The Lord has brought to my attention a spiritual threat for the days ahead. It’s  been heavy on my mind that what is coming will be very hard to discern. Many will  be coming in the Lord’s name and quite possibly may deceive many.

I believe it is time to rise up and clean up our discernment, clean out the skeletons in our closet and pray for rain. It’s a time to put away offenses and get back to the reality of the battle at hand. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood so let’s get this thing cleaned up.

Imagine for a moment even your worst enemy about to be demolished, abolished, or obliterated. Imagine how you would feel if even in your worst offense your opponent met a sad, and tragic ending. This actually could be the case if people don’t find the true Jesus.

Its come to my attention very recently that there is a false love out there right now that is condoning behaviors other Christians are walking in. The Lord even showed me that we, as believers, stop reading the love scripture after the first few lines. Love is patient, love is kind. Although that is absolutely true we fail to read on to the part that says love always protects. So my question is what is protection?? Knowing there is a threat? Warning of impending evil or doom? Calling someone on sin in their lives?? God wants us all to have an opportunity to repent but I feel too many are shying away from truth, maybe our of fear of losing people or have them rebel against that truth and turn away from us. What’s  the worse of the two evils here? Losing someone caught in sin because we warned them or losing someone in eternity because they never felt a need to repent?

If the body of Christ is to have something others want than I would say it has to be radical, life-changing love, not the fluffy kind of feel good all over love. Jesus wouldn’t want His children to back down from anything due to fear. He isn’t the one who’s given that spirit of fear but of power, love,  and a sound mind.  To me, some of whats going on out there is crazy, and not of a sound mind at all.

The days ahead are going to be mixed with the appearance of Godliness but watered down or twisted just enough that it will make it hard to discern the difference.

The bible warns of the wheat and the tares growing together and how they look like one in the same until the day of harvest, when the truth is known. The bible says to let them grow together until that day. I believe we are there now. Some of us growing in the Lord’s kingdom will experience these tares and if we have honored what is dishonorable we will have opened ourselves up to deception. There is no room for compromise in the days ahead. That compromise may well be the determining factor of how we survive in these last days.

I encourage all of us in the Body of Christ to evaluate the compromise in our lives and take care of it. We need to speak the truth in love and stand up for righteousness now more than ever.

We need to take an inventory and repent to our Lord for these compromises and make a conscious effort to clean up and prepare our gift to walk in purity, not using discernment for personal gain or personal gratification but using it in furthering the Lord’s  kingdom of truth. It’s  a fine line between divination and discernment and manipulating situations or people for our own benefit is a sign of error, deception, and witchcraft.

Preparing tor the days ahead we must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We must put away the childish things and walk in mature love, unafraid to speak truth in love and stand for righteousness. We don’t have the luxury of bending the rules anymore in the Body of Christ. Know the rules of God’s word and start walking it out. The time is now and shortly, i believe we will experience the biggest separating of the sheep and goats we have probably ever seen.

I encourage you to pray daily for wisdom and discernment. Not everything is as it seems to the human eye. We need to know the difference between good and evil, and we need to have eyes to see and ears to hear, and we need it asap! Clean up your gift, clean up your heart towards offenses and those who have offended you and prepare for rain.

God wants us to be able to recognize that any type of rejection at this point in our life is not worth us getting caught up in revenge, or depression, or hatred. These rejections are sometimes retalliation for loving God and following him. We have to grow thicker skin and throw away our offenses and move on.

I truly believe if some of us ever saw the suffering that some of our enemies were headed for we would be heartbroken for them. The reality is it’s a fight for their soul and satan would love to destroy them. We all know the enemy searches out who he can devour, be it you or me he’s looking at, let’s refuse to let him devour us. Wisdom and discernment are our only tool to fight that battle. Clean your closets and let’s prepare to fight on to see the harvest of souls that God longs to save.