October 29th, 2020

Halloweens over!!! Word for 2020

My intercessors have you discerned the season? It’s Christmas! Its Easter, it’s a new year, it’s “thee” new year. It’s every season rolled up into one, it’s everything you’ve prayed for its everything you couldn’t think of. My children you’ve done well. Steady the course and keep looking up for your redemption is here, watch the courts, watch the hospitals, watch the levies, watch my creation, my Glory comes right now, no more waiting no more crying, I’ve heard you and my splendor will wipe your tears, you think I forgot about your silent dreams Ha I say, I will add to your dreams. I will add to your families. I will add to your arsenal of weapons. I will release dreams and visions, intricate and in your language. We will soar together in the next season.  Fasten seat belts and get ready to explore my heavens at night, Glory dreams where you will see the cloud of witnesses rooting for you, waving flags in your honor, ushering in the greatest season of life ever known. They’re standing watch with you all the ones before you, discern them. They see your successes they see your joy coming they’re so excited. No more struggle no more doubt and unbelief no more pain. Look up my prayer warriors my Son’s waited for this moment. This was always my plan. My son died not in vain and i’m about to show you Daniel’s knowledge in the days ahead. Watch for tinsel, watch for royal threads! It will be spectacular and popcorn won’t be enough celebration. You have partnered with my government and I am well pleased.


©️ copyright, 2020, Melissa Leggett