​Angelic activity on my property. Three big angels, one at my gate arm stretched in direction of Santa Monica, California and right hand on his sword. One angel kneeling looking in the same direction and one farther in yard directing traffic, and acting as a parking attendant.

Word came the next day December 9, 2016

The meek shall inherit the earth. Hear ye, hear ye, a declaration has been made a line in the sand drawn, the enemy cannot covet what the Lord has ordained, marriages, covenants, births, businesses, marketplace ministry,  in the marketplace!  Gold is where u find it, look for it in the hills, look for it on the stairs, look for it in the fields, the gold from heaven is in the field, bring them in, clothe then, feed them, wash them, lavish them. Warm them, clothe them find them, blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God, gold is where u find it. Go out and bring them in shelter them, shelter them, cover them, blanket them, hit the fields find the masses, gold is in the street, gold is where u find it, not mans fools gold but gold from heaven manna from heaven,  gold is where u find it. My children are gold, get them bring them in! Wayward sons come back, drunks and homeless bring them in shelter them love them show them my heart, I say to you gold is where you find  it, work for me, not for fools, work for me not for fools work for me not for fools. Fools gold will vanish step up your game, I’m sending the waves, ride the waves to the ends of the earth, search every stone. Every pocket, every pod find my gold and bring it back, lean not to your own understanding but rather hear the voice of prophets, my gold is not foolish, it’s not tied to Ba’al, my gold is plentiful and it’s for the watchmen seek me u find Me, go forward now do not wait gold is where u find it, evangelism now, lay down your carnal wisdom your carnal actions, go win my war, find the gold, it’s hidden treasures pull them out, dust them off, Feed them clothe them thus says the Lord, my remnant is waiting, go for the gold, carry the torch my Olympians you cannot lose go for the gold, not silver not bronze, the gold I say, my harvest is gold, wait and watch the news flash wait and watch the gold is where you find it, it’s in the blood it’s in the bloodline, seek your healing look for the gold not the gold dust look for the gold, it’s in the blood it’s in the bloodline heat me oh warrior fight for the gold rise up oh warrior fight for the gold, gold is where you find it thus says the Lord…of Hosts, your heavenly army is speaking you cannot lose, you will not lose go for the gold.

©️ copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett