Lord, on behalf of myself and my generational line I want to repent for those who have sworn on your word, or lied under Oath. Forgive us for raising our right hand and swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help our God, but not taking it seriously and for being a part of the right hand of falsehood spoken of in your word. We have done this even while entering your heavenly court, believing that some certain set of words or a prayer uttered all while entering into a spiritual court room would give us the freedom we are searching for without having to come to true repentance.

We have bought into lies that the church must accept everything that is being thrown at it and that we must keep our nose out of politics. Lord, this was never your intention. We have had governmental leaders set up secret practices such as the 501(c)(3) tax exempt code that’s been designed to take the churches voice away. We have wanted, desired, sacrificed, toiled, and sweat to build what we thought were ministries ordained by you but through manipulation have found ourselves tying our ministries up into a secular system by siding with the IRS. We have been manipulated into a system riddled with bad business deals and curses coming on the church because of these ungodly partnerships. We have been kept in the dark about the plans of the new world order to gain access to these ministries in order to destroy the work of the Lord. Please forgive us for opening the doors to the enemy in our ministries where you are limited by what you can do because we have “incorporated” the things of this world into them. We have given our churches and congregations over to be controlled by a principality of government rather than putting Christ as the head of the church. Please help us Lord. Help us understand and wrap our heads around this dishonest manipulation that has come to steal the churches prophetic voice and to steal it’s power. Please help us escape the enemies plot to take us down.

For those who have promised others in the body of Christ, or not, that they are followers of the Most High God, We have been representing you when we state that as a fact, yet we have not walked in humility, honesty or integrity. Lord, I want to repent for the crooked ways in which our family lines have participated in the new world order by agreeing with leaders who were or are currently walking in corruption. Not only have we tolerated Jezebel but we have also tolerated freemasonry and condoned it in the church when secrets were kept, and mockery has taken place. We have been operating in so much pride at times, that we did not believe we would ever have to pay for our sins and we kept busy pointing at other people. We have twisted the word of God in order to make us believe Jesus already paid for our sins so anything goes now. Oh Lord, we have twisted your word so badly. We have used unequal scales in judgement on others and have not been willing to judge ourselves first. Please forgive us for those who have used religion in general, as a way to manipulate others into doing what they needed or wanted us to do. For those religious laws that many churches adopted that made our church operate in a way that did not help the hurting.  I repent for the ways our families passed on to the next generation, a process which looks good to the congregation but it is NOT GOD’S best for us. Things like forcing contracts, agreements, business partnerships, and corporations with in the church body or congregation because it seemed like a good idea and it seemed like you were in it, never realizing that God did not call certain people to be in a union or partnership with us.

We have arranged marriages and have been guilty of coaxing young people into marrying someone from our own church, rather than encouraging them to wait for God to send them the right mate. We have adopted cult like behaviors thinking it was all you.  We repent for those cursing those same married couples when divorce later came to their homes. Forgive us for being judge and jury in the name of the Lord. Forgive us for leading others astray, especially the younger generations when we have taught them doctrines of demons. Also, Lord forgive us for listening to those demonic teachings. Just because someone is a Christian or is professing Christianity doesn’t mean you want us in a legal, binding contract or agreement with them. We have assumed alot in the body of Christ, instead of going to you, the source, to find out what your best for us really looks like. Many times we have operated in witchcraft by going against those you have called to perform certain functions and we have become jealous and spiteful, doing everything we could to sabotage the called. Lord, forgive us for having so many insecurities and for trying to steal annointing from others that seemed to be more glamorous than the gifts we had. Break off jealousy and witchcraft from your church.

Forgive us for worshipping the man named Pastor or Prophet because he may have a deeper knowledge of God because of his education and financial status. Please forgive us for treating our Pastors and leaders as Kings eventhough they have committed deplorable acts. We have honored what is dishonorable and we have defiled the temple. Lord your word has warned us of the leavened bread and in Leviticus 13 and 14, it speaks of mold in our clothing and in our homes and how to avoid it or rid ourselves of it, yet we have not taken your word seriously and we have allowed mold or corruption to expose the idols in the walls of our temples. Though these idols are now exposed, we have not properly disposed of them. Forgive us for hiding or allowing the idols to remain in the walls of your church and forgive us for worshipping Mammon in the name of the Lord Most High .

We have even allowed the enemy to get us to sign unholy contracts and enter into ungodly covenants exalting money rather than God. We have ignored the worship of these idols in some cases, and in other cases we have bowed ourselves to these idols. Lord, please purge the temple of all evil my family line may have brought in to your church.

Please forgive us for not wanting you and for not worshipping you in spirit and truth. Please have mercy on us and open our eyes. Don’t let my family’s name be blotted out of the Lamb’s book of life and please help our households be saved. I am no longer in agreement with this heresy and trickery of the enemy. I declare that I see the enemy now for who he really is and his truly evil, wicked agenda is exposed. Please give us strategies to come out of this religious system once and for all. I know not everyone in this system is evil. We have just been deceived and Lord, I am asking for you to intervene and give us new downloads on how to re structure your remnant so that it will be founded on the Rock, who is Jesus.

Lord, your word also tells us that there are afflictions tied to this system and we can’t truly be healed until we come out of that system. Please cover our signatures with the blood of Jesus wherever these contracts have been ungodly agreements. I ask you to cancel all religious contracts where we are still legally tied or bound to an ungodly source. Help us make an exodus from the river of affliction and please lead us to the true river of healing and miracles that you have established. We reject all counterfeit healing, all kundalini worship, snake worship, and divination. Lord, we no longer want to receive partial healing and lose it, but rather we want to walk in divine healing that you have ordained. We no longer want to take ground but never be able to hold it. We no longer are willing to sign on the dotted line, agreeing with Satan and the new world order.

Please disconnect our family line. And our churches, from all plagues in Egypt and please remove the idols from the walls and clean the temple. Please “burn up” as your word tells us, all the mold left in the temple so we will be refined and like new and there will be no defilement left.

Lord, it seems we have done what is right in our own eyes, never realizing we were never completely yielded to you and neither were our churches.

Father, we repent for the sins in the garden where even Eve was willing to trade what was God’s best for what was just good. We seem to have followed that pattern for every generation since the fall. We have been willing to go towards what looked good but never stop to ask you if this was your best for us and in some cases we just openly rejected you and your best and we have settled for less. We then became angry when those plans failed or got us in trouble.

Lord, please save this wicked generation that has abandoned godly values in order to pursue things that seem good. We are currently buying the lie in our country that abortion is a good thing, transgender leadership in churches is good and we are passing laws that encourage people to do what they want instead of passing laws that establish boundaries that protect like minded believers from being subjected to such rebellion.

Father, please remove the blinders and our passivity in the church that has led to more lawlessness in our government and our country and it has added to the passivity by tickling peoples ears with what they want to hear. It has infringed on our rights as devout Christians, to obey the word of the Lord and answer to our own convictions. Please stop this trend now and wake your church up.

Lord, forgive us for agreeing with unrighteous religious authorities when they have told us to compromise and made it sound like it was biblical to do so. Forgive us for playing God. Forgive us for taking other people’s words for things, instead of searching your word for ourselves. Forgive us also for passing judgement on those you have called to walk in purity because it’s not the normal thing to do anymore. Please forgive us for wanting to abolish laws that protect the unborn and traditional marriage, all the while going to church to make us feel important and to make us feel better about ourselves. We have settled for religion rather than desiring you our Most High God. We have abandoned our first love and gone on with no respect for our own spiritual future. We have not cared about eternity but rather lived in the moment and done what “Feels good” all the while putting your name on it as being ok with what we’ve been doing. We put on a show, pretending to be serving the Lord all the while we were really walking in witchcraft and divination. We have also pretended to heal people just because now we accept them all. I confess that we have not restored people if we have not walked in truth and, for that, there could be a huge penalty. please forgive us. Forgive us for taking advantage of Christians with convictions, lying in business, cheating in real estate, taxes, and marriage, for taking vows and not living up to it, and for not allowing the Holy Spirit to bring conviction. We feel good about ourselves as long as we donate on Sunday or give to an animal shelter but never feel led to give to our neighbor. Our hearts have been to get what we can, when we can, while we’re here, no matter what the cost may be to others and we have adopted a credit and poverty mentality where we are willing to defer the payments on to those we decide will be sacrificed in order to keep our lifestyles protected. All the while we have partaken of these sins we go to the cute little church on the corner or the big mega church in town for an hour a week and dust ourselves off of any guilt. We get up on Monday morning and start all over again. Lord, please have mercy on us, even though we have been so deceived in our religious pursuits. We have totally rejected the principles you wanted to establish your church with and we have traded a firm foundation for a sinking sands outcome in our churches today.

Lord, we have lied under Oath and have committed perjury in your courts when we have entered them with an alterior motive. We have not been thankful or counted the many blessings we already have been given but instead we have cried out for more. Lord, forgive us for pursuing a lifestyle that makes us happy instead of pursuing a lifestyle that’s pleasing to you. I don’t want any part of that evil and I am asking today that you will separate my bloodline from the lust of the world and the lust of the flesh, the church may currently be caught up in.

We want to come out of this civil entity that seeks to look good but is not operating in a way that is pleasing to you. This counterfeit body of Christ that’s operating out of the right hand of falsehood. We reject the powerless church, the godless church, and the lawlessness some are seeking. We reject the laws of Satan that are trying to be pushed on hose of us worshipping you in Spirit and in Truth. We confess that not all things that look good are good for us and not all things that look good are GOD. Please help us discern the difference.

Father, I ask you to be seated on your throne, over my family bloodline and that you will cancel every access point I’ve allowed my enemy to use to get to us and breed sickness and curses, both in my family line and in the churches we have attended. I ask this today in your heavenly courts in Jesus name. Amen.


©️ copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett