Lord Jesus,

First of all thank you for exposing evil so we may be able to make better decisions. No matter how ugly it has gotten I confess we were not hearing it until you exposed it. Forgive us for not knowing how powerful we could be if we came together, not as individuals but as a nation. Forgive us for operating in small mindsets, and for not realizing there’s more that are for you than are against. I praise you for my brothers and sisters who help usher in a righteous leader. Pleas forgive us for ever laying down our swords and for letting the occult set up shop in American government. Forgive us for exalting their positions instead of demanding righteous leaders, forgive us also for falling for their mesmerizing spirit. Lord please do not allow this to go on anymore.

Forgive us for turning a blind eye to minor indiscretions instead of demanding the best, forgive us for letting our guard down in voting season and for them complaining about the outcome. Lord, some have co mingled the seed of satan with the seed of man through demonic events, some if them have even called on demonic to make them famous, forgive us for paying to look up to them. Lord this is disgraceful. Please help us be disgusted by that activity. Lord, we have been weak and have had a false idea of what love is. We don’t have to give everyone everything they want in order to communicate love. it is ok to expectore out of them and to preach truth in love whether they like it or not. We have taken too many beibes in this country and really we deserve your wrath. Thank you for your mercy and grace but teach us how to live according to your word and to bring correction when it’s necessary. Forgive us Lord for Dearing jezebel and for giving her a platform. We reject her now. Please remove hee thrones and helpers from oue nation. Help those that are protesting this move of God in our nation to settle down and come into agreement. Please help them find their way to you, or at the very least help them submit to the soul of the nation and the governing authorities. We want to be a city on a hill, a kingdom established with Godly principles and most importantly we so want to rule and reign with you as the governing King!! Please forgive us for making excuses for those in sin, and for not going to them to show them their faults, forgive us also for nor being willing to go through correction. We have been offended easily and some of us have been so heavenly minded we’ve been no earthly good. We have believed we should be happy always and focused on the good when that’s not living in truth. We need to take the gloves off and get in the mud with others and battle for truth. We need to quit being focused on fluffy church sermons that make us feel good and we need to quit idolizing the spirit, the Bible, and the church. We need to worship you in spirit and in truth. Lord we confess that we may have been laboring all these years in vain by nor being spirit led and I stead throwing the book at fellow Christians and ignoring the works of the spirit. We may even be guilty of divination by taking advantage of those in your kingdom with gifts and talents we may want. Forgive us Lord.

Help us to eliminate blood sacrifices in America. Help us stand up to those who are performing those sacrifices whether it be in spirit cooking rituals, communions with demons or abortions. Lord we don’t want to be labeled a pagan nation. We don’t want your hand to be lifted from us and we want to right this ship now, not just for us now but for generations to come. Forgive us for allowing them to go against our Constitution article 1 section 9 where our forefathers put in a clasue that stated no politician or their spouse was allowed to take money from foreign countries, they didn’t want foreign countries ro be able to influence our government. Please God break this curse off of us, in your name. We ask you to enforce the constitution and bring your justice to those who have defied it. Forgive us for tolerating such corrupt government and for giving them right to impoverish the people of our nation by hoarding finances and setting up fake foundations to collect more, forgive us for worshipping mammon and baal, forgive us for allowing the corrupt to rule very important high offices here in our country. Lord please cancel all the consequences and all the affects of allowing this occultic activity in our government. Lord, let this be written and covered in the blood of Jesus, it’s the only blood sacrifice this country accepts.

In Jesus mighty wonderful name,


©️ copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett