used for meaningless sacrifice and as a den of sin. Many have come to set up sorcery in years past with methamphetamine labs set up and drug houses. Satanists have even called it home. Spiritual forefathers have not been good stewards of the land you have given them, many opened the door that has haunted this land and given it over to the principalities of darkness and ungodly powers. Lord we are sorry for this evil. We repent to you for using the land in disobedience and for allowing the ley lines to become defiled and corrupted. We repent for the innocent bloodshed that’s been done here years ago. 

Lord Jesus, once we have truly repented, please take down any beings that are working to steal, kill and destroy the families living in the cajon valley, cajon pass, wrightwood, high desert, those along the 15 freeway and any other surrounding community and please remove all ungodly powers stationed on route 66 coming into the victor valley area or going out. Please remove the corrupted highways and any murderous spirits along the highways in and out of our region. Please cleanse the ley lines from the north to the south and from the eat to the west of our beloved home.

 We ask forgiveness for the greed that took place here during the California gold rush and for any murder or debauchery that went on from town to town. We also repent for any stealing of land or claiming territory for evil, rather than for God. We ask to take back this land from the enemy, especially any enemy that controls the high places. We repent for all ungodly baptisms, and dedication and for all ungodly altars that have been set up in this region. 
Lord Jesus as many ministers have come here hoping to bring true revival, it seems that many have come here also with evil agendas. Our churches have been weighted down with corrupt leaders who have been unwilling and stubborn. They have not understood true church discipline and have ruled harshly and brutally when true prophets have come bringing warning. Please open the eyes of their hearts Lord to what truly is the root of deception in our area. Father, there is a remnant of people in your churches who will not stand for this corruption anymore. We ask you to wake that remnant up to the truth so we may take these things down at the root and re build our altars on firm foundations. Please break off of our territory all false love and false humility. Lord, your church in decades past has not ruled according to the word of God but instead as twisted the truth, they have not valued your prophetic voices nor have they been willing to see the deception within your church. Lord we confess that we have even loved our livelihoods more than your people. We have been close minded and stiff necked and have looked down on some in the congregations just because of how they dress. We want to keep our relationships in some cases more than we want to be obedient and stand for righteousness. Lord, we have played God in people’s lives here instead of calling things evil when we should have. We have been willing to overlook a person’s shortcomings and the sin in their life so that we can keep having our Bible studies, camping trips, and potlucks. We have not been willing to show people their faults in private or follow Matthew 13 because it would cost us something. Those in leadership have kept the status quo by allowing this sin to continue and even running off those pointing it out.  There has been harm done to families because of the elitism that’s gone on here, please forgive us for keeping some outcasts and for raising up the criminal and the unrighteous. Please right the church. Lord we disagree with the ways of our ancestors in this region who have allowed evil, deception, wickedness, embezzling, and adultery to continue in our churches just to keep up appearances and didn’t care about the families and congregations they were hurting. They have not shepherded your people in Godly ways.  We have been deceived by symbolism and those willing to swear on the word of God just to keep partnerships, work together and gain personal recognition. Please put an end to this crisis here in the high desert. Please restore true discernment to those who are in danger by supporting evil agendas. Please allow a heart of repentance to be restored to the leaders in our region where we live and worship. Lord we also ask for mercy when the enemy has our region marked for he counterfeit. We ask for the Fear of the Lord to be returned to the body of Christ here in our region so we will no longer, willingly invite counterfeits to preach in our pulpits and our streets. Restore wisdom to the spiritual leaders here that genuinely want a move of your spirit but are not willing to preach obedience and avoid disobedient partnerships with leaders who are professing Christianity. Help us Lord to get on board very quickly with the schemes of the enemy and the plans he has to trap the desert. Lord the enemy is exposed to the remnant here already. I ask that you will be merciful and allow that remnant to grow and multiply so that we may all be able to share in your true end time harvest. We ask you to take us off any counterfeit timeline and out of any ungodly dimensions that we have been put in because of the sins done here in decades past. We ask you to break off the poverty spirit that’s plaques our community and caused some to hallways be operating in lack. We also ask forgiveness for those churches with big bank accounts who have withheld help to the needy here in our community and for those who are only willing to help if they receive donations and are not willing to use the funds you have given them to really create sustainable food shelters and pantries. Lord please wake up the high desert to the true calling to feed your sheep, not just feed them spiritually but to sow into their lives financially and to ease the burdens families have upon them. Please restore generosity and a sense of community to your church. We have been wrong in past decades Lord, please forgive us and help us to truly set up your storehouse in the way you want it to be. Help us to learn to sacrifice for the sake of others, instead of puffing ourselves up, and fattening our own wallets. Help us to truly know what it means to provide disaster relief to those in need. Lord we ask you to intervene in leaders who have no intentions of repenting. We ask for a changing of the guard in this community. We ask you to heal our land and purge your temple so that the true pure hearts can be safe in the shelter of your bride. We ask you Lord to rebuke the enemy. We repent for taking on battles you never wanted us to take on, and for closing our eyes and ears to the real problems you wanted us to address. Forgive is for lacking discernment and wisdom and for puffing ourselves up in warfare to make us look good and spiritual. Help us to humble ourselves and to get to the roots here once and for all so that no ungodly thing will take your church by surprise and so we will move toward our true destiny in this region. We ask you to be merciful and to restore Godly order to your church. In Jesus name. Amen.

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