@ Copywright, 2020, Melissa Leggett

Father, in the name of your only son Jesus,

EVICT ALL HUMAN TRAFFICKERS WHEREVER THEY ARE! WE, your EKKLESIA forbid this satanic/luciferian cult to operate in the earth! In Jesus name!

Forgive us for not recognizing the whore of Babylon when she came in dressed as your bride. Forgive us for letting her roam about in churches and murder the innocent to satisfy her bloodlust. Forgive us for turning a blind eye while the enemy crept into leadership positions. Forgive us oh God for allowing the abomination of pedophilia to go on in the name of religion. Lord, we let this happen on our watch, we lacked discernment for the truth, we lacked wisdom and we fell for idols propped up by lucifer himself. We have done what is right in our own eyes and have given funds in the name of tithes and offerings that have actually been funding baal. We have possibly worshipped in buildings where there is blood in the mortar and we have fought to preserve organized religion when your word clearly states the lord does not dwell in houses built with human hands, we have idolized pastors, teachers, prophets who stood alone without the 2 or 3 needed to get revelation from God, we’ve served in mega churches and made excuses for leaders caught up in sins and crimes against humanity. Lord, we do not deserve a second chance, we can see the depth of evils all around us, but we are asking for a chance to get it right.

Lord, man has made others responsible for their satisfaction of perverted desires and delicacies forbidden by your law, they have used babies and children to satisfy the last of the flesh and church leadership refuses to see the truth. Its so awful and I confess its hard to watch and see the depth of their evil wickedness but Lord with all that I am, I pledge to see this evil completely removed from earth, permanently eradicated and ask you to be the exterminator, to save our children and our future generations, to make right what’s been wrong and I am no longer willing to turn a blind eye. Forgive us oh God for allowing our own sinful desires in the church to be in agreement with that of the elite luciferians and their sexual sickness. I repent for all sexual immorality operating in my own bloodline or me and I ask to be completely delivered from sexual pratices and rituals whether knowing or unknowing. We repent for not offering our homes to children in horrendous living environments and thus making them a prey to sexual predators and luciferians. Father forgive us for not realizing the separating of babies parts that have been sold off to make a buck. Lord, I vow to pray their demise, to prophesy their demise and will ask you to permanently eradicate this from the earth. Lord judge them by the same way they judged your apostles and prophets when they exposed the evil, judge them, these powers and principalities eating off the children and being involved in such wickedness. Lord, where it’s hard for me to believe, please make the crooked places straight. Forgive us for ignoring the symbols and  never searching the matter out and oh God please deliver us from evil and satanic luciferians. Remove them from our worship platforms and set us free. Forgive us for innocent bloodshed in the name of wealth and power and help us take seriously this threat to future generations by ignoring and labeling it conspiracy. Forgive us for sacrificing children to molech to hide our sexual sin, for not realizing the depth of wickedness behind planned parenthood, the red cross, the countless food companies with unholy ingredients and the foundations and churches hiding behind the 501 c 3 and using our donations to fund evil sacrifices and terrosit activity, Lord without you, there can be no deliverance. Please forgive us and have mercy on humanity. Cleanse this evil from our bloodlines and our atmosphere and land. Remove the liars that have set out to get information from lucifer and deceive the masses. Remove the evil cabal and arrest these caught up in that cult and issue divine justice. Please remove the defiled prophets you mention in Zechariah and the priests drunk with bloodlust. Help our church awake to the truth so we can unite and become the true bride who will no longer tolerate this evil on the land. Forgive us for choosing the 501 c 3 church over your plan to deliver and for making excuses for a church that’s gone off the rails into deep darkness in some cases. Forgive us for thinking that you would ever be OK with compromise. Forgive us for now valuing rhe common man and for bringing dishonor to them when clearly you call man the apple of your eye.  Forgive us for looking to find only prophecies that tickle our ears and tell us what we want to hear and also forgive us for allowing prophets to be bought. We break that agreement with compromising so called prophets who can’t prophesy your words and stand by them. Lord we have all been so wrong, no theology is right and without you nothing can be fixed. Please God have mercy and come in your power to save us. We make a choice to evict the luciferians from all high places in America and abroad.

Your true EKKLESIA repents!

In Jesus name