@ Copywright, Melissa Leggett, 2021

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are saved”..Proverbs 18:10

Its after midnight here on West Coast of California and this intercessors is wide awake. The Lord’s been speaking to me about frauds, and crooks tonight. He’s been speaking about the frauds even at the upper eschalon of power in this world. I have been digging into a matter that not many will take the time to dig into and the more I dig the more I realize God will get all the Glory for what’s being done on a worldwide stage. The Lord started talking to me about cosmic voices. I wasn’t aware what exactly he meant although I’ve been in training for years in regards to higher entities and nephillim spirits, I never thought I’d actually apply anything I learned to my everyday life but here I am. It seems the vision the Lord is showing me is over the fortunes of America. When God mentioned them it immediately took me back to old words I’ve heard spoke through the years by prophet Kim Clement and others. I was reminded of old teachings and revelation he’s given me of the wealth transfer and the plans the Lord has for HIS children. Now let me clarify something, it isn’t money that’s evil, it’s the love of money that’s  the root problem there, we know this, but it takes a whole new meaning now.  It’s blood money and God isn’t going to let it go on, and he is not going to release fortunes in any manner as long as this blood is being shed. God wants his children to prosper, but they can’t with this evil and the blood that is crying out.. Having said that I will continue with my vision.

Vast treasures buried beneath hidden locations, resources too enormous to store but we can’t get to it. Its blocked by a demonic being called the bloodletting demon of DC. I began to see vaults with big locks and tunnels of terror all around, and under key locations in DC. I began to see guardians of these vaults sitting in a place that looked like a break room, their seated there watching on cameras, all the activities being handled on the earths surface, they’re playing cards and chess and battling each other over humanity and their future. Its a mockery of tales from the crypt, and they’re playing for keeps. As I’m observing all of this I see a woman there, looking like a puppet with strings that have been cut and tattered business suit, she’s slumped over an old office chair, lifeless, in another corner is a business man, mid 50’s, clutching a briefcase, lifeless, there’s another and another, business people lying down lifeless, some with broken bones and broken hearts. Amongst the children, there are adults too. The demons are laughing and carrying on, waiting and watching the surface. Im asking where I am and where are the bodies, the Lord says under your nations dome. He says consider the privacy they had, these demons in the halls, consider the rituals and all the dances of evil done while no one watched. While no one noticed, the enemy used your nation’s dome to create an underground hell. It was not all about the children, it was about life, and stealing it, stealing the life force in the name of cosmic worship. You think your politicians did you right? No, no they did not said the Lord to me. They laid themselves on the altar to enjoy a moment in the sky. A moment that cost them their life, their souls, their future. There are bodies buried where the souls were stolen, stolen to clone their lives. You said clones? Are you sure lord, he said yes, too much for you to comprehend? You must prepare yourself for what’s about to come out, for your nations dome will implode, the price they paid for their single trips was worth their weight in gold. Once you sell out you can’t come back up and you cannot recover all, and many of them, they really wished they’d never gone down that hall. The bodies are there the proof you’ll need will one day soon be revealed. The guardians there are holding on tight to what the fortunes are, but man will think the gold is the gift and that’s not the father’s  heart, my hearts in mourning for the ones who have been painted a fraud. Their bloods been shed and my children’s jewels have been stolen and given to a thief, a man, a lawless man, many lawless men and women, so dark you wouldn’t want to meet them face to face but know this when I tell you child, your’e much safer in your home. This fraud has been busy and I am mad, my heart is full of rage for they sneak in when no one is looking and steal my law makers and I the Lord, know where the bodies are buried. In a very short time your grief will start and the nation  will be sad. Just know inside that I’m coming in and they who are wicked will pay for all their crimes. The vaults man seeks is for wealth and glory but the mission I’m on is for souls. The treasures of darkness are all those lives lost. im tired of all the pain so get ready my people, fortune towers will fall and my joy will come in the  morning. I will not stay mad at the remnant  for there’s a job you must do and shortly it will be revealed. The fortunes  of America start when you all have reconciled, but it won’t be what men think. It will be a hard battle but won’t be long. FORTUNES OF AMERICA WILL BE RESTORED WHEN POWER RETURNS TO MY PEOPLE.

Hold steady my kids for the bloods crying out but once its laid to rest the blessings will come and we all will meet and speak of their demise. There won’t be a tower there in time. It will fall short for once the words been sown in tears no one will forget and my hand will move and open up the vault and fortunes you will find. Take down the master and do your part and keep your eyes on me. Souls are coming. Watch!