2 Chronicles 7:14

Lord Jesus,

We, the people of the Body of Christ within the United States of America, thank you for your grace and mercy, we thank you for the protection that’s been on our country and for all the exposing that is taking place right now,  thank you for our land, we thank you for preserving our freedoms up to this point, we declare your Sovereignty over this country, we thank you for the many blessings we have enjoyed,  but Lord in this season these very things mentioned are in danger. We are calling on you most high God to intervene in the upcoming elections in 2016. We are asking you to intervene not only in the Presidential election but in Cities and States as well. Lord, we are all representatives of many geographical locations here. Please hear our cries to be set free in this coming November election.

Father, we first would like to repent for the slavery and racism in this country. We repent for allowing this slavery and racism to go on, and for taking the bait when satan sends it, to provoke people in this country to murder and innocent bloodshed. Forgive us for taking and giving bribes to manipulate laws and leaders. Forgive us for being offended so easily that we can’t hear or discern what the spirit of the living God is saying. Forgive us for not valuing life and for allowing hatred to breed here.  We ask for courage and wisdom Lord, to turn this all around. Father forgive us for allowing racial slurs to drive us to anger, instead of recognizing it as immaturity in our country, forgive us for siding with evil when it’s wanted us to rebel against authority and forgive us for the disrespect many have had in our country towards the men and women in law enforcement. Lord, on the same note forgive us for allowing our law enforcement to go too far, forgive us for allowing laws that do not protect the citizens and the officers and forgive us for not enforcing the consequences for abusing authority as well as rebelling against it. Please restore honor to the authority figures in our nation and please protect them. Lord, our prayer is that you would expose every evil trap the enemy is setting in our nation to shed innocent blood, from terror attacks, to arson, to any other murder, martying or assassination attempt. Lord, forgive us for not coming together in unity and discernment to pray that would put an end to this sabotage. Lord the body of Christ no longer agrees with this evil and the one controlling and driving it. We ask you to establish your justice and give the church it’s backbone again to stand for Righteousness.
Forgive us Lord for ignoring the Bible or for interpreting it in ways that suit us personally instead of reading it in the context you made it. Forgive us for removing biblical influences from the government Lord. We confess this is not a wise decision and comes from a place of rebellion. Lord we are still in agreement that this country was founded on biblical principles and your church in America still wants that. Help us to put you and the word of God back where it belongs in leadership.
Lord, we also ask for guidance in the coming months. We ask for supernatural eyesight to help us choose wisely. Not always do you choose believers to lead, and many fear choosing the wrong leader. Your word tells us that you look on the heart while we judge the outward appearance.  Lord we agree that you’re God and can do anything you want. We pray for Hillary Clinton’s salvation Lord but we ask for mercy that she not be allowed to gain power in this season. Weaken the enticement towards her, weaken the tendency for lawlessness that stirs up those around her. Allow America to see and discern that this is not a good choice for America. Father we repent for allowing ungodly leaders to make laws in the Whitehouse and we repent for thinking elections are no big deal. We repent for not standing watch over our nation, for turning our eyes the other way and for political correctness. We ask you to cleanse the seat of President from all inaction, rebellion, and corruption. We ask for your protection on Donald Trump even more in the next few months, that our country would line up with what you want this next time around and that we would rally around the prophets you’re using to bring your plans to pass. Lord, we have been silent for too long, we have ignored and abused your prophets, when they have been sent to help, please help us to discern correctly. Please do not allow logic without discernment in the important matters of our country. Father God, we don’t want business as usual this next season. We ask you to mix things up for your glory. Lord we love you and truly want what you want but the eyes of the church are not yet completely open. Please father transform our places of worship into places of obedience, where we all hear the word and do it. Help us stand up and take our freedoms back and our places as watchmen on the wall. Religion won’t work this time Lord we need new, fresh, wisdom and Lord please restore the fear of the Lord in this country.

We repent for being of a pharisseacal mind at times, for dressing the part and looking good on the outside but inside being vile, gossipers, and workers of iniquity. We repent for being a part of the silenced church. Lord break this code of silence that’s come on the church. Lord we don’t agree with this evil and we are making a stand for Righteousness in our cities, states and nation. We the people of the body or Christ declare the works of the Lord in this next election. We repent for falling into any trap set by the enemy to cause our home to house the whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation 18. We repent for mixing light and darkness and for not standing up for your causes and falling for anything. Help our country, oh God. Help us turn to your principles again in our everyday lives. Forgive us for following the angel of light when we may have let our guards down instead of allowing you to be the light unto our path. We repent for anytime America opened a door to housing ungodly fallen powers or principalities or ungodly principles.  We repent for allowing them to influence humanity in our country. We repent specifically for having any part of the whore of Babylon and for taking part in her luxuries or being drunk with the wine of her adulteries. We repent for mixing religion with commerce and for abandoning your truth in the midst because the financial reward was too great. Forgive us Lord for bringing the occult into your house by taking bribes at the gates. Please forgive us for opening borders to those serving satan with a desire to martyr your children. Your word states that you establish the borders Lord. Please station your army of protection at our borders in all directions. Father in the spirit, please seal our borders with the blood of Jesus! Lord we don’t want to a part of that kingdom in America. We ask you to close those doors wherever they were opened by ancestors, Presidents, government or church leadership. Father, please  seal those doors and separate the holy from the profane in this country. We repent for anytime we voted without wisdom or we just didn’t vote at all because we were undecided. Please restore wisdom and discernment back to this country. We ask you to separate your bride from the rulers that are operating in the enemies camp and wish to destroy America and all believers, as well as our freedoms. We ask that you would allow us to take back any freedoms the enemy did steal because your church was distracted by Babylon’s luxuries and the pursuit of happiness. Lord, we are no longer ignorant of the enemies devices in this country. We declare whatsoever things are true, pure, lovely and of good report. We ask you to remove doom and gloom and hopelessness from your church. Help them to know repentance is the key to hopefulness and change. We, as your children, have more power in unity but Lord you also came to separate. Help us know which flock we’re in and what team were on. Not all that is good in the earth is God. Help us know the camp that is God. Without doubt or confusion, help us choose single mindedness in this day and hour. Help us have nothing to do with fruitless deeds of darkness and help us know it’s biblical to expose them. Break off of America the targets the enemy has on us to take us down. Lord Jesus we are not a weak nation. We may have weak areas but we declare in our weakness you are strong!!

Lord, Revelation 18 speaks of the destruction in one hour, of the whore of Babylon. It speaks of the guilt she has because of the innocent bloodshed, in fact it says all who have been murdered in the earth are because of her, it speaks of the call for your apostles and prophets to rejoice in her destruction because she has been guilty of murdering God’s holy people. Oh Lord, some of our church history says we have done this. We have spoken ill towards your prophetic voices in this country, we have outcasted them and silenced them. We have not wanted to be under correction and we have made your prophets a prey. We ask for your forgiveness, they never deserved this treatment Lord. We are not ignorant of the enemies devices and we need to cease from this act. Lord, please call back the outcasts, please call back those in seclusion and please deal with our hearts in welcoming them into the flock for this hour. We will no longer play into the whore of Babylon agenda to silence those who oppose it. Father God, please restore your missionaries, your doorkeepers, your intercessors, your babies, your birth moms, fathers, your doctor’s, lawyers, pastors, evangelists, teachers and the ministry of your apostles and prophets. Please also forgive the merchants in our families and nation for  the greed and total disregard for your call to first love one another. Lord Jesus we want your harvest but we’re ignorant and arrogant to think it will come without first restoring the outcast. Along with this we ask you to put an end to abortion. We repent for making sacrifices to Molech and for killing your innocent babies and your creation. Forgive us for challenging you. We repent for any alliance our leaders have had with Ba’al anf we declare that you are the only one true God. We ask you to abort the plans of the enemy and to release a spirit of adoption in this country. We ask you to cut the umbilical cord of destruction and death that’s been set up in our country to keep breeding the enemies offspring. We ask you to serve the enemy with an eviction notice from any seat he’s been on inside America. The body of Christ has spoken and we ask for this to be a new declaration of Independence from the Luceferian reign we’ve been under in our country. Forgive us for ever being a part of this agenda to begin with.

Oh God bless America again. The land that we love. Stand beside and guide her in the night with the light from above. From the mountains to the prairies and from sea to shining sea, all the oceans white with foam. God bless America this place we call home!!


In Jesus name,


©️ copyright,  2016. MELISSA Leggett