@ COPYRIGHT, 2020, Melissa Leggett

A warning to the those in the world.

You have entered a time that has not yet ever been experienced by anyone before. Your idols and worship will leave you bankrupt shortly. It will take a drawing close to the Holy Spirit. I have always been a jealous God. The church is not listening and I’ve sent my warnings. These are my final warnings. The next season is the phase of my justice. The platforms are falling and everything you knew and put your faith in will be gone. There will be no peace for the world in this next phase. Some have erected false towers and worship and do so in the name of the Lord. There are no platforms in heaven, period. I share that stage alone. Shame on the world for idolizeing the fallen and never asking my spirit. The world will lose their peace very soon. Watch the DC phallus for im not pleased with your fertility nor your birthing. You’ve fallen into darkness and there will be no rescue for the wicked. Take heart my remnant and do not fear for as the sands through the hourglass so are your hearts. Knitted and fitting into the narrow way. Guard your hearts your minds, your souls. Do not grieve over lost ones, rejoice in me and know I redeem. I redeem time, I redeem my church, and I have already redeemed the world. They are not ready for purity and honesty, they are not ready for what’s to come but I am ready to snatch my children from the fire. It is this pain and truth that will set up humanity for the blessings I have for them. As time comes quickly many things will happen that will break hearts, just know that I am God. It is my heart to come and reveal, it is my heart to expose, it is my heart to tear down and destroy. Keep your eyes on the prize and know the truth sets free. Repent if you have time, get right and serve me for you will only have peace when you reverence me. Stop dividing and draw nigh unto me. The truth comes quickly, can you handle it? For without God there will be no peace, the time is up for the rule of law where my children spill their blood, it’s done, it’s over, now come clean for the judgements arrived on the land. He has has an ear let him hear. Justice is now, the pain has come, the recompense is next. The world is about to lose their peace. Draw nigh to me and I to you hold on while the tempest blows. My remnant hears and prepares, they patiently wait for generations for the moment on this horizon. Im coming for them too. Ive heard the remnants prayers and I will move quickly. Wait for me and know my name is justice, my name is truth, my way lights your path. Hold on dear ones the scrolls are coming with my vengeance. Know its coming quickly little ones in the desert, the place where bloods spilled out. Im coming im coming watch and be sure you will regret the lies you’ve told. My scribes are coming and will share my heart and doors and gates will change. Watch the high places for there will be thunder and lightning as I physically remove these thrones..look up my children look up and smile for your father has smiled on you.