I pray for all of us to learn what our words mean. Before a single thing was created by God he spoke it into being. Our words are powerful. We have the ability to speak life or death over someone. We need to be aware of this.

I’ll start with this.

Even while praying for people with the best intentions, we can actually be using witchcraft. When we pray controlling, manipulative prayers, when we play God in our prayers and try to usurp his authority over another human being, we are in error. When we spread gossip, or stir up dissension by speaking things out with an intention to do or bring harm, we are in error. When we speak against the prophets, we are charting a dangerous path. I bring to you the scriptures in Revelation 17 and 18. The whore of Babylon. She is drunk with the blood of the saints and prophets, she’s murdered them, and she truly believes that she’s enthroned and will never mourn, her heart will never break, she’s become accustomed to her luxuries and her fortress she’s built for herself. But God….. Says in one hour she will be brought to ruin. Her sins are piled to heaven and the merchants will no longer purchase her cargoes, the writer goes on to list the cargoes they won’t purchase anymore and the very last line says it all…and humans sold as slaves. Do we realize that all of humanity has been enslaved? Every walk of life, every religion. These principalities in high places on platforms around earth don’t care who you are. They look at us as having no real value, other than what they put on us. They will manipulate even the elitist of the elite and control them and fool them. It is Tom foolery in the church, which I’ve already discussed in a previous blog. This Tom foolery would do anything in its power to get you to side with throwing humanity under the bus. They don’t care why you do it, they just care if we will do it. Christian witchcraft is on the rise right now. People speaking on their platforms that God never helped them build. Just remember there’s a great price to be paid to stand on a platform that God didn’t build. This can be the small church in your neighborhood, the mega church in the big city, or even a group of leaders in a conference. The ability for these leaders to deceive themselves has been heightened because of the many sacrifices of innocent people they’ve been taking part in. Let me give a few examples how Christian witchcraft can be performed. Some are obvious and others not so much.

1. Gossip and slander,

2. Controlling witchcraft prayers,

3. Ungodly intercession,

4. Jealousy to the point of character assassination,

5. Withholding information from innocent people and not releasing the whole truth to a person or situation.

6. Self preservation at all costs, no matter who might suffer at your hand.

7. Pointing fingers and discrediting others so their never taken seriously, or puffing yourself up and taking credit for others revelation or successes.

The list goes on and on. One thing that is important to realize is that these people are having an appearance of godliness, they come in the name of the Lord, but they deny God’s power so they may rise. We have to recognize them as the right hand of falsehood mentioned in Psalms. Most of the time they have their hands in the candy jar so to speak. Their lives are muddied with rebellion towards God and they have to juggle the people around them in order to surround themselves with the ones that will tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear. If you’re one to speak truth then they will make up all sorts of reasons to slander you or destroy your character or worse, in fact the worse they could do, delete you off of Facebook. Yes, trying to silence the voices of truth in their lives, it is a travesty. This is so heartbreaking for me. People I will call plastic people. They want a mold and they want it perfect and you can’t speak out of turn. This is so sad. How can we possibly be in unity with someone who’s so far off into deception?? We can’t. They’ve done us a favor, they’ve walked away and were able to continue on the path to righteousness. Just remember to as Ephesians tells us “have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”! It’s important to pray God’s will! We dont have the right to play God in our prayers. There’s really no other way to say this. Trying to manipulate God so we can have our way, is witchcraft. Silencing the apostles and prophets, well that’s cause for destruction. Spoken of in Revelation 18. Our God says that vengeance is his and according to his word those drunk on the murder and innocent bloodshed of his Saints and prophets will share in the sins of the whore of Babylon. Don’t do it. Always check yourself to be sure you’re blessing your enemies. Know your circle and disconnect from those caught up in Christian witchcraft. It’s an evil that many like to ignore, but it is what it is and we shouldn’t be taking part in that!!

Repenting starts here:


forgive those in my family who have prayed ungodly prayers. Who have interceded for others from their fleshly desires instead of from humility. Forgive us for back biting our friends and wishing or praying backlash on them. Forgive us for not taking prayer seriously and for seeming as though we could manipulate you into doing our will. Forgive us for seeking formulas through words to magically unlock our will. For spell casting whether knowing or unknowing. Forgive us for coming in the name of the Lord, learning about a brother and sister in an intimate close way only to use it against them later. Forgive us for thinking so highly of ourselves that we speak words of death over others. Lord, when we have been deceived by dreams or visions or the sensing of what we thought was evil, forgive us for not getting to the truth. For misusing our discernment and speaking curses out of our mouths instead of blessings. We know it is not your will to see any of humanity perish. That is not your character. Forgive us for siding with the enemy and for not searching matters out. Forgive us for walking in witchcraft rooted in Christianity and elitism. Thinking highly of ourselves that we have a right to demand things from you that suit us and our sometimes plastic perfect lifestyles. Forgive us for seeing and never perceiving, for hearing and never understanding those things your showing us. I confess that even though Eve was deceived, she still had consequences. You don’t allow us to get away with that as an excuse. Forgive us Lord. Please disconnect us now from all witchcraft assignments and curses and please bless anyone that I may have knowingly or unknowingly cursed and done so in the name of the Lord. Forgive us for swearing on Jesus and the Bible but using that only to gain access to the platform where we could build a tower for ourselves. Lord, disconnect me and my bloodline from the tower of Babel, and the whore of Babylon. Disconnect us from all ungodly prayers and please restore and release a blessing. In Jesus name.



©️ copyright, 2018, Melissa Leggett