Father on behalf of myself and my family line I acknowledge the sin of living in a “fallen world”. I admit we have taken advice from the fallen world and made decisions based on the laws of the “fallen land”. Lord, forgive us for the sin of following these lies and for allowing Satan to rotate the truth 33°. I confess that sometimes it’s rotated just enough to still seem Godly. Forgive us for not searching matters out to know your true heart for us. Forgive us for listening to the sounds, words, songs, and doctrines of Satan and for not correctly repenting for our bloodline sin. Forgive us for not drinking from the river of life and for not thinking for ourselves more than we do. Forgive us for finding, and asking a “fallen man” to be our mediator instead of searching, praying, and seeking our own discernment and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Forgive us for choosing the river on the left so we don’t have to get sin out of our lives but we can still survive or at least have a sense of surviving, when all along you hoped we would thrive. Forgive us for wandering and straying too far from the truth. Forgive us also for wounding your heart when we denied life to the innocent or kept children away from Jesus. Forgive us for looking for a way to stay in our sin and still have our needs met by charitable organizations instead of turning to you. Lord, forgive us also for being enablers to those in sin by creating charitable organizations where we advertised, publicly how good we are instead of helping them in secret like your word says. Forgive us for creating counterfeit mercy and interfering with your desire for obedience. Forgive us for playing God in our lives and the lives of others. Forgive us for making evil deals in secret, where we’ve been decieved thinking you don’t see what’s been done when clearly your word says you see in secret. Father, forgive us for offering temporary solutions to those in need instead of putting an effort in to truly end poverty, homelessness, and hunger. Forgive us for taking advantage of the systems of the “fallen world” when we should have tuned to the frequency of heaven. Forgive us for operating in false love believing love gives people what they want and when, instead of understanding that love always protects and may be uncomfortable at times, and that love in its full understanding and functioning, will never fail. Forgive us for not studying the whole word of God and for not disciplining those we love as you do. Please restore love to its full functioning capacity at 444 Hz without being rotated just enough to create a lie. Lord Jesus we don’t deserve your mercy although your word says we have it. Please forgive us for not ruling and reigning with you but instead we have asked others in the “fallen world” to lead us, guide us and direct us. Please help us tune our land back to your frequency. Please put a stop to the enabling we have been partaking in and help us learn to hold one another accountable, out of love. Help us to speak truth in love and to love you by keeping your commandments. Please have mercy on your children. Please remove the curse in the frequencies and restore them to your original design. Allow our leaders to realize how important it is to be on the same page you are on, or the same channel. Don’t let us be off at all. Help us to know we need repentance and to not buy the lie that we’ve already done enough repenting. We cast down the fallen man’s ideas that we are special or elite in some way that we don’t need to repent. Lord we invite your truth to reign within us and the land you have given us.

Lord, in regards to healing, please forgive us for acting as god’s and for praying against your will or for operating according to religions ways or the “fallen man’s” ideas of healing. Forgive us for listening to second heaven frequencies or for operating our own away from you. Please forgive us for allowing doubt or unbelief to overtake us. Forgive us for not being willing to repent for targeted issues we have struggled with and for making requests to you for healing from diseases without first being pure of heart. For not making sure we had stopped all disobedience toward you first, when clearly your word says the wages of sin is death. Forgive us Lord. Also Lord please forgive us for withholding cures when they may have already been discovered. Forgive us for making fortunes based in science and covering up the truth from the public. Please expose scientists and medical practitioners that are withholding any help from sick people.

Please stop the enabling and reinforce the borders of your original design. Take away the needless protests of those fighting against your plan. Restore our nation to one you are proud of. Help us oh God to stay on the frequencies of heaven. In Jesus name.

©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett