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Been pondering the things that are going on these days and I just want to share with you some revelation the Holy Spirits given me about taking bribes. Bribes don’t seem to be as obvious as we would think they would be especially in Christian arenas. Satan has been able to cloud our views of many things. He makes it so easy to manipulate or coerce some of us into an agreement with his plan. It may be because we aren’t operating in good discernment or maybe we lack discernment all the way around. I call these bribes, “Babylons rewards”. When we sell out to compromise in exchange for the instant gratification, wealth or power that is promised, we’ve just gone down into Babylon. We have abandoned​ our belief in God and we have landed smack dab on the enemies frequency. No longer are we able to hear from the Lord correctly because we have sold him out. Exchanged his commands for 30 pieces of silver. 

I don’t think it’s fair to continue saying we are believers when we’ve abandoned his commands. I think it’s because of our doubt and unbelief that moves us to a place of being manipulated by some powers that be. It’s affecting our free will when we operate this way. We are convinced disobedience is ok because it may be some small act of disobedience we have engaged in, or maybe other Christians have condoned it, maybe it just feels good and we don’t care, however there is a price. Looking at the freeway gives us a good example of what happens when we sell out. Riding down the freeway and not thinking our destination or our route completely through, we tend to make lane changes that take us to the overpass and launches us in a direction we did not wish to go in. This is what happens when we are bribed. We’re bribed to change our freewill, to make a choice that goes against all God has had for us. It takes time to re route and get going back in the right direction. Babylon was known for disobeying God and taking the wrong highway. I’ve pondered how many think that America is Babylon and we are about to face great judgement from God. I’ve thought about all who call themselves Christians yet show true colors when confronted with their sin. The silencing of the prophetic voice in churches that’s trying to bring accountability and those within the body of Christ who feel it’s ok to be indoctrinated by these beliefs of which I believe are purely demonic. If Satan can affect your free will with a bribe, mark my words he will. There’s no boundaries within the kingdom of Babylon. Anything goes, and there’s no respect for the All Creator God, the one at the top, the king of Kings, the one that puts Kings in their places and establishes borders. When we twist our beliefs around to justify our behavior we’ve chosen the frequency of Satan. Discerning the end, the hellfire and brimstone, the starvation on the shelves in the grocery store, well this may very well be the fate your headed for. The Bible tells us, we children of obedience will partake in eternal life. There isn’t anything worth trading that off.  Making sure you’ve cleaned yourself up spiritually and that you’re not easily swayed by the almighty dollar and you’ve given credit where credit is due instead of stealing others ideas, assuming some aren’t important and affecting their futures by using them, well then you may be on the road to supernatural encounters but if you’ve swayed or enslaved others at their expense, the very doom and gloom you’re sensing may be your fate. I advise our leaders and churches to get this right. Our country has had a reprieve and an opportunity to repent. It’s more than hell fire and brimstone in this message. It’s an ending promised to babylon. If you truly want the blessings God’s promised his children then it’s time to change lanes, to change frequencies, to repent and clean things up. Don’t preach unity in the kingdom of Babylon, don’t lead others astray by using the Bible to thump your way to success. Dont assume you’re already clean. Remember the elite can be fooled in the last days. Don’t try to teach true kingdom principles in the kingdom of babylon. That’s not going to work. Hypocrisy isn’t going to get you very far in the days to come.  Identify this kingdom Babylon in your life, take an inventory and see where you’re standing, it isn’t something to fool  around with or take lightly. Get right with God first, check yourselves and shift your families and their futures away from Babylon. If you don’t want to share in her destruction or yours then obedience is the only key to be assured that God’s abundance will be at your door. Abundant living may look real in kingdom Babylon and it might be a very nice life, but  if you haven’t valued the ones that helped you get there and if you have abandoned God’s principles along the way, you better fix it. The dark forces surrounding that kingdom want your free will. They will pay the bribe, they will reward you and they may do it before you deliver on your promise, but they will come to collect and to make you accountable on your deal. They will go to great lengths to bribe you to sell out Jesus, God, our loving father, your free will, your family bloodline and eventually your DNA. They will manipulate you in any way possible to get you to compromise. In the days ahead let’s point our free will back to God, let’s willingly choose to come back under his wing and be sheltered from the coming Babylonian storm. Quit thinking our country should have gone another way, quit cursing your brothers and sisters with destruction, you’re judging them and you have no right, quit stealing their inventions, their Revelations, their entrepreneurial ideas. Remember God himself thought it very important to send a savior. Who are we  to question him when he decides who will be saved? For now we have been granted an aquittal. Quit trying to be something your not and look for your own gifts and talents. There’s plenty to go around in the kingdom of God. Make sure the road to the kingdom is the right one before it’s too late. We as a church have failed our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have work to do to make the u turn and head back towards God. Babylons bribes and rewards are enticing but your reward will be temporary. You will never amount to much if you don’t find out who you are and stand your ground and fight for it. Satan wants to affect all of creation so they will surrender their will to prince of the power of the air. Get off that frequency now and quit being enticed by promises made in this life and look to the promise of eternal life. That road doesn’t have a dead end!! Choose life!