Lord, we praise you for exposing things working behind the scenes. We praise you for not allowing secrets to rule our nation anymore. Lord, we are grateful for the reprieve you have granted us in this season. We ask you to forgive us for using others to gain acceptance, wealth or power. The remnant realizes how much of this has gone on. We align with your kingdom purposes to break off ensalvement on the widows and orphans and the less fortunate. We repent for allowing the powers that be to bribe your children into laying down their freewill and siding with the enemies plan. From all the corruption and witchcraft within the government to all the same within the church Lord we are sorry. We stand in the gap for our brothers and sisters in Christ and ask for mercy.  Lord it’s in our best interest to release our fellow brothers and sisters into the sonship they deserve rather than keep them enslaved in the Babylonian system that goes all the way back to Nimrod. Forgive us for exalting denominations and leaders that have led the innocent astray. Forgive us for withholding resources from the ones who needed them most. Forgive us for discounting a person’s testimony or a person’s gift because it didn’t resonate with us. Lord we have let our family down, your family. Please forgive us and our family bloodlines for refusing to walk in obedience and for twisting the sounds of your word to lead others astray or off into slavery. Please forgive us for running our family members off into rebellion because we were lousy examples of Christians. Please remove the assignments to keep the prodigals in deception. Lord in all your mercy and Grace please break the blinders off of our prodigals that have wandered away. Help us take responsibility for this failed attempt at being holy and wash our bloodlines clean of all pride and religion. Bring us into an understanding of how important it is to be real and to be honest and to admit our shortcomings. Help us realize how important it is to set good examples by diligently following your word and building our relationships with you. Forgive us for taking advantage of godly principles for personal gain, for adopting beliefs such as tithing but only for the purpose of flourishing and not for making a holy sacrifice to you. Forgive us also for abusing the monetary system within the church body in order to gain wealth and then for being so smug that we said “you had blessed us”, even when it was dishonest. Forgive us Lord for being superficial and shallow in our beliefs, for not watching out for the wounded, and for not bringing back the strays. We have failed in our pursuit for perfection and sinless lifestyles. The truth is we can’t achieve that without you Lord. We need you. Please bring an end to fake news, misrepresentation, slander, gossip and word curses. Forgive us for making denominations our god and for stopping there, never searching it out for ourselves. This needs to stop. Forgive us for being compartmentalized and for allowing it. For discounting the gifts because of false doctrine or because the uniqueness of a person’s gift scared us. Forgive us for being overly logical and never coming into the spirit to commune with you. Lord forgive us for wishing destruction on America. We have not taken the time to stand up as a whole body to fight u til now. Help us gain momentum and take ground and hold it. Stop mediocre Christianity and take me out of kingdom Babylon. Help us to be a congregation of people united for one cause to fight the powers that be. Lord we also confess that the fallen sons of God have tried to mate with our churches and your children. Please help us be mindful of partnerships sent by Satan. Set up a standard so we will not be caught off guard snore. Bring us into a place of maturity where we will rule and reign with your plan in mind.  Return your children to the frequency of Jesus and please destroy access to the frequency of Satan. We repent for ever going onto that plain to begin with. Take us off the traditional floor once again and give your remnant tools to reach out to the religious and the Pharisees to share truth. Expose the kingdom Babylon wherever it may be working in our lives. Bring us into your kingdom and establish your kingdom law’s principles and borders. We want what you want Lord. Give us strategies to help the Pharisees wake up from their slumber to repent for their blind hearts. Ignite a passion in us to see them come to the full knowledge of Christ and his plans for America in the days ahead.  Help your church get behind your plan in this next season. Give us prayerful hearts and strategies for success. We want to partner with you Lord. We want to be a functional family operating in love. If I have made choices based on  manipulation or control please forgive me, if I’ve surrendered my freewill and given up the fight, forgive me. Separatedline now from the bloodline of Babylon and the bloodline of the fallen sons of God. Burn out all tendencies to be in deception and hesl my thoughts and my mind. In Jesus name I pray.



©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett