The Lords been teaching me about the storehouse of our mind. The actual definition of storehouse in Hebrew is barn. He has been showing me the many of us who operate from a position of lack and poverty. In fact, it has become so comfortable for us that it becomes difficult to even see God’s  provision at times.

I recently, in the last year ran across a secular book that is used in the educational system to help educators bridge the gap between poverty students and middle class educators. It is designed to give insight and help to educators who cannot speak the language of their students because their students are in poverty and they can’t understand their students who have lack in their lives. The book has everyone grouped into three categories, poverty, middle class, and wealthy. It explains how possessions are viewed in each class. In poverty, possessions are people because no other resources are available. This can result in some  loving relationships as well as all sorts of co- dependent ones. In middle class possessions are the things you own and in wealthy families possession are name brands and pedigrees, sort of an upgrade from generic to the name brand.

The other thing that caught my eye is their definition of poverty. Its put quite simply, poverty=a lack of resources..boom! A lightbulb went off in my head. If poverty is a lack of resources than to counter act this we must engage in activities that enhance our awareness. If poverty is a lack of resources, then it must be a lack of resources in our thinking! It’s that simple. To end poverty we must put resources at our disposal. Fill our minds with answers instead of more problems, follow through with the task at hand until it’s finished and if we do not know how, we educate ourselves until we can finish the task at hand.

Many families have this operating as  as a generational curse. As a generational prayer minister this is the first area I examine. I ask the Lord to show me what empowered it first and then I repent, but once again after your aware of the behavior it can be work to change it. Repenting isn’t  just a prayer. Sometimes we have to work hard to change the behavior especially if we learned it from family.

From my perspective, we  may see this operating in our life in a way where we dont finish what we start. We may start school but never finish, type our resume but never turn it in or maybe we get hung up on making a final decision, or  we think we have faith but never act on it or put feet to it, maybe we want to start a business but never go about finding out the first step. This should not be. It’s pure sabotage if you ask me.

As a believer in God, I am one to search things out. I dont just take what people tell me as being truth. I seek God, and I seek wise council. For me, that’s what I must do before a decision can be made. In reading this book I speak of my world opened up to how satan steals, kills, and destroys. Now just for a moment lets add a few words to this scenario. If satan comes to steal resources, kill resources and destroy resources than that’s a clue. It can help our strategy, as Christians, to annihilate poverty! We give those in poverty more resources. Not just food for a day resources either. We as a church need to equip them after we first equip ourselves. If its poverty in our self-esteem we fix it, if it is poverty in our finances we need money management  (aka the budget class i have) not just a better job. We break off the generational curse through repentance and then we teach ourselves how to avoid it happening again and if no one is helping us do this, we must take responsibility and search it out. We start by thinking for ourselves, “there has to be a better way!” Or “there has to more to life than this!”

I’ve taken what God has given me and I’ve made a decision to some that might seem out there, but to me, it’s resourceful. I call it abundant thinking and it’s really a simple concept. When satan tries to convince me bad things will come, I counteract it by being prepared. If he’s lying to me and I recognize it, I educate myself. Example: for years I was plagued with a fear of death and anxiety and panic attacks. Mostly because my father died suddenly at a very young age. The only way I could overcome it was to get educated. I had to search things out to ease my mind, but once I had searched it out I had to act on it. When my anxiety came on I had to use the tools I had been given to counteract it. In my case it was medication to calm my heart palpitations. In the early days that was all the resources I had. Through searching and seeking I now know my heart palpitations are related to deficiencies and exercise. I’ve learned more along the way of searching it out. Now I know to much is given, much is required. As I have sought my healing and gained knowledge I must then look at it as a promotion and activate the new tools in my belt. In this case I joined the gym and ordered a name brand magnesium instead of cheap store bought one.   I prepare just as the Proverbs 31 woman did. Just as the five virgins with oil in their lamps did and just like countless others in the bible did. None of them seemed caught off-guard. Why do you suppose that is? Because they listened to the warnings brought to them through others, but it didnt stop there. They weren’t just hearers of the word they were DOERS!! They trusted those words and wisdom that came from the Lord and they acted on it. They didn’t do it out of fear, instead they did it out of love and trust for God. God’s people are given discernment to know the times and seasons too, not just the difference between good and evil. It’s  not to be caught up in fear but to truly recognize the coming storms of life. Think of Joseph’s  coat of many colors story in the bible. What would have happened if no one had stored up because they didnt want to be accused of being fearful. They had stored up for the famine and just as it is in real life, family did not see the value of Josephs discernment. If you truly hear the voice of the Lord and you want to please Him, you must act on what he has given you.

Many people do not search things out because they feel it is better that way. Some feel if I don’t  know then I am not responsible but that is not true. God’s  word tells us it is for a lack of knowledge that my people perish. We need to think for ourselves and search for the truth. Maybe it is too scary to seek out a doctor or have that test but seriously we fear what we do not know. Once we know, that fear subsides. God is responsible for the outcome of every prayer, situation, or request. It is just our job to position ourselves right with him.

I tire easily these days of hearing some Christians say God will take care of us when those moments come. Yes, but who do you think he will use when your cupboards are bare in a famine or your water is dried up in a drought? He will use those who heard his voice and stored up for those moments. If you’re blessed enough to know someone like that in those moments they may or may not share with you. There’s been a thing happening in our world where people go from one extreme of being totally prepped out in fear to being totally unprepared and winging it. Christians should be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We are wise because of the Holy Spirit.  See for me I won’t  be that person who didn’t listen to the voice of the Lord. I will be the person running into the disaster with water bottles and Jesus. I will have the extra blankets, food, and first-aid when that disaster strikes. Why? Because Satan wants humanity in poverty, stripped of the resources so he may control them, their desires, and their futures. I am wise and resourceful. I am not fearful. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I operate from a position of abundance. If I don’t have something that may be needed for the future, whether it be for me or my brothers or sisters, now is the time to think about it and to act on it. Not out of fear but out of the richness of the Spirit of God to go forward in the day of disaster and be the light. Not to be scrounging, stealing, or fighting or depending on man for survival in that moment. No Christian has time for that in the days that are ahead.

I am not a doomsday prepper at all. Instead, I am a Proverbs 31 woman who has prepared her home and family for anything. I have worked with my hands and worked with the merchants to prepare for the days ahead. Whether it be winter or spring my cupboards are full, as are my fields. I am working towards rainy day gas funds or rations, earthquakes or salmonella. I am resourceful! I am rich in Abundance and I do not operate from a position of lack depending on others to meet my need. I am the one prepared and doing it.

It is a way of life  to walk in Abundance. It takes work. It all starts in your mind. It has nothing to do with your bank account. It has to do with whats inside your storehouse. The storehouse of your thinking and your mind. That storehouse is within you. Its the resources you have for the days ahead. Satan wants to destroy your storehouse. Don’t let him do that. Be the one who thought of everything!!  Make a choice today to educate yourself, exercise, work on your core both physically and spiritually. A rock hard core for the days ahead!!!  Think from a place of having everything you need instead of from a place of everything you don’t have. God is our provider and our protector. Ask him today what your first step should be in preparing for Abundance in the midst of the darkness.

©️ copyright, 2015, Melissa Leggett