Dating and mating weirdness???

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Ephesians 5:11 tells us “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

2 Corinthians 6:14 says

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

I give credit where credit is due first to the father and his Holy  Trinity and second to Caleb  Peterson for his amazing in detail description of mirrors. As time goes on I hope to add his insight into more discussions. Thank you Caleb. This prayer is a combined effort between him and I.

If you have an understanding of generational curses, and you were around when the first portion of this revelation was discovered back in 2010, then you will probably get excited at the thoughts of breaking this off. Throughout my years in prayer ministry this spirit has shown up. At times, I haven’t even been able to discern him because he’s slick in changing his appearance.  I’ve seen it many times and it shapeshifts into anything it can, to look familiar and “fool” you. He’s designed to get us to trade off inheritance from God and it’s nasty in the way he succeeds in doing this. Based on this revelation I believe now, his job has always been to hide the truth, and righteousness and weave the occult into the fabric of Christian realms. He exists only on the ungodly trading  floor. If he’s working in your life or you have seen him,then it’s pretty safe to say you’re there with him on the trading floor. This trading floor is not where you belong at all.  Secrets and lies are the gates to that floor. Any secret you may be protecting in your life or someone else’s may be the very thing thats giving the jester access to you or your bloodlines. It’s not just secrecy, but covering up the truth. Let that sink in. Christians are forever in the habit of offering up opinions or taking sides without even consulting the Lord. Discernment is lacking in many key areas. In order to truly find freedom from him one must get honest and expose the lies and secrets operating in your midst. Jealousy and gossip would also be gateways to the realms  of the jester. In most cases, any sin can be a gateway to his realms but these two come to mind with examples. These two  particular shortcomings drive us to trade with the jester the person we are jealous of or gossiping about. It isn’t fair to that person and it’s not or shouldn’t  be acceptable  Christian  behavior anymore.  We have to stand up and establish God’s governmental authority in the earth. God’s even destroying secrets, myths and lies in our government these days to back up what I’m saying. You can well see it happening just when you turn on the news. He’s calling for transparency right now, globally. He’s orchestrating this by using Donald Trump, yet so many people are dead set against supporting him. The amount of hatred stacked up against him and his family is worse than ever and yet God has decided to remove America from the trading floor of the jester. He is delivering America for a much bigger task. Christians around the globe can’t see it or discern it. I wonder if it’s because their caught in the jesters hall of mirrors. If we have so much compromise in our lives how can we be sure that we have even discerned correctly? We enter into a presence when we’re worshipping or praying but if that presence is clouded by unrighteousness in our lives and we don’t repent first how can we ever expect to see Jesus face to face? It won’t happen. 1 Corinthians 13:12 says ” For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. You can’t have access to the father except through the son, that scripture and this fact tell me that by the jester hiding the righteous path from many of us and hiding Jesus that he’s keeping it from us for a reason. Hyper grace isn’t going to work in this next season. Watch our President. What’s he doing in nearly every setting? He’s holding people accountable and it goes both ways. God’s directing him because for too long we’ve allowed ridiculousness to go on. I feel like it’s safe to say here ” your GRACE period is over!” Knock it off. It’s a call to righteousness. If you would like to be considered the remnant than the righteous path is the only way.

 Cleansing bloodlines opens the door to so much freedom for people. I’m a walking testimony of that but, making changes towards righteousness in your life is the only way to get out of that hall of mirrors and off the trading floor. Jesus already paid the price for our sin but unless we truly believe that and show it in our actions we’re still pawns on the jesters chess board.  Lies, secrets, jealousy, gossip, character assasination of others are gateways to the jester’s quarters. If you can’t pinpoint where these shortcomings are and you truly want to be in the remnant then one must “search the matter out” with the Holy Spirit.  Our bloodlines have done things deliberately some of the time and other times the been bamboozled, manipulated and coaxed to side with the enemy and they don’t even know it.

When we find ourselves seeking deliverance and we are stuck somewhere and can’t move forward it’s usually because we got hung up somewhere in the hall of mirrors. Maybe the mirror is shattered as Caleb Peterson has discerned. This shattering then becomes a fractal, a geometrical shape maybe, something looking dimensional almost like a paper weight. With this revelation that tells me your stuck in the hall of mirrors and he’s using you as a pawn. You can’t get out, your lost in there. Jesus will come find you but you won’t have true access to the father if you reject him. These places are set up to have you confused about who you are. You’re going to have to have the Holy Spirits leading to get you out of there, but you will also have to declare war on unrighteous behavior, attitudes and actions. There’s so much to this, I will release more as we go on.

This prayer needs to be prayed through with leading of the holy Spirit to guide you into any other truths to go with it.

It is also very important to note that the court jester is directly affiliated with Freemasonry. It goes hand in hand. It also pairs up close to sexual exploitation, inappropriate touch and incest as most of you know when it was first released back in 2010. Any inappropriate nurturing relationships in which we yielded our decision making to another human being that was motivated to assist us, that had evil intentions or benefits from assisting us. This could be a teacher, a pastor, a janitor. It’s not just parents. This inappropriate nurturing relationship can leave marks on people for years to come and cloud the views of themselves, others, or God. There is wisdom in a multitude  of counselors but if these counselors we go to do not have the truth, and you follow them, well,  your exchanging the truth  for a lie. This spirits intention is to hide what Jesus would do or say to you or about you.  The more dangerous agenda is to keep you from accessing Jesus to get to God. Then it will go after your free will and manipulate you into blaming God for the outcome. This can be very prevalent in satanic ritual abuse. They use Jesus against their victims in order to scatter them into other dimensions. It’s a very deep wound they cause.  It shatters the perception of our identity.  This is to hinder or hijack your gifts and talents. He thinks it’s a laughing matter but in this case it’s no joke.

There’s also been more revelation in great detail on the mirrors and how they are dimensional access points in our lines. They are connected to the confusion and chaos I spoke of in early 2010 when the Lord showed me the mirrors connected to the jester. My good friend and fellow prayer minister Caleb Peterson had been given great detail of this revelation which will be scattered throughout this article and prayer. We are trying desperately to compose it and get it out to clients but revelation is coming so fast we have to keep adding to it. Please bare with us as we release this revelation. We believe it will bring a much better understanding to people in the days to come.

I sometimes get revelation thats hard to articulate. I just try my best. In this case the court jester is a mocking spirit that seeks to devour the believer or the future believer. He knows our futures, he knows our gifts and he wants them. He seeks to breed insanity and seeks to put you in cycles that are difficult to get out of. It’s important to remember though that with God all things are possible. On that note let’s begin:


I repent for and I renounce all unrighteous deals and trades that I or my ancestors have made with the enemy, with any unrighteous being, or with any human being that we were never supposed to make.
I repent for all those who participated in any rituals to call forth the Court Jester in order that they might make a deal, or trade and exchange things that God had given them.

I repent for all those who traded the following with the Court Jester;

~ The Fear of God for the fear of man

~ Wisdom for foolishness and folly

~ Discernment for numbness and insensibility

~ Understanding for ignorance and indifference

~ Knowledge for unbelief and stupidity

~ Common sense for adsurdity and tom-foolery

~ Righteous violence for passivity

~ The Truth for lies and falsehoods

~ Any of our giftings and anointings for other skills that we desired

~ The giftings and anointings of future generations for instant gratification
I repent for all those who performed or participated in any rituals of sacrifice that were carried out in order to trade that life for something else.

I repent for and I renounce all ritual sacrifices that were performed to and for the Court Jester.
I repent and I renounce on behalf of myself and my generational line for anytime that we traded, dealt, or sold the Truth to the Court Jester in exchange for lies, falsehoods, myths, and fictions.

Lord, forgive us for not listening to you when You told us to buy the truth and never sell it.
I repent for all those who allowed the Court Jester to be there shepherd and rejected the Holy Godhead.

Father God, I acknowledge that my generational line and I have in certain ways engaged in behavior that rejected Jesus.

I confess that at times we may have been manipulated by unrighteous forces to do so, and at times we deliberately operated in this destructive behavior.

Lord, have mercy on us, forgive us for this unrighteous conduct.

Lord, I acknowledge that at times, it’s been hard to govern myself. To operate in self-control and not to enter into allowing my mouth to run wild, cursing others or myself.

Father, please forgive me for not bridling my mouth and for allowing my venomous tongue to spew forth unrighteousness.

Lord, I acknowledge that I haven’t always been able to see the goodness of Father God, because I haven’t gone through the proper channels by going through the Son of God. For You said in Your word that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, that no one goes to the Father, but through Him.

Forgive us for anytime that we attempted to circumvent Jesus and go straight to the Father ourselves.
I repent for all those who came into alignment with the lies and falsehoods of the Court Jester.

I repent for all those who spread falsehoods, and spun webs of lies that were created to birth forth or reinforce secrets in order to conceal Jesus’ heart from humanity.

I repent for coming into alignment with Freemasonry, whether we did it knowingly or unknowingly, in order to create the appearance of godliness but not to the heart extent where we would acknowledge the power of the blood of Jesus to overcome sin.

I repent for all those who were content to live lives of fake purity, and live in the appearance of godliness but never truly digging deep to remove the roots of the enemy in our lives and live out a life of holiness.

I repent for all those who did not want to do the work it would take to live in true purity, and therefore lived a life of rules and wore a mask of godliness when in truth their hearts were black as night.

I repent for becoming indoctrinated by any secrets, or occultic practices and for all programming that have been done in my bloodline through these sins.
I repent for refusing to search out a matter, as a son or daughter of the Most High, but instead we used a mediator between us and God.

I repent for believing the word of others as truth, instead of searching it out in scripture to find out if it was truth or a falsehood.

I repent for always going to man for advice, whether I was supposed to or not.

I repent for not coming to You God, for advice in life, love, and everything else pertaining to my life.

Lord, forgive us for assuming that our five fold ministry pastors and leaders were hearing from you, correctly, and for trusting their discernment above our own, therefore we were not responsible for the outcome.

Lord, forgive us for not seeking to please You in all that we do, in every single aspect of our lives.
I repent on behalf of myself and my generational line for choosing a mediator to be between us and God, instead of coming to You directly for guidance, support, strength, and counsel.

I repent on behalf of myself and my generational line for putting man in the position of high priest and for any time we surrendered our discernment to that priest, relying sole on his discernment, instead of practicing to strengthen our own.

I repent for anytime that we trusted in man’s word more than that of the Holy Spirit.

I repent for believing in scientific or intellectual minds and their capacity for greatness, so much so that we left out the leading of the Holy Spirit completely and instead settled for intellectual advice and guidance.

I repent for placing man as a mediator between myself and God.

I repent for any time that I wanted or desired to be a mediator between someone else and God.

Lord, forgive me.
I repent for allowing the mesmerizing spirit to “fool” me at times to the extent of being scattered off into different realms and dimensions through mirrors that were set in place to cloud my judgement, my identity, as well as putting a stumbling block before me, causing me to wander from the righteous path that You designed for me.

I repent for being gullible and naive to the wiles of the devil and for allowing myself to be mesmerized by words dripping with honey but were in fact defiled and corrupt.

I repent for allowing this mesmerization to cause me to elevate man to a high place of esteem above You Lord.
Lord, Your word clearly states that You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that none come to You unless its through the Son.

Father, You sent Your Son for so many reasons, more than just to die in our place.

You sent Him to teach parables and to preach the living, breathing word.

Lord, forgive us for any time that we denied Jesus, especially when we adopted the Word of God just so that we would have a standard to live by, and a book of rules to throw at people when they came into disobedience.

Lord, forgive us for not living out Your word, and establishing it on earth.

Lord, forgive us for not becoming Your living word on earth.
I repent for anytime that we did not ask for wisdom and discernment, and for any time that we sided with the Court Jester in any way.

I repent for any time we frolicked around in foolishness, and used others as pawns to make ourselves look good.

I repent for shaking hands with fools and for operating in destruction, building our empire by tearing others down and standing on their fallen remains.

I repent for all generational mockery in all its forms.
I repent for operating in pride, and being so puffed up I thought I was righteous and never ever admitted my own faults.

I repent for and I renounce all self-righteousness.

I repent for all tom-foolery and for engaging in acts that put others on the chopping block or the altar of sacrifice.

I repent for sacrificing others in order to get ahead in my own life.

I repent for any time that I threw my friends, family, or complete strangers under the bus in order that I might advance.

I repent for refusing to be our brother’s keeper and instead we murdered our own flesh and blood or assassinate their character in order to make us look better.

I repent for wanting so bad to build our empire and climb the ladder of success that we surrounded ourselves with people who seemed successful and godly, only to realize that we were in the presence of fools.
I repent for engaging in unspeakable acts and in sadistic behavior.

I repent for finding pleasure in the pain of others.

I repent for engaging in any activities that made the King of Darkness laugh with glee.

I repent for operating in any spirit, or engaging in any activity that delighted the enemy.

Lord, please forgives us for these things.
I repent for fighting to enter into the kingdom of darkness, rather than warring to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.
I repent for being too weak or too scared to stand up for my beliefs and for being too ignorant to put a stop to all “Tom-Foolery” operating in my life or the life of those around me.
I repent for and I renounce for generational hypocrisy.

I repent for not getting the plank out of my own eye, before I point out the speck in another’s eye.

I repent for operating in a holier than thou attitude.

I repent for all those that confessed to claim Christ but He was far from them.

Lord, I ask that I would not be found in that group of hypocrites, help me not to be in the group that hears, “Depart from Me, I never knew you”.
I repent for coming into union or partnership with those operating in falsehood.

I repent for allowing the right hand of evil to distract me from what is going on in the left.

I repent for not holding onto my righteous standards, and holding them higher than that of our culture.

I repent for conforming to the things and actions of this world, instead of conforming to You and Your plan for my life.
I repent for allowing the Court Jester to side-track me and get me going down paths I was never meant to trod.

Lord, please destroy these counterfeit paths that the Jester was allowed to get me on through lies and manipulation.

Lord, forgive us for allowing ourselves to be led down these unrighteous paths.

Lord, forgive us for giving up the right to come before You, fellowshipping with You face to face.

Forgive us for thinking we could by ourselves, without your on, we  could build a gateway to God and gain access to the blessings of the father. Forgive us for being so arrogant at times we believed we could behold you face to face with unrighteousness in our lives. I confess that you gave us freewill but in some cases we surrendered that will to the advice of the man made mediator between us and God. Lord please break off this tendency to surrender our freewill through manipulation and control. I choose now to act as a son or daughter refusing to against my father’s precepts. Forgive us for acting as cowards. Cause us to operate in boldness that we might come boldly before Your throne, and spend time with You without a mediator between us.

I repent for all generational counterfeit evangelism that targets our giftings and anointings and for all the times we mocked or made fun of others expressions towards you. We have played God in many lives at times. Please forgive us for putting others or rather dragging others to the trading floor with us because misery loves company. Forgive us specifically for using evangelism in an ungodly way to recruit people away from righteousness and onto the trading floor. Lord, forgive us for anytime that we operated in this false evangelism or allowed it to operate in our midst.

I repent for not acknowledging and recognizing Your governmental authority and processes in which there are certain requirements in order that we might coming into the mantle and position of Sons of God.

I repent for not respecting Jesus and His position as the Son of God.

I repent for any time we mocked Jesus and made a mockery of His ways and teachings, as well as twisting His teachings in order to justify our foolish and futile ways.

I repent for allowing the “Fool to Rule”.

I repent for giving up our position of ruling and reigning to the Court Jester.

I repent for giving the “fool” our throne, that God destined us to rule upon.

I repent for rejecting Sonship and taking up the slavery instead.

Lord, please restore unto me all that was stolen or given to the Court Jester.

Lord, restore unto me the mantle and position of Sonship that I gave away, and cause me to walk it out in my life.

Lord, please come as the Lion of Judah and remove the Fool, The Court Jester who stands and sits in the high places where only Jesus and us as Sons of God should be seated.

Lord, I ask that You would remove him from any high place of authority over me and my generational line, whether its over my bloodline, my being, my home, my sphere of influence, and anywhere else he has been allowed to be.

Lord, remove him from these high places and thrones and place Jesus there instead.

And Lord, cause us to take our rightful place on any thrones that You have destined us to sit and rule from.

Lord, disconnect me from the “Fool, the Court Jester” and from his distorted, despicable hall of mirrors in which none can see clearly. Please remove me from trading floor all together. I declare that I do not belong there as Jesus already paid the price for my sin in full.

Cleanse our eyes from all defilement that came from staring into these mirrors.

Lord, please bring me, my generational line, my giftings and anointings, and my talents into complete purity and into complete Sonship with You.

Lord, I ask that You would cancel and make null and void all related curses, unholy unions, and timelines.

Lord, please break off all curses, defilement, and contamination that came from existing in and building in the kingdom of falsehood.

I decree and declare that I am no longer willing to shake hands with the Court Jester, or make deals and enter into partnerships with those operating in the right hand of falsehood, nor am I willing to make trades or deals with him.

I declare that from this point forward I will only makes deals and trades with the Holy Trinity, and only with those God directly tells me too.

Lord Jesus, I declare that You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one came to the Father accept through the Son.

Father I choose to be a Son of God, cause me to operate in this amazing mantle.

Father I choose to walk with You in true Sonship.


©️copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett