You know the more one digs out these roots which I always try to do, the more I run into things that flabbergast me. One thing that’s come up this week is some satanic clothing lines where men buy t-shirts that have the word misandry written on them. Men do this, it’s a man hating spirit towards themselves and they openly wear it on their shirts. At the same time men are accusing women of being Jezebel’s all over the land. Mysogny is a woman hating spirit. It’s everywhere too. Women get blamed for the jezebel spirit all the time but in some cases it’s just full on dishonor of women. God created us to be co-creators with him. He put unique gifts and talents in each one of us. It’s not to be taken lightly when one throws out words they know nothing about or label people anything other than what God put them here to do. Shepherds should be blessing people to walk in divine destiny. We should not be running around focused on the negative in people all the time. Somewhere, someone’s got to start standing up to bring restoration to the men and women who hate themselves. Right now is not that season however. God will bring this restoration when men and women everywhere catch on to the fact that Satan’s had rulership so long and he’s driven a wedge between men and women deliberately. If someone’s throwing out accusations, gossip, slander and their walking any other way than uprightly we should be cautious as to follow them. God’s done with this dishonor but I believe he will he to deal with it first. Many times in scripture the Lord addressed the shepherds that scattered. Remember that just because we have been taught something or shown something through Revelation, we’re not always seeing the big picture. The slander that has gone on because feeble minded people feel threatened by some stronger person or more vocal person, doesn’t further God’s plan. The Bible says that all of creation awaits for the redeemed sons of God to be revealed. What part of the plan of redemption are we a part of? Are we so desiring to be right that we run people off? Are we so empty because we’ve filled our lives with worldly manna instead of turning to Christ alone to be filled? Men can and are Jezebel’s too, especially when they can’t recognize the gift God put in a woman or they become jealous of it. It’s time to be restored. Our next generation needs to witness men and women getting over the pictures Satan painted and walking in forgiveness. Lord let this start in our homes today.


Forgive us Lord for our shortcomings and weaknesses. For walking in the futility of our minds and thinking we we’re righteous. When all along we feel that we are above someone else. Forgive us for acting as if we are above you. For not valuing humanity and for missing the jewels you placed in men and women. More than this, forgive us for adopting a satanic view of ourselves and for never discerning it. Forgive us for advertising hate and disdain for others by speaking in the natural about worldly things and views without never going to the Lord and being quick to listen and slow to speak. Forgive us Lord for missing the boat when we believe we have authority to come against spirits when clearly Jude chapter one warns against these things. We need only to check our hearts and discern our own motivation. Forgive us for thinking too highly of ourselves. Forgive us for empowering Jezebel in a male or female by walking in a manipulative or controlling way towards those you have clearly chosen to be placed in places of leadership, forgive us for not rightly discerning the difference between a person God has chosen and a man or woman that placed themselves in leadership. Forgive us for tolerating Jezebel and taking part in her sins when we call good, evil and evil, good. Lord forgive us for slandering the office of prophet and for using slander to raise an army set out against the ones sent to preach the truth. Forgive us Lord for being jealous of the opposite sex and their successes rather than encouraging them, building them up and pushing them to keep going. Lord please bring your bride out of co-dependency and wickedness into the family of God. Train your men and women to unite in the common goal of raising healthy families and leading healthy congregations. Help is Lord to get back to family values. In Jesus name,