I believe it is through repentance and humbling ourselves that nothing is written in stone because “with God, all things are possible”!

I am beside myself with vision and pictures right now. As most of you know I have had revelation of Melchizedek a few times since 2009 but never been able to piece it all together. Now I know I could be wrong about this but I’m throwing it out there to all of you today.

A little background

In a deliverance session around 2010 or so I was sitting in there hearing the words “they’ve kidnapped Melchizedek”. I did not know what that meant but on my break I took it to the director. He kind of pondered it that day and was very curious, as I was, as to what that meant.

For those who don’t know Melchizadek is our high priest. He came to establish priestly and kingly order. I’m interested to do a study and find out the timeline of when he came versus Nimrod’s secret religion at Babylon.  Now, I am wondering even more.

Melchizadek had no beginning and no end, no birth records or death records. Theologians believe it was Jesus in another function. The function of high priest. He was here one day and gone the next. Could it be that his office of high priest is the Alpha and Omega?? The beginning and the end! So many thoughts.

My personal belief, through revelation is that the high priest always goes into the holy of holies to represent the people, he then reports back to the people what he’s heard from the Lord, so my sense is that Melchizadek is in our bodies as discernment. If our bodies are a temple then where does the high priest go? Our discernment is very key here. It represents the internal gauge by which we know good from evil. I feel that to deny this internal gauge is to deny Jesus. It was provision he put there to help us. What does the bible say about denying Jesus before man? He will deny us before his father. Gone are the days of explaining things away. We must walk in true discernment for the days ahead.

In the past few months God has prompted me to start a storehouse of my own here. My husband has gotten on board with this as well and we are contributing to it every month. I didn’t know what or why. It isn’t that it should always be like this. I feel we are to give where and what the Lord tells us to give, but in this case it’s an object lesson.

I’ve done alot of research on the Hebrew word for storehouse and it never meant a church, in fact the actual meaning is “barn”. Take all the tithe into the barn..hmmm..what a thought!  The Levitical priests had actual places in cities that were storehouses. The tithe was brought there to care for priests who were not allowed to own land so they really could focus on being a priest. They needed the provision for their own families, as they were working for the Lord. This was God’s way of providing for them. The abundance that was brought in was then shared among the rest of the people. I can only imagine the provision there. After doing it here for three short months I can’t imagine ten families or more doing it in one location. One article I read said the temple could not hold the provision and the rest of it was stored in the people’s homes. As I have been on this journey I believe he showed me there was no reason for the government’s assistance if we had used this concept in the church. We would have abundance for ourselves and abundance to reach out to others.

As I also have been searching out the scriptures in Revelation about the “whore of Babylon” and the city that will be destroyed in a day, the Lord took me to the IRS. The IRS was influenced by Roman practices and when it was created that influence was built in to it. When looking at it I saw a vision of the Lord pulling back a blanket over something. When he did this, the Lord wrote the letters IRS,  I started noticing that the IRS is a storage system, wait! What! A storehouse? Is this possible? It is stored up taxes that people pay into,  and support (how little it may be) is then created for the people, such as social security or welfare. Churches buy into this also, eventho they have tax exempt status they become a target because of the code they are under. They have mixed the church up with defiled corporate dealings by being incorporated.  As time goes on and the powers that be control the wealth of the church and the state and it trickles into America, and the anti Christ is adopted and seated on that throne into the church (which is just a theory) then the first thing they do is stop IRS funded programs or they manipulate and “bribe” such ministries and people into “doing anything for money” aka the mark of the beast or employing homosexual priests. Could it be that when the Lord told us to test him in this area and see if he would open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing” that some fallen principalities took this and ran with it? Could it be that wealth is suppose to be ours as Righteous Christians and believers? Could the bible be true when it says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous? If the gifts of the spirit are without repentance I am questioning how these powers that be, managed to create such wealth for themselves and enslave the rest of us. I’m ticked about this. The enemy has stolen our resources and it’s time to get them back!!

I love this definition of poverty i ran across in a secular book. Poverty= absence of resources. Yes Satan wants us all in poverty. I say he is exposed and now we need to adopt a belief that we will have  no more intimidation, no more fear unless it’s a holy fear of the Lord and no more inadequacy in the Body of Christ. We need to rescue the bride and position her for greatness!! This scenario reminds me of flag football and the enemy has our flag. Now for those who will listen, I say let’s get it back. Let’s pull out this root and take back the resources God always intended us to have.

Again these are just my thoughts based on some of what God has been showing me.

Another thought is that the Order of Melchizedek could be what the total order of freemasonry was trying to protect. Their secret mystery religion of Nimrod. Could it be their secret society is one that took original order of Melchizedek, that was always meant for the bride, which came to establish priestly and kingly order, and what I believe, was to put Christ as the head of everything and to do things His way so we would all be the Kings and Priests in His kingdom with him in charge, they took it and threw out the Lord, aka the stone the builders rejected in freemasonry, and put man there instead? Could this also be where the fallen sons of God had an influence here? Bible does say it will be as in the days of Noah when the Lord returns. So now we have a priesthood that wears fancy uniforms, drive fancy cars, live outside their means and do many corrupt things to protect it, some claim a life of celibacy, yet abuses altar boys and enters into homosexual behavior, they control a majority of the wealth, and they have murdered the true prophets, which if you read Revelation 18 and especially verse:24 is a scary thing to do, their pockets are lined with stolen tithes that have come to their church through well meaning church members, their loaded with conspiracy and secrets.  As that legal right is there and the door is open to Satan it then trickles down into each church that has a denominational or a defiled IRS connection.  It gives legal rights that have never been taken care of, to all the churches many of us have been rejected from. Many prophetic people are not welcome in the churches today. Many have suffered greatly for calling the kettle black, and these are the ones who have lived through it. The martyrd prophets are another story all together. The ministry I have is to mostly rejected and abused five fold ministry members. The five fold ministry rejects, and I’m one of them, because they have stood for the truth and suffered, unable to understand themselves or why they have suffered, heck some dont even know their gifting but have been operating in it for their whole life. Churches today don’t encourage that or teach them how to walk it out in love. If they had done that there would be no need for the ministry I have. I spend hours upon hours in phone sessions helping people unwrap the truth and destroy the lies the enemy has spoken over them. I coach them into making realizations on their own, of the true holy spirit and the comfort he can bring. I coach them into truth so they may discover that truth for themselves and make a commitment to it. Some days it’s exhausting, and yet who would these people have if someone doesn’t help them? The church hasn’t been doing it to the level they should. We should not be wounded anymore but rather healed. We as the body should have already bound up the wounded brought back the strays. Many don’t understand that, they feel that we should suck it up and be strong. Jesus is all we need! I’m tired of hearing that. Jesus is all we need but he called us to the ministry of deliverance and healing. He called us to be his feet and hands. Someone has to be willing to listen to those so confused and distraught that they arent even sure of their own salvation. That’s a great place to be. The bible tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, so these types of people amaze me. They are there right in the midst of questioning everything and needing answers. I’ve witnessed some of the greatest revelation coming from those people. Someone has to be willing to help them sort this thing out even if it takes hours out of our day, we need to know what it means to mourn with those who mourn, we need to give people a hand up instead of a hand out, and we need to learn how NOT to throw out the baby with the bath water, keep the good and discard the rest, and we need to be mature enough to handle those riddled with generational curses.

I’m passionate about what I do because there’s fruit. Not many have experienced acceptance in the church and in my eyes they have been murdered, through gossip, slander, and defamation of character.  Is it because of the bloodshed done by this corporate churchhead? I mean I see corruption all throughout the business world, and quite honestly throughout the church world. Is it because the enemy coaxed well meaning people into incorporating the church?

Let’s just take a minute to search this out. Freemasonry wants you to believe in a God but it doesn’t matter which one, it looks like a good thing, many that have come into it are totally unaware of the evil operating at the top but all these things remind me of something else..the church. This church needs to be separated from state mandated rules for business. The church was never suppose to be for financial gain. 501(c)(3) organizations, no matter how well meaning they may be should not be the church. Instead, history points us back to a time where churches attained tax exempt status through being an unincorporated association until later, changes came that made the 501(c)(3) more desirable. God’s waking up his bride. He needs them to separate from that defilement and repent. Every time we are engaging with the IRS in ungodly ways we are participating in a global agenda that the Lord’s bride has no business participating in. Instead the Lord’s storehouse should be full of provision for God’s people, it should be loaded with answers and ways for miracles to happen, such as paying someone’s electric bill when their in need, or buying prescriptions for the elderly. Gods giving us a window of opportunity to get this right. I have no idea how long that window will be open but I know he is done with the corruption within the church and he is more than done with the mockery of God’s prophets when they have come to warn. This defiled stream is headed for the biggest deception known to mankind and I believe we will know them by their fruits. Revelation 18 and 19 speak about how the whore of babylon is drunk with the blood of the saints and the prophets. It has stolen or perverted the five fold ministries gifts and talents in order to rich themselves and to deceive those well meaning members. “Come out of her!” Ironically in chapter 19 it speaks of how the bride has readied herself. Is this where we are right now, biblically? Are we to a place where we will see that financial system that’s been controlling the church fall? Is God about to do away with this whole system? Where will your congregations be if this happens? I cant help but wonder if this is where so many people seem to be feeling called to prepare, so many doomsday preppers these days. Does it have to be doomsday were preparing for or can it be the harvest we are preparing for? Could it be that we see in part and prophesy in part? Could it be we need to shift our focus from these doomsday scenarios and accept the fact that this is a harvest day scenario that we’ve readied ourselves for by preparing for our neighbors and storing food for our congregations instead of worrying about how our wives can spend a day out with the girls living like queens or sending our children on fancy all expense paid vacations? Yes, its ok to live that way and enjoy blessings but not when congregations cant keep their lights on or food on their tables. This is pure evil, and is he about to restore the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom? I don’t need to wait til this happens. I know my God. He is all for these true prophets that have been sent to give pastors and leaders a warning to repent. He is all for the five fold ministry having an opportunity to move forward without so much opposition and I believe in these last days He will have things the way He wants them. He will no longer put up with this rebellious nation in our blood that keeps getting in the way of His ultimate plan. Revelation 18:24 assures me he is finished with it. In fact, after reading this chapter about three times, the Lord asked me if his people realize the whole end time battle is him returning to Avenge the blood of the saints and prophets? It is HIS justice on the guilty who have murdered the prophetic voice God alone has placed within His saints. God established these chosen people and everytime a pastor or leader refuses.correction and slanders one of them, their blood is on that leaders hand.

I sense the counterfeit Melchizedek is the corporate head of the church, the governing principality, the counterfeit storehouse is the IRS, and I sense the “whore of Babylon” is the modern day church which can be easily destroyed in a day like the bible talks about by simply destroying the IRS. Tax exempt status is a tool the enemy used to grip the lust of the eyes and flesh to seduce  our churches into the luxeries of Babylon. Our church on American soil is guilty of this. The prophetic word we got recently said we think it’s the nation in distress but it’s the church! The church is the moral compass of this nation. God disnt tell us the wicked needed to humble themselves and pray. He said if MY people would repent, humble themselves and pray he would hear from heaven and heal their land. There’s a reson for that. We have more power than we realize if we would call solemn assemblies and repent for the sick ways in which the church has gone. Eve sold her Savior away in the garden, she took a bribe,  Our spiritual forefathers traded Christ for themselves and took a bribe, we are taking bribes when we don’t preach truth and we make everything OK and condone all sorts of sins within the church, if we as a church don’t repent for this wickedness, we are in trouble. The real bribes are coming and it will consist of pastors and leaders allowing abominations to take place in our synagogues. Do you want your church to be faced with accepting these bribes or losing exemptions? It doesn’t have to be this way. Prepare the way now for the Lord’s return or it just might be possible the Lord will allow you to stay in deception.

The bible warns us in Revelation 18 to come out of her. Could this be the beginning of the great falling away?? I feel this revelation is why theres so much talk about the Illuminati. Do we really think for a second they wouldn’t be concerned with an end time transfer of wealth? Does it surprise us their are spiritual watchers and those making up lies to discredit true prophets? It doesn’t surprise me at all.  There is a counterfeit five-fold ministry. People gifted by God, choosing to use their gifts in the occult amd any don’t even realize their doing it, but trust me God means what he says and says what he means, especially when he wants to do the prophet no harm. Destruction will come to those who harm, discredit, give false testimony against the announced by God. See why it’s important to have true discernment? God showed me once that the occult already knows the benefits of the gifts of discernment and prophecy. The difference is their using those gifts to talk to demons.  If there is to be an end time transfer if wealth, it will start in the true storehouse of God. It will be for a righteous bride to fulfill her calling. People operating in psychic practices and the occult would want this information.  All the more reason to be on our guard and to be wise as serpents, gentle as doves. God is not pleased, and never has been pleased with not feeding his sheep. I’ve always felt that had a literal meaning and not a metaphorical one, eventho some ministers use it as a metaphor or say it means being fed spiritually. Maybe God really intended all of us to have our physical needs met first. I mean God is a father and if we look at our example here on earth, it’s the fathers job to care for us physically and provide. 2 Corinthians 12:14 speaks of the importance of the parents saving up for the children and not the children saving for parents, there’s also a hidden morsel in that scripture that says Paul never needed their money. It hit me hard that though it takes money to go forward in ministry, God never needed our.money, he never expected us to build fancy buildings and big elaborate minsitries. He expected us to care for one another and to owe no man nothing than to love one another. That scripture alone speaks of our inheritance. The father wanted his sheep fed and put all the provision we would need in his word. The storehouse concept has been defiled. I really believe this is because of the bribes taken in the garden as well as the powers and principalities we are battling. Flesh and blood is not our enemy. If we as a church had known this and practiced it, I believe we wouldn’t be needing the food stamps or cash aid if we had made preparations and provisions for each other.

At this point I will continue my storehouse. I will give to those in need, no matter where they may be. If God puts them in my path I will draw from my storehouse. As for the church, I feel there needs to be a prayer dealing with this subject and it is available now in this blog.  I pray the Lord has new strategies on how to correct this issue at least in our own lives and in our own spheres of influence. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous!!

One more thought, could it also be that the fallen sons of God are responsible for this action, to pervert the true sonship Gods already ordained? There’s so much revelation here it’s hard to take just one thing from it. I encourage all of you to find out where your.ministries really belong. Is your ministry built on the best foundation it could be or does it need work? Clean it up now so we may enjoy the fruit of our labor. Allow God to build your house for if you don’t you labor in vain!!!