Revised 3/21

“The prayer to release one from the curse of Indentured Servitude and to be separated from the Sins of the Forefathers and Ungodly Spiritual Headship”

Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line, I would like to stand in and acknowledge the sins of our forefathers signing away our family lines through the banking system. I’d like to repent for their manipulation of land ownership and for stealing the land and in some cases charging exorbitant interest, and never really letting our bloodline own the land free and clear. Forgive us for those who went into banking system in order to rule the world and operated with that mentality, to enslave all of humanity within every nation. Forgive us for making the Pope our God, or other men who stepped in and were worshipped as a god by our family line. I declare this stops today and that there is no need for any other mediator in my spiritual walk beside the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Forgive us for signing promissory notes, grant deeds, mortgages, and other documents with illuminati families on them and for being united with them in our finances and banking. Please restore the fortunes of your people to what you want us to have. I confess this behavior made us indentured servants, obligated to fulfill those notes and deeds til the  day we die and in some cases on to any future generations we may think we left an inheritance to. Forgive us and break this curse of indentured servitude off of us , our bloodlines, spouses, children, future generations and land. We also repent for not knowing the Pope in Rome and others believed and acted in word and deed to own all people everywhere, in every nation from 1213 and beyond starting with the treaty of Verona. It gave the church the right to steal land if our tithes didn’t meet their standards. Lord, we are guilty of giving up our freedom willingly and it has cost the families in America and abroad, their inheritance. Forgive us Lord for not crying out sooner for you to heal our land. Forgive us for not seeking you about land, and inheritance, banking, finance and religion. Lord its becoming more evident that we have not been truly free but rather in some kind of contractural obligation to Lucifer, maybe without our families knowledge. I confess that as a representative of my bloodline and their ignorance, I am no longer willing to be an indentured servant. Lord, please create a way out of this toxic relationship we are stuck in that’s empowering Lucifers plan to rule the world. I decree and declare l I wish to go free, see my family go free and the land and inheritance you have for us to be released now in the name of Yahweh. Our bloodline was wrong to sell off future generations by entering into agreements with maritime admiralty law, the law of the occult and the law of water. Please transfer all deeds, mortgages, birth records, marriage records, death records, social security numbers, drivers license, and all land documents, trusts, or other legal descriptions the enemy created, back under the Lordship Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the one who died for these sins and unholy alliances and I now wish to worship him in words and deeds.

Lord, forgive us for marrying the Egyptians and becoming “One” with their gods, and goddesses. We are sorry for allowing your sons and daughters to be “dethroned” in order to protect ourselves and the lifestyles we have worshipped. We repent for the sin of any of our ancestors that willing chose indentured servitude instead of ruling and reigning with you as the judge and most high God. We repent for satanic ritual sacrifices in which our family line agreed with an Ungodly powers’ decision to sacrifice your Sons and Daughters for their personal gain. Forgive us Lord for shedding innocent blood and for coming into agreement with the Fallen Sons of God and entering into hatred, unforgiveness, selfishness and Greed. We repent for agreeing with fallen sons of God that have been trying to dethrone the “Revealed sons of God” from day one. Forgive us for being mesmerized by this hatred and ungodly agenda to suck the life out of your children. Forgive us for calling Good, Evil and Evil, Good. Lord, if it isn’t too late we ask you to heal our land. Bring healing to our bodies, cures for sickness and disease and give your children a chance to rise up and become the Son or Daughter you created them to be.
Please forgive our family for rejecting you as their King and for choosing man to be King. Lord, we want you to be our King. Please break the consequences of this Evil and dethrone all Ungodly headship that has been empowered because of our sin. We do not want to be in agreement with any Anti-Christ agenda because we have been deceived, nor do I want to be in an oath or covenant that protects the religious order no matter what. I renounce all obligations the church has put on humanity and I also renounce the crimes it has committed against humanity.  Please cleanse my bloodline, my mind, my will, and my emotions from all beliefs that honor what dishonrable just to please the society or religion I grew up in. Please bring your Kingdom to Earth and help us to partner with you to see your plans and purposes accomplished within your Ekklesia. May you have mercy upon us and help us to return to you as the Spiritual Head of the Ekklesia and the Home.

Father, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for the sins of our forefathers and those men in spiritual headship that did not release us into our full identity in Christ, but instead gave us away into a life of indentured servitude.

Please disconnect us now from all banking families, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Reynolds, COLLINS, Plantagenets, Soros, Gates, Clintons, Bush’s and Obama’s, and any other illuminati families, the Vatican bank, all Popes from beginning of time, their treaties, trusts, financial institutions, non profits, corporations, loans, mortgages or other defiled money schemes and financial documents. Please remove all enslavement, personal or generational and do not allow the enemy to come any farther with this enslavement, physical or spiritual abuse or financial ruin. We ask this in Jesus name . Amen!


@ Copyright, 2015, Melissa Leggett