Repentance for establishing the Georgia Guidestones


As representatives of the United States of America and the Body of Christ, we come into your courts today and wish to repent for the sins of our forefathers who established illuminati, freemason, or mafia agendas in our nation. We repent for the manipulation of the banking system, and for manipulating the builders in Georgia in order to establish written in stone, an agenda that does not support life. We repent for the murder and innocent bloodshed in the state of Georgia specifically and for the attempt to establish a portal or access point in which the illuminati could participate in ungodly spiritual activity. We repent for the secrecy of the founders of this monument and for the placing of a secret time capsule which was a foundational stone placed to seal that land in blood and secrecy. We renounce the secrecy and surveillance of this property where the Georgia Guidestones are located.

We specifically repent for the following ten guides written in stone:

1. Lord forgive us for allowing a wicked bloodline to pursue population control and the agenda of keeping the population of the world under 500,000,000 million people and for the mass murder that was or is planned in order to live up to that goal. We also repent for any agenda of our world leaders to launch us into nuclear war and bring sabotage against us in order to force a war on the world. We repent for any doubt or unbelief that says you can”t intervene in such a scheme of the wicked.
2. We repent for the wicked that believe they have the right to control reproduction in the world when clearly you told us to be fruitful and multiply. Forgive us for ever siding with such an evil agenda through abortion, human sacrifice and murder.
3. Forgive us as your church for ever allowing an agenda that is to open up one new language as it was at babylon when you were aware of man”s desire to build a gateway to God without Jesus. Forgive us Lord for allowing the masonic orders of this world to try and bring babylon into America. Please close these doors and break the curse off the land.
4. Forgive us Lord for allowing a wicked bloodline to try and influence humanity by ruling them with tempered reason when clearly we should be praying for wisdom and discernment and we should be pursuing obedience to our Creator God.
5. Forgive us for allowing this wicked bloodline to introduce a new world order by trying to force all governing bodies to meet in a one world court. Forgive us for ever tolerating this manipulation and control by a wicked bloodline. Forgive us for allowing the money this wicked bloodline has, to control our will and emotions, law, and governance. Forgive us for allowing the counterfeit to move forward with their new world order in the area of religion, finance, governance and any other plan to enslave your children. Forgive us for the bribes, and the inner circle they established to keep their plans hidden. Father we confess that this new world order has been exposed both in the church and the government. It is our desire today as representatives of America, and the Body of Christ that you would uproot the evil poured out in these guidestones, that you would release the land from any masonic or illuminati hold that is on it because of the blood that has been spilled thru murder, human sacrifice, abortion and the darkest evil we have ever known. Please forgive us Lord for giving over the land to this wicked bloodline because of our ignorance or laziness. Lord we ask now for all help from heaven to deliver the land from this evil and to close ungodly portals opened up in Elberton Georgia as well as anywhere else in the United States. Please close off the access point these wicked ones have had and seal it now with the blood of Jesus. We ask that even though many wicked people have rejected Jesus as the cornerstone, your representatives here are asking you to restore Jesus place as the CHIEF CORNERSTONE, that holds everything up in our country. Lord we ask you to disconnect us from the blood that is crying out on the land and to bring your justice to the blood that”s crying out. Oh God please bring our nation into deliverance and command the enemy to let your people go. Please forgive us for allowing human trafficking to go on and pedophilia. Please God put a stop to this abuse of innocent people and bring them to deliverance. We ask today that you would grant our nation a written, declaration of our divorce from the illuminati, freemasonry, mafia, and the new world order. We ask you to separate our nation from these unholy agendas and help us to usher in the truest of revivals and most holy of harvests. Grant us all wisdom and discernment to prepare the way of the Lord. In your holy name we pray,



©️ Copyright, 2018, Melissa Leggett