How many of you have had words from the Lord and promises that you haven’t seen fulfilled? Do you ever feel as though they’ll never be fulfilled? How many of you have been judged harshly because you still believe God has promised you things and you have a right to see them manifest in your life? I’m here to tell you to keep believing. The Bible tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. Many may misrepresent you, they may misunderstand you and withhold their love from you because of your faith in God and his promises, they may leave you because they can’t manipulate you. Keep believing anyway. Keep positioning yourself for greatness. We have to understand there’s been so many structures built up in our minds, so many traumas to others that leave them unable to believe God can do things for his children. Many feel as if God is a respector of people, he’s not. In fact he’s more upset with the hypocrites in his word, it seems, than the commoners or average people. He knows his personal relationship he has with each of us and he knows what motivates our hearts far better than man thinking he knows us.

Man judges based on one thing, their own experiences and the way they handle things or think. Man judges by what it looks like on the outward appearance without ever giving grace to the other person and try to understand them. We will be persecuted and we will be misunderstood. We have to let the Lord vindicate us. Many times people don’t have all the facts, theres missing links and kinks in the armour. Bible warns us there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. Having a religious spirit and thinking you’re always right is just plain wrong. We are all open to misunderstanding God’s original meaning. We can always take things out of context. God has warned us the elite could be fooled if it is possible. This is true in these situations. Satan has taught us, programmed us to go through the motions and benefit from God’s spiritual laws, but our faithfulness means nothing if we aren’t right in the heart. You can give away everything you own in hopes for a bigger blessing and God will see why you did that, I believe he makes a judgement based on the heart, not the action. We have to keep our faith in Him and his promises but we need to check our own hearts daily. Repenting in a prayer does nothing if our hearts not been changed. The world wants to be right, when God wants it to be righteous! “Come out of her my people”! So you will not share in her sins”, he doesn’t want us to suffer any longer but changes have to be made. True belief in God requires us to take inventory of our own heart first, before we ever get to influence another human being. We need to make ourselves righteous, not self righteous but truly sold out to doing what’s right if we will ever share in God’s promises. A righteous generation is starting to take its place on our planet right now. They are speaking up, and making decisions for themselves. We have to partner with them not on in prayer and fasting but in wisdom and understanding. You can be highly skilled and still miss your mark, the prideful leaders never acknowledge this, they just keep hearing and never grasping, seeing but never understanding. Stay in your integrity, protect your heart against u godly rulers. Don’t give anyone too much authority over you without first seeking God. The ones that misunderstand you, let God deal with them.


©️ copyright, 2019, Melissa Leggett