The love of money is the root of all evil. If God wanted people to starve and be in need He would have ordered us to keep our finance to ourselves. He did not. He has told us in his word that He loves a cheerful giver,  he has told us to take all tithe into the storehouse. His plans and purposes were so everyone would have enough, not to hoard and build wealth off of a good cause.  I have always allowed the Holy Spirit to show me where to give. Once I release my gift I don’t care how the person uses it after that. I do not have any strings attached to that gift. If the person I give to misuses it, then that is between them and God. No one has the right to interfere with your giving. God has given specific instructions about how we go about this and what I see in this movement now is a group of slanderous fake christians acting as if someone accepts donations they are corrupted. No! if I choose to bless a little old lady with a gift I have free will to do that. If I am cheerful when it happens I have pleased God. If I become lustful after money and wicked in my actions God will spank me because he loves me. People need to hush if they haven’t done their homework.  Many on my site give to me and I use it to bless my family or others. I don’t depend on donations, I don’t require them for ministry and I do not have a 501 c3 .  Gods word says a workman is worth his wage, Abraham also gave Melchizadek the high priest a tithe. It isnt forbidden to bless those you appreciate. It is however very ugly when some have made money using their ministry to launder money and promote trafficking. I am blessed by those who think of me and make donations. I am blessed to sow into others and their ministries. What are we fighting here? All that is biblical!!! These slanderous people will say I am evil and making a fortune off this or that, they have mentioned countless other innocent ministries to slander them and all it does is make me question their hearts for doing such a thing. Giving is a private thing between the individual and God. If I decide to sell everything and give it a widow or an orphan then so be it. Receiving a gift from someone doesn’t make the person evil. Money laundering to cover your evil wicked deeds does. Now learn the difference because slandering people who follow Godly principles will never end well for you. I live under the blessing of the Lord and so do the givers with a heart to bless others but this accusation is creeping into truth circles. We have to address it because many are on a mission at the moment to destroy through slanderous accusations. The crooked 501c3’s have become very angry lately and will start to show signs of this anger. Take note of who they are. God will expose them very soon.

I have witnessed the most ugliest of groups this past weekend launching an attack on real people who work their own jobs and provide for their families, who aren’t interested in fame, fortune or status and they are coming to shut the mouths of people like us. They hate the truth and are workers of iniquity but God is so much bigger. So I speak to you slanderers today, God will get the victory and He will have the final say in the evil you plot in secret.

Money laundering is a wicked practice and God sees it all. To the giver, I say you are blessed. Keep asking the Lord where to give and keep separating your giving from money laundering schemers. Bankrupt them all!!!