A message to the prayer warriors of the United States of America

Many of us have been weary in doing good, we have been fighting bitter battles and some of us have given up fighting. We have to admit how hard it has been in the past season but the Lord wants us to know it’s not over yet. He has so many plans for America if only we could just believe again. The spirit of the Lord says “ the roots of murder is the lack of being our brothers keeper, the roots of terrorism is a lack of bonding in the infant years, and the child trafficking must be stopped.” He says “there’s so much you can do in the days ahead to see the shift you’re looking for.” He says to humble ourselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways, he isn’t concerned with the sinner doing that, HIS word says if his people who are called by his name will do it. Now I ask you prayer warriors who will do it? Boots on the ground in our cities and states doing guerilla warfare to bring down the evils we have so recently experienced. These three deadly sins must be repented for and cleansed in the name of Jesus. Repent for sins on our land now as well as in past history. Clean the land the Lord has given us. The time is now. A window of opportunity is here. Many will not help you, but many will join in. The time is now to get in the fight. Do not think he has forgotten you, he has never left us. He will never leave us and he’s showing us how to pray. Let’s take back our land for Christ. Join in a prayer call, start your own or start a repentance group prayer in your neighborhood today. We can make a difference when we have unity in spirit. We can’t afford to be inconsolable right now. Satan wanted us to be weary but the intercessors have a job to do. Brush off the fear of failure and the doubt and unbelief and get in the fight. If you’ve been traumatized by rejection or mistreatment ask the lord to disconnect you from  all of that, there is help coming in this season. There’s victories to be had. God bless you all.