I confess that I may have been holding onto past hurts that are hindering my freedom. I acknowledge what a faithful God you are and I praise you that I have been granted true freedom from your son. I know Jesus understands what it’s like to be abused, rejected, mistreated, and left alone to die. I know he understands my heartache and disappointments and the hurts that others have caused me. Please forgive me for holding on to these hurts and limiting my own freedom. I confess the hurt has been deep and I may not have known how to find comfort and consolation. Please forgive me for walking in any bitterness or for holding onto bitter root judgements towards any perpetrator that’s brought harm to us. Please disconnect me from them and break all ungodly ties. Forgive me for allowing anger to be my crutch and for lashing out like a wounded animal when others came to help. Forgive me and my family for ever being a part of a conflict instead of being the ones that bound up the wounds and brought back the strays. Forgive us for not being willing to let a thing go so that it could no longer have power over us. I choose forgiveness now. I choose to be forgiven and I choose to forgive myself for any let downs in my past or my present. Please disconnect me from any self hatred I may be holding onto because of those imperfections made known in my past or present life. Help me to become more educated now in the things of the spirit that I may fully have knowledge understanding and discernment. I choose to forgive my enemies who have been walking in pride and never cared about my feelings or emotions or the consequences of their behavior towards me. Lord Jesus if there have been any targets on me that allow the enemy to know where I am and what I am doing, please remove them, if there’s any labels that tell the enemy it’s ok to sacrifice me, remove them. I refuse to be a sacrifice for anyone else’s sin. Please break off all ungodly sacrifices from me and my family line. Forgive me for any time, whether knowing or unknowing, that I allowed another human being to be my mentor and my advisor when I should never have listened to their opinion but instead I should have gone to you. Forgive me for being led astray by another man’s voice and cruel words. Forgive me for becoming one to abort the mission because of man’s lack of support or their lack of wisdom or cruelty towards my success or my calling. Help me to wait on you for confirmation in all things especially related to looking to man for guidance. Lord please remove all defilement off of my ability to hear your voice and discern what is right for me, also forgive me for being manipulated into bad decisions that may have opened a door to broken heartedness or hopelessness. Help me hold myself accountable and the body of Christ and please help us expect the best out of ourselves, help us to adopt the belief that we must first do no harm to other individuals or ourselves when walking a righteous lifestyle. Forgive us for all inconsolability, please bring comfort to my soul and my emotions Lord. I choose to forgive all of humanity for any way in which they’ve harmed me or my family. I choose to forgive those who have  wronged me and brought  injustice to me or my loved ones. Lord please now release your true healing and the remedy for my heart break. I want to be an available vessel to be used in the days ahead in any way you have chosen for me. I thank you for what I have learned from the disappointments and for bringing me into total freedom from these ailments. I confess that I am a creature that is fearfully and wonderfully made by you and that man doesn’t get to decide my worth. I thank you father that you are the almighty judge. Please rule in your courts in my favor and remove me from the memories and any trauma left over from past or present disappointments.

In Jesus name, amen


©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett