Declaration of Independence/Righteous Decree in Heaven

Four-score and seven years ago your spiritual forefathers knew me but they walked away.  You think it’s the nation in distress, but it’s the church. Remember My word that says if My people who are called by My name…There’s a reason  for that.  My people have been given dominion in the earth.  I need them to change their wicked ways.  It is becoming the end of the age of useless sacrifice and the beginning of obedience.   I declare My word is true, noble, and pure.  The church does not believe that.  I am not coming back for the church, I am coming back for My bride.  When you are waiting for your groom and you are not ready, you are unworthy.  My bride must prepare the way.  The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few.  I find worship more valuable than complaints and whining.  I am your husband, what else do you need? Ready yourselves for the harvest.  I will work out the detail.  You are not alone, there will be more.  Women will rise up.  Women have My nurturing heart.  i am about to set them on fire.  You will see fire start, but women will be used in this.   I’ve given you girls callings.  It’s timing for them is NOW, My end-time hand-maidens.  Don’t get too proud.  Just go forward in humility.  My heart is for justice.  Dance like David danced, play like David played.  Find your child=likeness  and do not be swayed.  My bride can’t be bought.  Make sure you don’t take bribes.

Declaration of Independence

Hear ye… Hear ye…
I am declaring in the heavens that women will carry the mantle.  It is a mantle of revival.  It is a mantle of self-discipline.  The enemy is not allowed to touch it.  I have spoken My reformation and I’m releasing it now.   I am
the God of angel armies and I’m dispatching them now.  Watch for the war in the heavens.  I will separate you from the church and state.   I will put My seal of approval to everything you do.  They tried it man’s way and it failed.  Now you will see the bride’s way.  Usher in My presence and prepare the way.

©️ copyright,  2016, Melissa Leggett