Been pondering the things that are going on these days and I just want to share with you some revelation the Holy Spirits given me about taking bribes. Bribes don’t seem to be as obvious as we would think they would be especially in Christian arenas. Satan has been able to cloud our views of many things. He makes it so easy to manipulate or coerce some of us into an agreement with his plan. It may be because we aren’t operating in good discernment or maybe we lack discernment all the way around. I call these bribes, “Babylons rewards”. When we sell out to compromise in exchange for the instant gratification, wealth or power that is promised, we’ve just gone down into Babylon. We have abandoned​ our belief in God and we have landed smack dab on the enemies frequency. No longer are we able to hear from the Lord correctly because we have sold him out. Exchanged his commands for 30 pieces of silver.




©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett